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10 Day One picks from 2019 who need a better 2020

by Sean Tyler @seantyleruk Some first-round NFL Draft choices are obviously destined for superstardom; they wouldn’t be selected that early otherwise. But the college draft process is an inexact science and whether it’s due to scheme fit, lack of opportunity or injury, that first NFL season doesn’t always go the way it would have done […]

Fantasy: Late Round Rookie WRs You REALLY should Draft

by Rob Grimwood – @FFBritBaller It’s been a unique off-season thanks to the pandemic. Usually in the off-season process we would have seen rookie camp and OTA’s by now as we head into training camp before the pre-season starts in August. We haven’t had the full compliment of processes since the draft in April therefore […]

CFB: College Football Breakdown Pt 2

By Lee Wakefield (@wakefield90) Welcome back to the second part of the series. If you are here, either you enjoyed the first one and are REALLY keen to learn more, or you want to know more about the topics we’ll be covering in this piece. In the this second part of the series, we’ll be […]

CFB – College Football Breakdown Pt.1

By Lee Wakefield (@Wakefield90) I’d class myself as a bit of a college football veteran, having watched the college game for a number of years, however, one thing I have noticed, and notice every year is posts on social media asking questions about college football; How does it work? How is it all organised? Where […]

NFL innovations we owe to the Cincinnati Bengals

by Sean Tyler @seantyleruk Picture if you will: having just failed to make the full 10 yards (other websites are available), the hurry-up offence goes straight back into formation. The ball is snapped and the quarterback takes three steps back before making a short pass to his tight end. Meanwhile, the defence tries a zone […]

NFL Droughts

By Richard O’Brien (@richard_obs) In the wake of Liverpool winning their first Premier League since it’s conception and 30 years, 58 days since their last league title, sporting droughts have been a hot topic as of late. Whether you are looking to forget Liverpool’s title or a fan looking for some optimism in what seems […]


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