Who we are

timTim Lambert-Monk – Founder and co-host of the podcast – Twitter: @Tim_Monk85

Tim is a big Dallas Cowboys fan. A lover of puns where there are no lengths he wont go to to shoehorn in a segway.



Lee Wakefield – co-host – Twitter: @wakefield90

Lee is a Chargers fan who also loves College football alongside Leeds United in soccerball. just like most barristers, loves a bit a defence.






Rob Grimwood – co-host – Twitter – @FFBritballer

Rob is a fantasy lover and also has a project at acrossthefantasypond.lcom, full of articles all about the world of American Football from College to DFS and Fantasy Football!


WhatsApp Image 2019-04-22 at 12.03.34

Adam Walford – Resident Tipster – founder of tdtips.com – Twitter: @touchdowntips

Adam is a very knowledgeable guy and does a good job of giving you the low down on how to make some quiiiche.



Roger Goodgroves – BAFA official, Rules guru. Music Photographer too! – Twitter: @rogergoodgroves

Roger is our rules analyst, breaking down the big calls on the big plays but giving us insight from the zebra side of view.


Where we can be found

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How you can get in touch

Our DMs on Twitter (@full10yards) are always open, as is our email inbox – full10yards@gmail.com. Come say hello, ask us anything at all!

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Every week, we bring a guest on to test their NFL knowledge. 10 Questions ranging from Head Coaches to Players and from Stadiums to Super Bowls. If you listen to the podcast and think you have what it takes, please get in touch with us. Any guest getting 10/10 will win a podcast T-Shirt.

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