Today’s guest memory is none other than Mr Nat Coombs as he recalls how he had to navigate the multitude of technologies in order to get his NFL fix. There is no doubt that things have changed a fair deal since then and he has a fabulous podcast “The Nat Coombs Show” which you should go and check out below:

Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @thencshow

I remember as a kid, tuning into my old transistor radio (which admittedly sounds like the start of a Springsteen song) freshly turned onto this new, technicolour sport I’d followed all season long via the channel 4 highlights and the wonderful First Down newspaper, to super Bowl XXIII on American forces radio, cracklings medium wave in and out broadcast, in the dark in my room (it was a school night) listening to these pictures of Montana and Rice Boomer and Ickey Woods and many more – magical

Nat Coombs – @natcoombs

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