Pick It Apart; N’Keal Harry

The Draft is in the books and the dust has settled. But how well did your team do in the first round?

We are taking a look back at every selection in the first round and giving you the lowdown on the pick; Was it a reach? Was it a steal? We’ll tell you and give you the impact for fantasy football….

Pick: 32nd Overall

Player: N’Keal Harry

Draft by: New England Patriots

Grade: A


Ladies and gentleman, why did the other 31 NFL teams let this happen? This is why the Patriots are good and remain good… They draft good players.

Surprisingly, the tactic hasn’t yet caught on with all of the other General Managers of the other teams.


The Patriots needed a wide receiver and they got N’Keal Harry. A wide receiver who is perfect for them in so many ways.

So yeah, I’m a little p****d off about it. Why do we keep letting the Pats be good? The only thing that would have made this worse would have been if they’re taken DK Metcalf.

We can only assume that they passed on Metcalf in a sort of mercy move for the rest of the league.

We’d have had Megatron II on our hands… We’d have to had to stop calling DK, “Pringles” and gone ahead and called him Optimus Prime. It would have just been out of this worldly/

Anyway, why is this pick so good for the Pats and so bad for the rest of the league?

Harry just is a Patriot. Harry is a wide receiver that doesn’t separate all that well but he is a stout young man when it comes to competing for the football and for yards. This man fights for yardage! He plays like he’d stiff arm his own mother for some YAC, and it’s fantastic to see. Not only is Harry feisty with the ball in his hands, he’s slippery too.

I can see it now… in the playoffs, Pats with their backs against the wall on a huge 3rd down, Harry is going to will his way to a huge conversion.

Harry is also a player that you can use in a variety of ways… Again, do you know one of the better teams when it comes to using their playmakers at the opportune time and manufacturing touches for players that magic yards out of thin air…

Points for all of you who were thinking about the Patriots.

N’Keal Harry can be used in the screen game, the reverse game, he’s a 50/50, jump ball GOD, he can use his huge catch radius to bring in catches anywhere in his area code.

Harry is going to be the X-receiver that the Pats hoped Josh Gordon would be, albeit a less athletic version… but then again, he will actually play for them, so it is give and take.

Either way, THANKS NFL. You did it again.

Fantasy Football Impact:

Harry is your WR1 in your rookie dynasty leagues, almost without question. Harry was a pretty polarising prospect in the pre draft process, so if like me, you liked him, you won’t be surprised with that too much but those who are, it’s all to do with the landing spot and what Tom Brady can make of him.

Would it be ridiculous to suggest that Harry could soon find himself as the undisputed WR1 in New England? Hell no.

Tom Brady, annoyingly, is a super accurate, timing based QB. N’Keal Harry is, as mentioned above, a gritty and versatile receiver with an enormous catch radius. That’s a pretty nice combination.

In redraft, rookies usually come at a pretty hefty discount compared to the veteran, known commodities around the league… Do you fancy a 1,000 yard receiver in the mid rounds?

This boy has you covered.

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