NFL: Colts season in jeopardy after Wentz; Nelson foot injuries

The Indianapolis Colts organisation has been left reeling as both Carson Wentz and Quenton Nelson were both sent off for foot surgeries this, meaning they’ll both miss time in the upcoming NFL season.

Both Wentz and Nelson have been given timelines of 5-12 weeks for their return, which means that the Colts could be without their new starting Quarterback and their All-Pro guard until Week 7.

Carson Wentz was initially excused from training camp late last week and rumours started to speculate on him rehabbing the injury, but the decision was then almost made for him as surgery was then announced on Monday.

As soon as that was settled, news of Nelson’s ‘loose bone in his foot’ was also announced after it was stepped on in camp, and carries an identical timeline to his quarterback.

In come the sophomores

Frank Reich has said that there are no plans for bringing in a new quarterback to fill the Carson shaped hole under centre. Instead, they are currently pinning their colours to the mast of Jacob Eason, a fourth round pick last year for the Colts out of Washington.

Not much can be said about the prospect, as Jacoby Brissett led the second string last year limiting the practice reps for Eason. He has, however, been described as a Brissett style quarterback, using lots of underneath routes to his advantage.

Another 2020 draftee would sub in for All-Pro Quenton Nelson also as Danny Pinter is next up on the depth chart. Something which doesn’t help when it comes to assisting your bushy-tailed sophomore.

Worst spell to lose key pieces

All teams lose key pieces of their team over the course of a season. Your best players you’d rather not lose, and particular your quarterback and Pro guard, but it’s understandable.

The main issue concerns the duration but also the calibre of games they’ll be missing. If both go the distance with their rehab and don’t return until Week 7, they miss the following games: Seattle, LA Rams, at Tennessee, at Miami, at Baltimore, Houston and then come back potentially in time for San Francisco.

Those first five games are difficult, and 50/50 at best with everyone healthy. Without these key pieces, and not looking at replacing their QB, the Colts starting out at 0-5 is not inconceivable.

It gets worse too, as there are at four or five more after this period where the Colts would be considered the underdogs too. Therefore, the Colts are facing a massive uphill struggle from the off and need to put their best foot forward and look to steal a win or two early doors.

Do the Colts need to look at free agency or a trade?

Nick Foles is mentioned as the most likely man to take up the role if the Colts looked outside the organisation, as the current third string quarterback in Chicago. However it seems that Frank Reich and the Colts backroom staff doesn’t want to invest more in the position nor upset Wentz. Foles of course was the man who stole his limelight in Philadelphia after the first rounder got injured whilst making the position his own. He’s not been the same since.

While that is admirable, it may come at a cost of putting a strong Colts team down. Playoff spots in the AFC are at a premium this year with most divisions stacked with great teams. To tie down the team to an untested QB with the schedule they have is either showing incredible confidence, or acceptance that they are not ready to go deep into January. Time will tell.

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