NFL Request A Bet Roundup – Week 1

By Tom Pain @BettingGSW –

Welcome to the first in hopefully a successful series looking at Request-A-Bets. These offer great opportunities to find massive value bets if you can sort out the few decent bets from the mountain of rubbish. Most of my selections will be on Skybet, they offer the most variety and I assume most people have access to a Skybet account. 

6pm Match RequestABets – NFL Week 1 RedZone Treble Price Boost & RequestABet Specials

The first bet to recommend is on Skybet, and this is purely a price play. In a 17 game season, giving us 18 weeks of football, this bet at 300/1 only needs to hit once every 16 seasons to make it a value proposition.  

Both Teams To Score A Rushing TD in each of the 6pm Games @ 300/1

This next offering from Sky also looks enticing. It’s hard to know how the Saints will be with Winston under centre but you have to fancy Kamara to get into the endzone and 60+ yards likely only needs him to break one or two big runs off. You also have to think the Saints lean on Kamara early given Winston’s history of interceptions. Chubb is also a risk given the Chiefs could be 21-0 up before the first quarter ends, but like Kamara, Chubb could break one for 60+ yards at any time. At 25/1 it looks a good play. 

A.Jones, A.Kamara & N.Chubb 60+ Rushing Yards & 1+ TD Each @ 25/1

Later Games RequestABet Specials – NFL Week 1 RedZone Treble Price Boost & RequestABet Specials

RequestABet Specials 80/1 and above – Los Angeles Rams v Chicago Bears

A bet I find interesting is “Either QB 500+ Passing Yards” – this bet isn’t on every game but I’m sure Skybet will price it up if asked. The maths to this bet make it an interesting proposition on every match. Since the start of the 2016 season there have been 9 times a QB has hit 500+ passing yards. With 272 games in a season, that means in the 5 seasons since the start of the 2016 season there have been 1632 games. With 9 instances of 500+ passing yards, this means we expect to see it around once every 181 games. This means odds of 200/1 or better would make it a value bet. 

Therefore, I suggest a bet of:

Either QB 500+ Passing Yards @ 200/1

This bet is recommended on any game at any price of 200/1 or greater. 

RequestABet Specials – Kansas City Chiefs v Cleveland Browns

We have to look at betting RABs on the Chiefs. The bet that stood out for me is:

Chiefs -5, N.Chubb & T.Hill 1+ Anytime Touchdown Each, P.Mahomes 300+ Passing Yards @ 7/1

RequestABet Specials up to 5/1 – Tennessee Titans v Arizona Cardinals

The final bet I will recommend is on the Titans Cardinals match. Again a price play, this bet could well be 4/6 (1.66) a couple of weeks into the season, so at 11/8 (2.38) it has to be a bet. 

Derrick Henry 100+ Rushing Yards & to Score a TD @ 11/8

Hopefully Sky will price up earlier next week and I can give more detailed explanations. 

Best of luck this week, I’m confident we will hit a 3-figure bet at some point this season. 

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