Pick It Apart; Clelin Ferrell

The Draft is in the books and the dust has settled. But how well did your team do in the first round?

We are taking a look back at every selection in the first round and giving you the lowdown on the pick; Was it a reach? Was it a steal? We’ll tell you and give you the impact for fantasy football….

Pick: 4th overall

Player: Clelin Ferrell

Draft by: Oakland Raiders

Grade: B+

I’m a really big fan of Ferrell and I’ve been pretty vocal in my support of him as a player throughout the whole of #DraftSZN, I think he’s an excellent run defender and a pretty good pass rusher in general, he fits what Oakland want to do in terms of their scheme too… but 4th overall?!
Oh man, Gruden wasn’t joking when he said that the Raiders had a surprise up their sleeve. No one, and I mean, no one saw this one coming. I guess, no scouts, no leak, right?
Gruden and Mayock obviously got their guy and that has to be commended but isn’t the fact that no one saw it coming, part of the problem? Could the Raiders have traded down and still got their guy? Who knows, maybe they didn’t have a partner, maybe they were asking for too much, maybe they were just that keen to have the former Clemson edge defender.
This is the reason why I am only rating this pick as a B+, rather than some sort of A for the Ferrell pick; I feel 4 is a touch too high for Ferrell, the Raiders probably could have taken someone else and traded up from one of their picks in the 20’s, into the teens and taken Ferrell there.

Fantasy Football Impact:
Well, as a defensive player there is only so much impact that you can have on the fantasy landscape and it’s surely only the bravest of players who will be drafting or picking up the Oakland D for their fantasy team in 2019.
However, Ferrell should have some impact on the defense and make Oakland more of an enticing prospect later on in the season if they go undrafted.
Ferrell got 11.5 sacks for Clemson last year and by contrast, Oakland only got 23 sacks as a team in 2018, which unsurprisingly, ranked 32nd in the NFL. The only way is up…
Ferrell also forced 3 fumbles or the Tigers last year, which would pick up a few points if he starts to do so on Sundays. Food for thought at least.

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