Mock Draft w/ Lee Wakefield 2.0

Lee Wakefield here with my Mock Draft 2.0 for Full 10 Yards! I hope everyone enjoyed my last mock (which can now be found in the blog section of the site) but now it’s time to have some fun. In my last mock I didn’t allow myself any trades but this time the handcuffs are off and I’ve got a few trades involved.
Let’s dive straight in with a familiar start…
#1. Cleveland Browns – Sam Darnold, QB, USC
I strongly believe that Sam Darnold is going to be the first name off the board on draft night. Cleveland has worked out all the top quarterbacks in this year’s draft but The Browns owners, Jimmy and Dee Haslam, personally attended Darnold’s pro day at USC and they were sat in the stands, in the rain, with Darnold’s parents. When did you last hear of an owner going to a prospect’s pro day? “But John Dorsey drafted Patrick Mahomes last year and he’s got a huge arm just like Josh Allen” I hear you say… “A friend of Dorsey told the media that the pick is Allen”… Do you really believe John Dorsey, an experienced general manager in the NFL, told his mate and he then blabbed to the media? Come on! The only reason for this leak this that they want people to think that. If it was a leak at all and not just made up out of thin air. It’s Darnold.
#2. New York Giants – Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
Big Blue take their quarterback of the future here and secure their man under centre for the next 10-15 years. Rosen is a high ceiling prospect with a relatively high floor and will have the chance to soak up knowledge from Eli Manning for at least a year before taking over from the two time Superbowl winner. The Giants could take a player who will help them immediately here such as, Saquon Barkley, Bradley Chubb or even Quenton Nelson. Or they could even trade down to accumulate more picks but as everyone knows, if you don’t have a quarterback you don’t win very often.

#3. New York Jets – Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming
So the Jets made a trade, a pretty big trade to move up from number 6 to number 3 and they did it with someone in mind. They are obviously going to take a quarterback and would have been diligent enough to have make some calls to The Browns and The Giants to get a feel for who they’re going to take. Maybe even making offers to trade up to first or second before dealing with The Colts. They have also worked out the Josh Allen, Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield but not Sam Darnold. Perhaps because they know Darnold is going to Cleveland?
So the Jets are the believer. They believe that ancillary traits like being tall and having a cannon arm are better than intrinsic traits like ball placement and completion percentage for a quarterback prospect. Whilst ignoring the level of competition a player played at in college, (more of this later on). It does only take one team to believe and I could be wrong, Josh Allen could turn into a franchise saviour but it’s a helluva risk after giving The Colts so much.

#4. [TRADE] Buffalo Bills –  Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma [Browns receive 2018 1st round picks 12 & 22 overall]
So we have ourselves a trade, the first of a few actually. The Bills are going to be making calls on draft night and indeed, probably already have made many to the teams picking from 1 to 10 with regards to trading up. Buffalo jettisoned it’s starting quarterback, a capable starter at that and signed A.J McCarron this off season and the other quarterback on the roster is Nathan Peterman, so they need a signal caller. They know that and have been positioning themselves to grab one for a while now and if they don’t get one or allow themselves to be gazumped by another team they’re going to look silly. It’s going to happen and they’re going to be willing to pay big for it. You don’t trade away your starting left tackle and get the 12th pick if you’re not. So here they trade the 12th and 22nd picks to The Browns and acquire Baker Mayfield. The Browns also win because they get two more first rounders (with a perverse nod to the ghost of Sashi Brown) to pick up two more top prospects and the early run on quarterbacks means big names are sliding just a little bit.

#5. Denver Broncos – Bradley Chubb, Edge, N.C. State
So finally, the first non-quarterback comes off the board! Make no mistake, Denver needs a quarterback too and I’m sure they would like at least the opportunity to take one here but now top guys are all gone and 5th overall is a little rich for Lamar Jackson. They have Case Keenum, who John Elway likes to tell us was always his guy in free agency… Who does he think he’s fooling with that one, by the way? He’d have loved to get Kirk Cousins in the building that why Broncos players were so vocal about it.
Again, Denver could go multiple ways here, Barkley and Nelson are most definitely in play but they plump for Chubb with the fifth pick. Von Miller gets a running mate and Denver tries to rejuvenate their defence which hasn’t quite been what it was.

#6. Indianapolis Colts – Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn. State
What? Saquon at six? Are you crazy? Yes… Barkley to the Colts is on and it’s going to be a long and happy marriage. I know lots of people were talking about Barkley being the first overall pick not too long ago and yes, I was one of them but that was before the Jets traded up and that means to for The Browns to wait until the fourth pick to get their quarterback is just too risky. So with that, big prospects are sliding through no fault of their own. Indy may want to trade down again on the night but in this scenario the Bills trade means their phone won’t be ringing. But Barkley at six… wow, Barkley at six. The top prospect in the whole class has fallen into the laps and they even got thrown extra picks in the process. Chris Ballard is God right now!
This is perfect for the Colts, it gives them a young back to build an offence around with a hopefully fully healthy Andrew Luck. I can’t wait to see what the captain (@CaptAndrewLuck) writes to his mother on Twitter about his new Corporal, once his side arm is mended.
(If you’ve not already check out that account and thank me later).

#7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Quenton Nelson, OG, Notre Dame
Another top prospect who slides way further than he should but in this case Tampa Bay would be delighted. On my big board, Saquon Barkley and Quenton Nelson are actually my top two prospects, that’s that how much this run on quarterbacks produces absolute bargains. I feel like this is Nelson’s absolute floor too, there’s no way The Bucs let him slip by. Last year The Bucs were a huge disappointment, with many people,- including myself tipping them for a playoff run. So having a blue chip guy like Nelson who is already being talked up as a prolific pro bowler is a huge boon for them.
#8. Chicago Bears – Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech
Long, lean and athletic linebackers are very much in vogue as the league tries everything to get faster and faster. These adjectives are Edmunds to a tee, so he’s going to go early. He’s probably not the best linebacker in the class as there are definitely areas in his game that need refinement but he’ll enter the league and be the youngest player in it, so he certainly has time on his side and there’s an unreal amount of potential that needs to be unlocked. Vic Fangio has had some great linebackers in his time in the league and would be a fantastic tutor for Edmunds. Patrick Willis and Ray Lewis probably being the pinnacle of his old pupils and if Fangio can get Edmunds to levels even close to either of those two, then The Bears will have a player on their hands. To add to this there have been whispers by some that say Edmunds actually reminds them of none other than Bears great, Brian Urlacher. Oh man, if this pick goes in, Edmunds is going to be under the microscope in Illinois.

#9. San Francisco 49ers – Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia
Reuben Foster is the reason for this pick. The former Alabama, first round pick is in deep legal trouble and it’s not the first time either. He is facing possible prison time for an assault on his girlfriend which left her with a ruptured eardrum, Foster has been charged on both domestic violence and weapons offences. It personally makes me sick that these young men in privileged positions feel the need to attack their partners with scary frequency. I expect John Lynch to see it the same way and even if Foster avoids jail time, I think his days in San Francisco, and the league as a whole, are numbered.
On a more positive note his replacement, Roquan Smith is a star linebacker in the making, make no mistake and I have him as my number one linebacker of this year’s class. He is a touch undersized but he’s very quick and uses his speed to take tackles from sideline to sideline. Smith will lock down a position in the 49ers starting lineup for the next decade as long as he’s healthy, just plug and play.

#10. Oakland Raiders – Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State
You can never have enough quality corners and the Raiders have the need for one. It just so happens the best corner in the class is sitting there at 10 and they have to take him. Ward may be undersized but plays much bigger than he is. He played across from Defensive Rookie of the Year, Marshon Lattimore at Ohio State and is very much cut from the same cloth, although probably not quite as good. Ward is aggressive and has a great understanding of offensive schemes and how to defend them and the routes the receivers run. I get the impression that defenders are very well coached at Ohio State, which is evident in how many excellent defenders come into the league from the school. A quick side note on Ward being undersized, he’s that good that he would be talking about a top 5 pick here if he was 6” tall as opposed to 5”10.

#11.Miami Dolphins – Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB, Alabama
Carrying on the theme of great players who have slipped down the draft because of the QB run early is Minkah Fitzpatrick. The Dolphins get a do-it-all defensive back who can help them in multiple ways on the back end. Fitzpatrick will be deployed all over the defensive formation in an attempt to try and neutralise the mismatches that offenses throw Miami’s way. I firmly believe Minkah Fitzpatrick, wherever he may land, is a top candidate for Defensive Rookie of the Year (injury permitting) due to his sheer playmaking abilities. His versatility and athleticism mean that he can affect the game in so many ways and so often too, he also has great experience playing in one of the best programmes in college football. Starting as a freshman for The Crimson Tide is pretty rare but Fitzpatrick made 14 appearances (10 starts) in his first year, so when it comes to football he could not have had much better an education. This is an absolute bargain for Miami at 11.

#12. [TRADE] Cleveland Browns – Harold Landry, Edge, Boston College
The Browns turned down the chance to take the best edge rusher in the class at 4 and traded back but this is a definite win, on paper at least. The Browns use their second of three first rounders to get Harold Landry and provide Myles Garrett with a partner off the edge. Whilst Landry isn’t quite on Bradley Chubb’s level coming out of college, he is still a very dangerous player with incredible upside. Going back to the scouting combine last month, Landry’s numbers were actually pretty similar to another top sack artist, Von Miller but absolutely no one is talking about that and I have no idea why… I actually find it pretty incredible. Whilst I’m not saying that Landry is going to be as good as Miller, it does show that the physical tools are there and more importantly, it shows that he is over the pesky ankle injury which hampered his final year at Boston College. To me, Landry is slipping in many mocks because of his low sack numbers from last year but really what people should be looking at is his 2016 tape where he looked awesome.

#13. Washington Redskins – Vita Vea, DT, Washington
Who finished 32nd in rush yards given up in 2017..? The Washington Redskins,The ‘Skins bled 134.2 Yards per game on the ground last season. How do they fix this? Well the answer to that is that there’s simply no silver bullet for this but one place to start is by acquiring a massive yet light footed defensive tackle to plug up the centre of the defensive line. Despite being over 340lb, Vita Vea would actually enhance the athletic traits of the defence and it’s line. He really is a special athlete for his body type and position. Vea’s selection should kick start a defence heavy draft for Washington who really need corner help too. I seriously considered a corner here but since Denzel Ward is off the board in not certain there’s a corner worth plucking at 13 and Vea helps the biggest issue on a defence.

#14. Green Bay Packers – Derwin James, S, Florida State
This pick will almost certainly be on the defensive side of the ball for The Packers, as they really need to inject some youth into their unit. In my previous mock I had Harold Landry here but he’s off the board and I don’t believe there’s a pass rusher worth taking this high after Landry and Bradley Chubb (who is going in the first 7 picks, at a long stretch). As this pass rushing group really lacks polished prospects, although there are plenty of players with potential to grow into good players or be great rotation guys. Bearing this in mind, Green Bay turns it’s attentions towards a Safety. Morgan Burnett left town this off season and there were rumours around the campfire that they were shopping Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix. Derwin James is an upgrade at either safety position and gives this defence an alpha dog to rely on and lead them for years to come.

#15. [TRADE] Los Angeles Chargers – Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville [Cardinals receive 2018 3rd round, 84th overall]
Trade number two of this mock sees Tom Telesco pull the trigger on The Chargers signal caller of the future. The Chargers front office has recent form in giving up a mid round pick in order to guarantee they get their guy, Melvin Gordon was selected in exactly this manner in 2015 with the then San Diego Chargers moving from 17 to 15. This time it’s for Lamar Jackson as The Chargers target Arizona as a trade partner as the Cardinals could really use the extra pick to fill the holes in it’s roster. In addition to this Telesco decides here’s that he needs to get ahead of Baltimore who are a dark horse in the Jackson sweeps since Joe Flacco is 33 and just completed his worst ever season as a pro. Jackson wouldn’t help Los Angeles win now as he probably won’t see the field for a year or two but that could be super valuable in his development as he’d be learning the nuances of the position from Philip Rivers. It also saves L.A. from the dreaded search for a QB once the long time starter retires as the replacement is found before the search even starts.

#16. Baltimore Ravens – Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan
Baltimore and Ozzie Newsome have a habit of drafting the best player available rather than going off immediate need. Maurice Hurst is the best player available here and make no mistake, he’s a better player than some of the players taken in this top 15. His stock suffered as a result of a possible heart condition picked up at the Combine but fortunately he’s been cleared to play and his stock is rising again. Hurst, to me, is the best interior pass rusher in this class and has the potential to be a game wrecker at the next level. He can constantly push the pocket and collapse offensive linemen back on top of their quarterback. Hurst is a top 10 talent who I personally hope has a long football career and isn’t inhibited by his potential heart issue.

#17. [TRADE] Arizona Cardinals – Connor Williams, OT, Texas [Chargers receive 2018 5th round, 152nd overall]
Arizona have a lot of holes to fill on their roster, so they’re happy to find a trade partner in the middle of the first a pick up another late round pick, which adds more flexibility to their draft strategy. This comes with the added bonus of the player they were targeting at 15, still being there a couple of picks later. Williams can come in and slot in at guard or tackle for the Cardinals and instantly make the offensive line better. Again, this is another pick which puts smiles on the faces of both the quarterback and the running back. Williams is a good run blocker who is athletic enough to make blocks at the second level, which a fit again David Johnson will surely take advantage of.

#18. Seattle Seahawks – Derrius Guice, RB, LSU
I’m going here again for Seattle because I absolutely love this fit. Seattle is pressing reset on their roster and the way their team is constructed. They’ve cut or traded a lot of veteran players and may continue to do so, in addition to that they may lose Cliff Avril to retirement due to injury. Maybe Richard Sherman was right when he recently said Pete Carroll’s message is more suited to college? And maybe Carroll and the front office know it’s time to freshen up and start again? In my opinion, Seattle also look to be changing from being a defence first team, into one that now relies on it’s offence to go and win them games, with most of the veteran loses coming on defence. The problem was that Seattle relied too heavily on Russell Wilson last year, both in the running and passing game, evident in the fact that the Seahawks QB1 was also their leading rusher. Guice comes in and changes that, he gives Seattle… I’m going to say it, he gives Seattle a Beastmode 2.0 and in that, Seattle now have a much improved and more balanced offence.

#19. Dallas Cowboys – Anthony Miller, WR, Memphis
Anthony Miller is the best wide receiver in this class. I’ll say that again for everyone who is picking other guys ahead of him in mock drafts, Anthony Miller, wide receiver one. Admittedly this isn’t a great or even particularly good wide receiver group this year and this probably is a little rich for Miller here at 19 but Dallas needs a pass catcher who can be an understudy to Dez Bryant for a year or two and in this scenario, Jerry is ignoring Stephen Jones’s advice on taking the best player available and takes a chance on Miller. With this Dallas gets a guy who is runs routes to an NFL level, has track star speed and athletic ability and has sweet hands. He has some kinks to work out, like ball security but he will still come into the league and be a high end WR2 and take over from Dez as WR1 when he’s done.

#20. Detroit Lions – Marcus Davenport, Edge, UTSA
Matt Patricia is the new sheriff in town in Detroit and the former Pats DC gets a new toy to play with and develop in his first head coaching role. Davenport needs a lot of work in my opinion but this is the kind of situation where he needs to land. One where he has a defence minded head coach, who can pass on his knowledge and experience and where he also has a player who can mentor him in the nuances of the position, Ziggy Ansah. Like Ansah, Davenport has all the ingredients physically to be a great pass pusher and get double digit sacks in multiple years but coaching and how he takes advice are going to be key. Personally, I expect Davenport to struggle in his first year but after that it’s really up to him.

#21. Cincinnati Bengals – Isaiah Wynn, OG, Georgia
Last year the Bengals offensive line was bad and they really needed to overhaul that area of the team this off season. They seem to have realised that Andre Smith, Jake Fisher and Cedric Ogbuehi aren’t the answers long term for their team and agreed a trade with the Bills for Cordy Glenn. They need to continue the revamp in this draft and here They pick up Isaiah Wynn who has experience at tackle but many feel will be better suited inside, in the pros. He could come in and slot next to Glenn and give Andy Dalton a solid blindside moving forward. Further to this I feel Cincy could do worse than doubling down on the offensive line on day 2 of the draft in an attempt to get better both immediately and long term.

#22. [TRADE] Cleveland Browns – Mike McGlinchley, OT, Notre Dame
To me, this pick is where The Browns reap the biggest benefit of the trade down from 4. A third pick in the first round for the second year running gives them 3 more players who they have 5th year options on, which gives them flexibility and security in the future. Aside from that on the business side, they also get another good player at a position of need in McGlinchley. The former Notre Dame tackle would come in and compete with free agent signing, Chris Hubbard and former third rounder, Shon Coleman for the tackle spots. Browns legend Joe Thomas’s retirement will hurt The Browns but that is natural when he was such a good player and so durable but the above trio is definitely a serviceable group.

#23. New England Patriots – Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama
New England really needed to retool it’s defence and front seven especially at the end of last season and they have made some moves, signing Adrian Clayborn and trading for Danny Shelton for the front seven and made another trade with The Browns for Jason McCourty to give some experience and versatility to their secondary. I feel that New England have three main areas to cover early on in this draft; Linebacker, Corner and Offensive Tackle. Out of those three position groups I feel like corner is the deepest this year so I feel that… Spoiler alert… The Pats save that until after the first round to address. When it comes to linebackers, neither Roquan Smith or Tremaine Edmunds are going to be available at 23 so it’s going to be a toss up between Vander Esch and Rashaan Evans. I feel the Evans would be the pick because of the fact he has played at a higher level of competition in college and has more starter experience. Both are great prospects but Evans just edges it by a few hairs.

#24. Carolina Panthers – Justin Reid, S, Stanford
Carolina has two starting safeties at the moment, one of whom is named, Colin Jones. Nope, me neither. So safety is a definite need for this team. Da’Norris Seary came in from the Titans and should lock down one one spot and in this instance Reid comes in and takes the other. Reid has the ability to play either safety position to a high level. Much like Rashaan Evans and Leighton Vander Esch, he’s not quite in tier 1 of this class at his position but Reid is the same as those two, he looks to be of a calibre who wIll have a solid career in the pros. Versatile, smart and tough safeties are hard to come by in the NFL but are key pieces in any good defence

#25. Tennessee Titans – Sam Hubbard, Edge, Ohio State
Tennessee is quietly going from anonymous to a pretty stylish outfit, I mean, have you seen those new unis? I love them. A few years ago, if guess that the average fan would have struggled to name five Titans players, especially here in the UK as they’ve never really been that popular over this side of the pond due to lack of success and lack on appearances on TV. Recently though, the Titans have gone through a bit of a resurgence and have some more well known faces and better players and also will be visiting our shores in the international series. With this pick The Titans continue to get younger but Hubbard comes in to freshen up a outside linebacker group that is getting on a little bit. Derrick Morgan and Brian Orakpo are 29 and 31 years old respectively and Kevin Dodd, who the team drafted in 2016 hasn’t had much of an impact. Hubbard is a high motor, high IQ player who won’t wow you when you watch him but will have a solid career for many years. Doesn’t sound like the new, Joe cool, Titans does it? Well, just being good for a long time is cool and that’s what Hubbard and Tennessee are looking to do.

#26. Atlanta Falcons – Da’Ron Payne, DT, Alabama
Atlanta may receive calls for this pick from teams wanting to trade back into the first round from the bottom of the second. They have a loaded roster without too many big needs to fill, so don’t necessarily need to take a player at 26. But here they resist temptation and fill the hole next to Grady Jarrett on the defensive line with another pick from Alabama in this first round. Da’Ron Payne can stop your running backs in the back field and has enough push to move guards and centres regularly putting pressure on the QB. Which adds another dimension to Atlanta’s group up front in comparison to Dontari Poe, who Payne replaces. The starting four of; Tak McKinley, Jarrett, Payne and Vic Beasley looks like a top tier foursome and could be a big part in another run at the Superbowl for the Dirty Birds.

#27. [TRADE] Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Sony Michel, RB, Georgia [New Orleans receive 2018 2nd round pick, 38th overall, 2018 4th round pick 102nd overall and 2019 2nd round pick]
As much as Atlanta resisted those trade calls, the very next pick the Bucs are on the phone to another NFC South rival with a trade offer, only this time The Saints accept their offer. Like Atlanta, New Orleans don’t have a roster full of holes and here they acquire a bevy of picks. Most importantly they could get an early round selection for next season which could be used as ammunition to trade up next spring when they might need to take an heir to Drew Brees. Tampa trade back into the first for a running back to dart through the holes that Quenton Nelson opens up for them up front. Michel is another talented runner in this year’s draft class and by trading up to get him, The Bucs get a 5th year option on him for added flexibility in future. Jameis Winston has some pressure taken off his shoulders with this pick too, which should mean he throws it to the guys wearing different jerseys less often. They have to give up quite a bit to make this happen but Nelson and Michel could turn out to be absolute stars in the league and take a very nice Thursday night for everyone associated with The Buccaneers.

#28. Pittsburgh Steelers – Leighton Vander Esch, LB, Boise State
Unlike my last mock, there is a linebacker worth taking at 28 with the way the chips have fallen here. They kind of have to act and plan like Ryan Shazier isn’t coming back, even if we’re all hoping that he does and the man himself seems pretty determined to do so. Leighton Vander Esch gives Pittsburgh a player who can affect the game in multiple ways from the linebacker position, as his college tape and stats suggest. The Steelers also have the luxury of not having to overload him as a rookie as they have brought in Jon Bostic as an insurance policy for Shazier for the coming season. I’m sure a defence minded HC like Mike Tomlin would love another piece for his defence as dynamic as Vander Esch and would know the right times to put him on the field. Thinking positively about the future a linebacking tandem of Shazier and Vander Esch would be super athletic, an intriguing prospect for Pittsburgh and super fun for fans to watch. #Shalieve #PrayFor50

#29. Jacksonville Jaguars –  Will Hernandez, OG, UTEP
I’m going here again with Hernandez to the Jags. As everyone knows, The Jaguars are stacked on defence and outside of taking a QB a possible replacement for Blake Bortles, should he fail to get them over the top, the Jags don’t need a whole lot and will again have one of the better rosters in the AFC. The right guard position could do with an upgrade and despite signing tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins, they could use another tight end too. To me there isn’t a tight end worth taking in the first round this year in a weak class overall after a resurgence in the position in 2017. So back to guard and the Jags take the best one available which is UTEP’s Hernandez. Like The Falcons and Saints, The Jaguars may get calls for this pick from teams wanting to get back in the first, as will the Vikings who are up next…

#30. Minnesota Vikings – Jaire Alexander, CB, Louisville
To tell you the truth, The Vikings almost weren’t next. I have flipped back and forth on a trade here with a couple of cornerback needy teams who pick early in the second round. The Vikings stay here and much like last time around they stay and they just take the best player available and the strong get stronger. Some will say they don’t especially need a corner but please, tell me what the Vikes do need, because to me, it isn’t a lot… aside from to not overpay your quarterback due to another team’s mismanagement. That’s a cheap shot and I’m sorry but Kirk is being paid like a star when he’s a 7/10 QB. Anyway, I’m just filling the page with a mini soapbox rant as there’s not too much else to say about Minnesota… they’re going to make a big run at the Superbowl, again.

#31. New England Patriots – Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA
So as I said earlier, New England leaves corner until the 43rd pick and they take Miller here to replace Nate Solder who departed for New York in the off season. Miller is athletically off the charts for a man his size. He does need to refine his play a little bit but in college he played on a generally pretty poor line so he didn’t get much help, whereas in the NFL he’ll be surrounded by more experienced players. He also has the fact that no one gets rid of the ball faster than Tom Brady, so his line generally doesn’t have to block for that long. The Pats will also love getting Miller out in space for their running backs using his athletic ability. Solder is the loss that hurts Brady and the team most but of all the teams in the league they take the least time to evolve and adapt.

#32. Philadelphia Eagles – Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa
You can never have enough quality corners. Philadelphia has acquired a few recently but there’s never any harm in picking up another, especially one with the size and ball skills that Josh Jackson possesses. The former Hawkeye lead college football in interceptions last year but does only have one years worth of starter experience, so he is still a little raw. That said, this is where playing with quality team mates helps the rookie out and the fact that The Eagles are deep at the position means Jackson can be blooded slowly, especially given that Sidney Jones missed the whole of his rookie campaign through injury and will be in the same position. The team picking at 32 usually has the luxury of being able to take the best player available and The Eagles do just that.
So that wraps up another mock from me. Please let me know what you think via Facebook or Twitter, I’m  @Wakefield90 over there. All comments and abuse is encouraged and welcomed, let me know what you think overall or of your team’s pick or picks I’d love to hear from you.
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