Post NFL Draft Dynasty Winners

Whew! What a crazy three days for the 2021 NFL draft. The beauty of being in a dynasty league is your team can be built up or torn apart thanks to NFL GM’s. I mean do they even consider our fantasy dynasty teams?! Here is a quick write up for three winners post the 2021 draft from a dynasty perspective. Come back next week to read my Dynasty Losers (spoiler Ja’Marr Chase is on the losers). 

Myles Gaskin Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

Myles Gaskin – RB, Miami

Every mock draft had a running back going to the Miami Dolphins. “Myles was drafted in the seventh round, imagine if they had a highly graded running back” was the running story as the Dolphins had five picks in the first three rounds (two being in the first and two in the second, one in the third.).

Those who had Gaskin (including myself in multiple dynasty leagues) were prepared for a running back selection, just hoping it wasn’t the big three (Harris, Etienne, J Williams). Somehow Gaskin made it through (most people still can’t believe it), but Gaskin is in line for a solid workload.

The 23 year old will go into the season as a solid RB-2 for your lineup for now, as he will have to compete to be a true workhorse running back as Salvon Ahmed producered just fine in Gaskins absence. Oh yeah, Jordan Howard (who had 4 touchdowns on 33 yards), isn’t on the team anymore, which you can give Gaskin a shot at the goaline work.

In a dynasty league, to try and acquire him on the “cheap” move two late 2nds as a starting point to try and acquire Gaskin with the possibility adding a 3rd to sweeten the deal If I had Gaskin, I wouldn’t move him for anything less than the 1.06 in regular 10 team 1 QB dynasty leagues to be able to get one of the big 6 this year.

Count your blessings this year as it could be the breakout season for him. (If you have Gaskin, make it a priority to acquire Ahmed, as Ahmed was a fantastic back up to him last year and could be on your dynasty waiver wire). 

Allen Robinson II Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

Allen Robinson – WR, Chicago

Wait, the Bears drafted a rookie QB, Justin Fields, and rookie QB’s aren’t good for fantasy production, why would be a winner? Well to begin with, the second round pick was an offensive tackle, Teven Jenkins, who has a chance to go right into the starting line up to protect Justin Fields.

The Big 10 star never lost a game as the starter against Big 10 teams, coming off a 2100 yard college season, and Allen is the alpha target on this team and no changes to that anytime soon. His counterparts on this team, Jimmy Graham (possibly retiring-76 targets), Cordarrelle Patterson (signed with the Atlanta Falcons-25 targets) and Anthony Miller (in the final year of his rookie contract and speculations he will be traded had 76targets) opens the door for more production for the back to back 1K receiving yard wide receiver.

Expect Allen Robinson to be a PPR monster as what is a good way for a rookie QB to get acclimated in the NFL? Short quick passes. Acquiring Robinson is going to be tricky in any competitive dynasty league as he is one of more underrated wide receivers but still provides elite production.

Robinson is still 27 years young (Calvin Ridley is 26 to put that into perspective), and is in line to sign a mega contract this coming year after being placed on the franchise tag back to back seasons. Personally I’d have Robinson over any rookie Wide Receiver drafted this year, but I believe it will take more than that to get someone to want to move him. (p.s.- Darnell Mooney is a much cheaper option and a great dynasty target).

Michael Pittman Jr. Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

Michael Pittman Jr. – WR, Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Colts did not draft a wide receiver in the 2021 NFL draft which means they liked what they saw for the 2020 rookie.

With Carson Wentz as the guaranteed starter for the 2021 season and working under his old OC from the Eagles Frank Reich from 2017 (his MVP caliber year), all signs point to a great year for Pittman. Yes, T.Y. Hilton is back for another year and Pittman isn’t ready to be the alpha for year 2 (see Juju Smith-Schuster without Antiono Brown in 2019). Parris Cambell has played in 9 games in his two years in the NFL, which doesn’t help his chances of getting targets.

Pittman’s ability to make contested catches was the deciding factor for me last year and I wanted to trade for him immediately. The 6’4 wide receiver finished the year with 61 targets, 40 receptions and 503 yards in 13 games last year. Pittman’s is currently the 43rd wide receiver off the board in dynasty leagues which to me is a great value.

I believe Pittman can have a top 20 wide receiver this year in the Colts offense. Last year with rookie Jonathan Taylor, the NFL wasn’t sure what the expect, so they let him run. I would expect a much different approach for defenses against Taylor which can give Pittman more opportunities. The 23 year old isn’t going to be easy to collect on your roster, but it is possible for sure.

If you are in a win now mode and have a chance to add him as a depth piece, I would move a projected late 2022 first for him, as if he has the breakout season, that price would be a steal. If you are in rebuilding mode and have some older options (Julio Jones (32), Robert Woods (29), Tyler Lockett (28)), could be a great starting piece to get the youngster on your team.

As always, if you made it to the end, I do appreciate you reading this and always love to hear back from you. Find me on Twitter (@loganbrown0805). Dynasty losers from the 2021 draft will be out shortly.


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