Power Rankings: Week 1 to Kick Off with some minor tweaks

It’s finally here. Football is back! I cannot wait, and to celebrate I have the distinct honour of providing an update on the Power Rankings for Week 1. Slightly different format but one I hope you all enjoy!

Front Runners

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2. Kansas City Chiefs

Tampa Bay and Kansas City remain the creme of the crop early doors until someone can tell us otherwise. There are opportunities early for both to slip up, especially in Missouri as the Chiefs face the Browns, Ravens and Chargers out the gate. The Bucs shouldn’t slip to Dallas but face a tough trip to LA to face the Rams in Week 3 and then a double whammy with the Dolphins and Patriots thereafter.

On The Bubble

3. Buffalo Bills
4. Green Bay Packers
5. Cleveland Browns
6. Baltimore Ravens
7. Los Angeles Rams (UP 1)
8. Seattle Seahawks (UP 1)

There’s nothing from pre-season that would make you think any of these teams will struggle through the season, however questions are definitely there for teams 5-8. Are the Browns really for real? Was the Ravens’ camp too disruptive? Is Stafford the piece that elevates the Rams? Will Russ cook and will he be the chef Seattle needs?

Expect this list to remain constant in terms of who’s in it, but for the order to change often.

Playoff Calibre

9. San Francisco 49ers (DOWN 2)
10. Tennessee Titans
11. Indianapolis Colts (UP 2)
12. Los Angeles Chargers (DOWN 1)
13. Miami Dolphins (DOWN 1)
14. New England Patriots
15. Dallas Cowboys (UP 1)

The indecision surrounding the QB1 question in San Francisco gives me some slight unease. That and I wasn’t blown away by Trey Lance in the pre-season which could be the make or break to San Francisco even making it to the post-season. The Colts will be buoyed by Carson Wentz and Quentin Nelson both returning from foot injuries far quicker than first thought and as such they now have a fighting chance with their tough start.

The Patriots are the real ones to watch though. Mac Jones impressed so much that he beat out Cam Newton in Foxborough to the extent that Newton is no longer in the building. The Patriots have a sneaky-strong team now; the main question for them however is whether the pieces will gel as quick as they need to get a good start. Their game against the Dolphins first up will be instructive to a degree, and definitely intriguing!

In The Hunt

16. Pittsburgh Steelers (DOWN 1)
17. Washington Football Team
18. Arizona Cardinals
19. New Orleans Saints (UP 2)

Each of these teams I would say are not fancied to win their divisions and rightly so. Questions at quarterback for all of them; incomplete rosters with key skill positions down in each franchise on this list. As much as I like the move to make Jameis Winston the QB1 in New Orleans, and that’s the main reason of moving them up a couple of spots, other issues stemming seemingly from the front office has seen friction with Michael Thomas and Latavious Murray cut after being unwilling to take a pay-cut (and rightly so!).

On The Sidelines

20. Minnesota Vikings (DOWN 1)
21. Chicago Bears (DOWN 1)
22. Las Vegas Raiders
23. Philadelphia Eagles
24. Denver Broncos
25. New York Giants
26. Atlanta Falcons

There’s not much to say about this group right now, I imagine to the chagrin of the fans of those clubs. However there are opportunities to be proved wrong and rise the ranks. The Raiders hosting the Ravens at the Death Star in front of fans for the first time would be a tasty way to rise the ranks. The Bears sticking with Andy Dalton does not inspire confidence but they are a good side and that shouldn’t be discounted. Teddy Bridgewater as Denver’s QB1 makes me think they’re happy slowly progressing this year.

Draft Watchers

27. Carolina Panthers
28. New York Jets
29. Cincinnati Bengals
30. Jacksonville Jaguars
31. Detroit Lions
32. Houston Texans

It’s official. Deshaun Watson will not play for the Houston Texans as his position on the 53 man depth chart is slated as ‘Other’. The Panthers/Jets game will be a fun one to get into as the two teams seem quite well matched. Zach Wilson’s pre-season gives me confidence that the Jets could pull off some encouraging performances, if not stack up wins immediately.

Cincinnati still needs to prove that their talent isn’t all on paper and that they can put it out there on the field. Their camp was not something Bengals’ fans would’ve wanted by all accounts. However the Vikings and Bears are two teams that they can match up against and maybe even win. They do that, then they will rise up out of this group towards the heights where I’ve been told they should be.

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