Pick It Apart; LJ Collier

Pick it Apart!

The Draft is in the books and the dust has settled. But how well did your team do in the first round?

We are taking a look back at every selection in the first round and giving you the lowdown on the pick; Was it a reach? Was it a steal? We’ll tell you and give you the impact for fantasy football….

Pick: #29

Player: LJ Collier

Drafted by: Seattle Seahawks

Grade: B-


If you managed to get this fair with a perfect board, firstly you’re lying and secondly, you’d have been downed by this pick.

Seattle danced around the back end of the 1st round only ending up picking once. They invested that pick in Collier, the defensive end out of TCU. This has all the hallmarks of a classic Seattle pick; rugged, raw, and explosive with a decent amount of power. He isn’t the biggest or most athletic, but his profile is one that usually translates to a decent pass rusher in the NFL.

He’ll need to get a bit more bendy at the knees and hone his change of direction skills but will try and utilise his strength and his bull rush to knock the QB off his perch.

He doesn’t have a lot of starter experience in his College career and that will need to be developed by Seattle but I think we need to trust the coach and the front office on this one because historically, Seattle are a team who usually have different draft boards from everyone else and this pick seems to be no different. Their past record in drafting speaks for itself and whilst it’s hardly the start of the Legion of Boom 2, I am not going to sit here and say he’ll be a bust. You don’t bet against Pete Carroll. He is the master at getting the most out of the young studs.

Fantasy Football Impact:

Seattle aren’t quite the defence of old but still are a decent defence in the right matchup or at home. Collier will look to add to the sack column from day 1.

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