Pick It Apart; Darnell Savage

The Draft is in the books and the dust has settled. But how well did your team do in the first round?

We are taking a look back at every selection in the first round and giving you the lowdown on the pick; Was it a reach? Was it a steal? We’ll tell you and give you the impact for fantasy football….

Pick: 21st Overall

Player: Darnell Savage

Draft by: Green Bay Packers

Grade: A


Love, love, *love*!! I was watching the draft and when this pick was announced I celebrated this pick like it was a Chargers pick.

I am a huge fan for Darnell Savage. I know he’s a little raw in places and I’ll admit, I absolutely did not expect him to go in the first round but my, oh my, the ingredients are all there for him to be a really special player for Green Bay.

Let’s take his combine performance; 4.36, 40 yard dash, 39.5 inch vert, 126 inch broad… that’s 98th percentile, 89th and 84th… that’s an explosive young man.

It shows up on tape too… Darnell Savage absolutely flies to the ball… at all times. I’ve used this as a stick to beat other prospects with, Oakland’s, John Abraham for example. The difference is, Savage shows controlled aggression, whereas others are out of control. Control is perfect for the strong safety position, essential really.

Savage reads the game well and once we reacts he uses his athleticism to get to the football as soon as he possibly can.

I see Savage as a strong safety and I see him forming a lethal duo with free agency signing, Adrian Amos, who I feel will play deeper. So the fit is a big check.

However… these two young guys are going to be a little interchangeable. Savage can play deep and has ball skills and obviously is a candidate to take the ball to the house when he has the ball in his lands.

Savage does need work in this area, I’ll admit but the range and ball skills are there… like I said, the ingredients are in place. Is Mike Pettine the DC to get it out of him?

I’m really excited to find out.

Fantasy Football Impact:

Some impact for IDP, I have Savage down to be the starting strong safety in Green Bay, with Adrian Amos deeper, although they may interchange at certain points. So with that I’d have Savage down to make a fair few tackles by being in the box and flying towards the ball at every opportunity he can – which is what he does best.

In terms of being a cog in the Green Bay machine, I think first and foremost, the Packers D got better given their recruitment in free agency and the draft. Savage is a part of that and as well as accumulating tackles, he should cause some fumbles and take down the QB too, so he should do well statistically, in terms of getting you points via splash plays. Savage’s physical gifts make him a candidate to play deep too which puts the ball firmly in his cross heirs. So all in all, don’t be shocked if Savage is recording all kinds of stars throughout the year and helping your fantasy team because of it.

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