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Fantasy: Free Agency Period – The Losers

by Rob Grimwood – @FFBritBaller After dissecting the winners from the last few weeks’ transactions, unfortunately there were also some losers from a fantasy perspective we need to address too. Which of the moves have a negative impact on a players fantasy value? Let’s dive in: DeAndre Hopkins How dare I besmirch the name of […]

Rob Grimwood’s Mock Draft 2.0

Now the madness of the free agency is mostly behind us and teams have bolstered their depth charts, we can take a more detailed and thorough look into what teams’ needs are and hopefully be a bit more accurate with predictions. With that in mind, here is my mock draft 2.0: Pick 1: Cincinnati Bengals – Joe […]

Mock Draft 1.0 – Andy Moore

By Andy Moore (@AJMoore21) I know why you are here, you know why you are here. let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to it. Would love to hear your opinions on Twitter! 1 Cincinnati Bengals: QB – Joe Burrow – LSU Keep it simple, keep it safe. Bengals get their ‘face of […]

Tim’s NFL 2020 Mock Draft 2.0

By Tim Monk (@Tim_MonkF10Y) The picture is now a bit clearer after teams have made some moves in Free Agency. But how does that shake up the draft board? Let’s have a look at the movers and shakers. I have not done any trades for this one just so that you can see the effect […]

Player Profile: Logan Wilson, Linebacker, Wyoming

Whilst we’re all currently bound to the constraints of our homes at the moment due to the outbreak of Covid-19, so what better way to wait for the apocalypse than watch tape of college players that’ll never play in the NFL? That is not because these players aren’t good enough but because the world is […]

Fantasy: Free Agency Period – The Winners

by Rob Grimwood – @FFBritBaller It’s been a busy free agency for NFL teams over the last couple of weeks; but a much needed and welcome distraction to everything else that’s currently happening in the world. But what do these moves mean for your fantasy teams in 2020? Over the next two articles, i’m going […]

Fantasy: Dynasty Buys

By Andy Moore (@AJMoore21) A few days ago you were treated to a fantastic Sells equivalent which you can check out here. Today we take a look at those you should be trying to acquire. Let us know your thoughts, let us know YOUR OPINION. Because that’s what it is all about! Let’s see who […]

The (Tight) End of the World as we know it?

By James Fotheringham (@NFLHypeTrain) As the Hype Train Driver, I’m used to changing scenery. Looking out of the window, everything can look different from season to season. The NFL, and certainly fantasy football, are no different. The Tight end position has been a bone of contention for many fantasy players over the years. The low […]


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