Pick it Apart; Kyler Murray

The Draft is in the books and the dust has settled. But how well did your team do in the first round?

We are taking a look back at every selection in the first round and giving you the lowdown on the pick; Was it a reach? Was it a steal? We’ll tell you and give you the impact for fantasy football….

Pick: #1

Player: Kyler Murray, QB Oklahoma

Drafted by: Arizona Cardinals

Grade: B

Analysis: Arizona’s Front office were at a crossroad (or a roundabout, we are the UK afterall); Do they go one way and take Kyler Murray or do they go the opposite way and stick with Josh Rosen.

The Cardinals decided to go all in on Kliff Kingsbury’s Air Raid offence and get the guy that would be more suited to the type of offence that Arizona want to run under their new head coach.

You can debate until the cows come home whether or not the way they handled Josh Rosen’s situation was the best way (*Spoiler*: it wasn’t) but alas, he is now in the South East of America and no longer a Cardinal. One thing Kyler Murray is an upgrade on is mobility, and with the porous offensive line that wasn’t really addressed this offseason, Kyler Murray will be able to get loose and use his wheels to help alleviate the pressures coming at him. He is a guy who is good on the run with both accuracy and vision and furthermore, he has a few more pieces on the offence in Andy Isabella and Hakeem Butler to throw to too. Steve Keim’s ass is on the line with this pick too and he’ll be a guy that will continue to split opinion until we see him on the field. Is he an upgrade on Rosen overall? Probably. Is he worth the sacrifice at taking #1 overall instead of their other needs? Probably not.

All in all, a big risk taken here by the Cardinals to take a mulligan on last year for a guy who only has one year of production in College, nearly opted for baseball and wore a pink suit to the draft and had to use a stepladder to pose with Roger on stage (that was real, right?). As a Kyler Murray hater (please tune in throughout the offseason and beyond to hear the hate flow through me) and guy that feels a bit sorry for Josh Rosen, I hope the Cardinals pick in the top 5 again next season.

Grass isn’t always greener folks, especially in Arizona…

Fantasy Football Impact:

I have already heard the comparisons between him and Lamar Jackson, with some saying he is a better fantasy prospect. We all know the cheatcode in most fantasy leagues is the Quarterbacks that can run. Look at Lamar, Josh Allen and Dak Prescott. So in Superflex leagues there will be most rookie drafts with Kyler going the 1.01. I think you’ll see Kyler struggle in year 1 (to be expected) but you’ll see flashes and will most certainly be a worthy streamer in redraft leagues. I don’t see him going drafted, even in the later rounds, mainly due to the depth at the position, but anyone that rushes for over 1000 yards in college with 12 rushing TDs has to be taken seriously for fantasy purposes. He has the offence to suit, the pieces around him and wont actually need a lot of time to throw the ball because I think Kliff will give him a quick read and throw type of offence and if it’s not there, run. That will negate a lot of deficiencies with the O line and it will all be then in the hands of Murray to make a play, which he can do. Kyler will look to emulate what former #1 overall pick Baker Mayfield did last year and also join the long list of decent QBs to be taken at number 1 in terms of prestige and accolades. Whilst he’s more Cam Newton or Mike Vick than Andrew Luck or Jared Goff, I don’t think Arizona fans or even some fantasy football players will mind so much as to how he does it, as long as he does.

Tomorrow:  #2 Nick Bosa – San Francisco

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