NFL Request A Bet Roundup – Week 5

By Tom @BettingGSW

Green Bay Packers @ Cincinnati Bengals – #WhatOddsPaddy – Featured

Aaron Rodgers & Joe Burrow to combine for 550+ passing yards & to combine 5+ passing TDs

Green Bay Packers @ Cincinnati Bengals – #WhatOddsPaddy – Up to 9/2

Aaron Rodgers to have 1+ passing TDs in each half @ 11/10

Joe Burrow to have 1+ passing TDs in each half @ 5/4

Three bets from the same game here as the Packers head to Cincinnati to face the Bengals. Both teams average over 2.0 passing TDs each game so by playing each QB to have one in each half with extract a little bit of a better price but with over 50 points expected and a close game likely both teams will have to be on it from the start so both Rodgers & Burrows will likely sling it around from the get-go.

Chicago Bears @ Las Vegas Raiders – #WhatOddsPaddy – 5/1 to 19/1

Derek Carr to have 300+ passing yards & 3+ passing TDs @ 5/1

I’m very high on the Raiders this year, and I’m especially high on Derek Carr and the offence. They’ve been purring on offence all season up until they ran into a very good Chargers team last Monday night. Carr averages 350 passing yards a game this season, and that includes the 196 yard game against the Chargers, but there’s no reason to suggest he’ll struggle too much against a middling Bears defence. IN Ruggs, Waller & Renfrow he has a dynamic receiver core to work with and Jacobs will keep the defence honest enough on the ground. Of course if Khalil Mack misses Sundays game then this bet only looks better. Paddy Power/BFSB also have Derek Carr to have 1+ passing TDs in each half 11/8 which also looks like a good bet at the price.

RequestABet Specials up to 5/1 – Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers

Trey Lance 2+ Passing Touchdowns, San Francisco 49ers to Win @ 4/1

San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals – #WhatOddsPaddy – Featured

Both Teams to score points in all 4 Quarters @ 15/2

Kyler Murray & Trey Lance to combine for 550+ passing yards & to combine 5+ passing TDs @ 15/2

I’m going to take a punt on Trey Lance, and a punt that Trey Lance is actually a very competent QB. They key stat I like is that Lance is averaging 8.5 yards/attempt when he’s played this season, that puts him in the range of Mahomes (8.6 yards/attempt). If that continues on Sunday then Trey should throw for a few yards and he’ll have to if the 49ers are going to keep up with Kyler and the Cardinals. I would suggest splitting a stake between all three of those bets and treating them almost as one bet. If I’m wrong and Lance has a poor game then likely all 3 will lose but the bottom two give some insurance in case the 49ers struggle to convert in the redzone and the joint bet means a big Kyler game gives it a chance even if Lance has a poor game.

RequestABet Specials 11/2 to 10/1 – Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets

Jets to Win, Z.Wilson 245+ Passing Yards & 1+ Interceptions @ 11/2

I’ll have a stab at this offering from Skybet for the early London game this week. I fancy the Jets to go well, especially with the issues the Falcons are seeing with their receiving corp. I also like the noise coming out of the Jets and their travel to London. Robert Saleh, who has experience of the London trip was quoted as saying “The performance department has a really cool plan” when asked about the travel arrangements. The travel to London often decides the game more so than the quality of the two teams so I’m intrigued by that ‘cool plan.’ If the Jets are to win then Wilson will have to play okay and throw for a few yards.

That’s all for this week. Request-A-Bets need high scoring games to see a lot of luck and I see a few too many potentially drab games this week so I’ll limit myself to just the four matches. Best of luck this week.

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