Pick It Apart; T.J Hockenson

The Draft is in the books and the dust has settled. But how well did your team do in the first round?

We are taking a look back at every selection in the first round and giving you the lowdown on the pick; Was it a reach? Was it a steal? We’ll tell you and give you the impact for fantasy football….

Pick: 8th Overall

Player: T.J Hockenson

Draft by: Detroit Lions

Grade: B


I liked what Detroit did here. I know it’s a tight end in the top 10, I know this was a nice tight end class so there wasn’t a big rush to get one and I know that this very team, the Detroit Lions, drafted tight end Eric Ebron in the top 10 only do him to flop in Detroit.

However, T.J Hockenson is the best tight end in this class, he’s an all round tight end who can block as well as catch passes and with that, his value isn’t overly reliant on catches and touchdowns to be valuable.

Matt Patricia was the defensive coordinator of the New England Patriots prior to getting the HC job in Detroit… So, pop quiz; Who was the hugely successful tight end in New England for the best part of the last 10 years? Don’t worry, I’ll give you some time…

Ok, points to anyone who got Rob Gronkowski there. Why am I mentioning Gronk? Well, I feel like Patricia sees the new Gronk in Hockenson. I’m not saying Hockenson will be as good as Gronkowski but his usage is going to be similar and he’s got the skill set to be successful in that kind of role as the complete tight end.

Hockenson also gives Detroit another big target to go along with Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones. So Matt Stafford should have some fun trying to pick those guys out and should be pretty potent in the red zone… which leads us nicely on to…

Fantasy Football Impact:

I’d have Hock down to have a pretty nice season. As a top 10 pick and frankly, as the clear TE1 for the Lions, the path to playing the vast majority of snaps is pretty clear. Another factor in that is that Hockenson is a complete player at the position so he won’t need to come off the field for running plays.

I’m not pegging Hock for a season like the one fellow Iowa alumnus, George Kittle just had but I think to expect between 600 and 800 yards with around 5 to 7 TD’s is reasonable in that offense.

Then that’s only the start, so if you’re in a dynasty league, I’d be really happy to draft Hockenson to be my TE2 for now with the idea that he’d quickly become my TE1 in year 2 or 3.

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