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2019 Mock Draft 1st Round

The upcoming 2019 NFL Draft is going to be one of the most stacked drafts in recent history in terms of defensive talent, with many experts having maybe 20 or so players in their top 25. I’m not an expert but my draft board is no different. So without further adieu let’s get into this 2019 NFL Mock draft.

Pick Number 1: Oakland Raiders select defensive end Nick Bosa (Ohio State)

Nick Bosa is holding first place on many draft boards this year and with good reason, the Ohio State defensive end has shown himself to be the best defensive end in this years draft class, despite his decision to sit his final year to make sure he is injury free. We all know the Raiders tend to make crazy picks that very often don’t pan out but Bosa is a sure fire pick to bolster the struggling Raiders defense.

Pick Number 2: San Francisco 49ers select defensive tackle Ed Oliver (Houston)

Ed Oliver has Aaron Donald like potential and is arguably just as good if not better than Nick Bosa. Pair him with Buckner, Armsted and Thomas and the 49ers have one of the scariest looking defensive lines in the league. Once Jimmy G is healthy again pairing him with a defence like this puts the 49ers on the right track heading into the next season.

Pick Number 3: Arizona Cardinals select wide receiver N’Keal Harry (Arizona State)

While an offensive tackle might be a smarter move, Arizona definitely needs to give young quarterback Josh Rosen more weapons. Pair N’Keal Harry with Christian Kirk and Rosen suddenly has a lot more options on what he can throw. N’Keal is fast, fluid and smart, he runs routes flawlessly and has great hands. This pick might be a little off given the offensive line but I really think it’s a better pick for the Cardinals.

Pick Number 4: New York Giants select quarterback Justin Herbert (Oregon)

After passing on quarterbacks like Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen to draft generational talent Saquon Barkley in 2018 The Giants are now in position to address the biggest issue within the team, the quarterback position. While not a particularly deep draft for quarterbacks Justin Herbert is head and shoulders above most quarterbacks going into this draft. The Giants would be insane to pass up on Herbert.

Pick Number 5: Buffalo Bills select wide receiver AJ Brown (Ole Miss)

Now on this pick I was torn between Kelvin Harmon from NC State or AJ Brown but watching both play, Brown just seems to be a more capable receiver. Fast, smooth and athletic this might be a perfect weapon for Josh Allen to do some real damage with going into his sophomore NFL season.

Pick Number 6: New York Jets select cornerback Greedy Williams (LSU)

Even with a pair of good safeties in Jamal Adams and Terrence Brooks the Jets would be kicking themselves missing out on a chance to take such a good cornerback. As an LSU fan I watch Greedy Williams play every week and he might be the best cornerback in D1 football right now. Long, fluid and dangerous Williams can do big thing for the Jets in the 2019 season.

Pick Number 7: Tampa Bay Buccaneers select defensive end Clelin Ferrell (Clemson)

Another brilliant edge rusher in this draft, Clelin Ferrell possesses all the traits of an elite edge rusher and would give Tampa Bay a much-needed edge on the D-Line that they seem to missing right now. While many would suggest a quarterback it is unlikely that the front office are willing to give up on Jameis Winston just yet.

Pick Number 8: Jacksonville Jaguars select safety Deionte Thompson (Alabama)

If this season has shown us anything it’s that a big mouth and poor attitude can’t make your secondary great, so the Jaguars drafting the talented safety Deionte Thompson will give them some much needed help in their secondary. I hope for the Jaguars sake that this season is a temporary blip. Thompson is a sure fire way to help them next season, even if they need a new quarterback too.

Pick Number 9: Detroit Lions select Raekwon Davis defensive tackle (Alabama)

Another defensive tackle, are you starting to see a trend here? With just another all around poor season for the Lions (despite wins over the Patriots and Packers) they definitely need more help on that defensive line. With a big strong defensive lineman like Raekwon Davis crashing into opposing tackles this pick just reinforces the general theme of this draft. Pass rushing and shutting down the run.

Pick Number 10: Atlanta Falcons select wide receiver Hakeem Butler (Arizona State)

Now this might be a slightly unexpected pick given Ridley, Jones and Sanu but with the Falcons paying out such a huge amount to Matty Ice they need to give him some weapons. Hakeem fills that role perfectly whether it’s in open field on in the slot, Hakeem shines. If Atlanta take this talented receiver it will be interesting to see how much he improves the Atlanta offence.

Pick Number 11: Cleveland browns select wide receiver Kelvin Harmon (NC State)

Like AJ Brown and Hakeem Butler, Kelvin Harmon is a strong athletic receiver with smooth route running and dominates in the high point department. Couple this with the accurate Baker Mayfield throwing to him Harmon could be a very dangerous addition to an already deadly offence.

Pick Number 12: Philadelphia Eagles select offensive tackle Greg Little (Ole Miss)

The Eagles really need to start planning for their future and keeping Carson Wentz protected is a priority. Little has the skill set to be a franchise tackle if he gets a little help with his footwork. This isn’t an exciting pick, it’s a necessary one.

Pick Number 13: Denver Broncos select quarterback Daniel Jones (Duke)

Jones has the size and arm to be a quality quarterback at the pro level. If he gets to sit behind Case Keenum for the 2019 season to develop his knowledge and game he could be very dangerous. While this draft isn’t really packed with quarterback talent the way the 2018 draft was there are still a few gems available for teams to pick up.

Pick Number 14: Green Bay Packers select safety Lukas Denis (Boston College)

While he might not be as big of a difference maker as Deionte Thompson, Lukas Denis is not to be overlooked. With amazing pace and great vision Denis could be the new star of the Packers secondary. The Packers young secondary is just one or two pieces away from being one of the best in the NFC. Lukas could elevate them to that point.

Pick Number 15: Cincinnati Bengals select offensive tackle Dalton Risner (Kansas State)

In 2018 the Bengals began to rebuild their offensive line with Cordy Glenn and Billy Price. This will continue with Risner. Maybe the best right tackle prospect of this draft class. Like I said with the Eagles this isn’t a flashy or exciting pick but it can certainly lead to a big difference in what Andy Dalton can do with talented tackles holding up a pocket for him.

Pick Number 16: Miami Dolphins select defensive end Josh Allen (Kentucky)

The Dolphins are another team that will benefit from this heavily defensive draft. Cameron Wake isn’t as young as he used to be so adding a productive player like Josh Allen will be a massive help to the defence. Not only is Allen a high production speed rusher he can also make plays in coverage.

Pick Number 17: Minnesota Vikings select offensive guard Ben Powers (Oklahoma)

With a quarterback like Kirk Cousins and stellar receivers in Diggs and Thielen, Ben Powers is the perfect fit for the Vikings. Displaying some of the best pass blocking in college football currently, he could well prove to be a franchise player for the Vikings providing Cousins with brilliant protection for years to come.

Pick Number 18: Washington Redskins select cornerback Julian Love (Notre Dame)

Julian Love is a disruptive, ball hawking corner. He’s not the most athletic player in the draft, not by a long shot but his football IQ is through the roof and his motor is incredibly high. Definitely a welcome addition to the Redskins secondary giving them more options to break up pass plays and pick opponents off.

Pick Number 19: Tennessee Titans select tight end Kaden Smith (Stanford)

The Titans might be the team most in need of a tight end right now, Delanie Walker’s days are definitely numbered so Smith’s speed and massive catch radius will be a welcome addition to the Titans offence and a great weapon for Marcus Mariota.

Pick Number 20: Baltimore Ravens select wide receiver Anthony Johnson (Buffalo)

The Ravens are slowly but surely making a new receiving corps for Lemar Jackson to utilise in Baltimore. Johnson is a big deep threat and looking at his college stats he has a very impressive yards after catch ability. A skill that could make him one of the top receivers in the NFL with a talented quarterback like Jackson throwing to him.

Pick Number 21: Carolina Panthers select defensive end Brian Burns (Florida State)

Burns has all the tools to be an All-Pro player providing he can pack on a little weight and get himself stronger. Carolina addressing their edge concerns with a pick like this is vital. Burns has the dimensions and athleticism to be a great NFL player provided he addresses the aforementioned weight and strength concerns. If he addresses those issues Carolina have an all time great on their hands.

Pick Number 22: Seattle Seahawks select safety Khaleke Hudson (Michigan)

Needing to replace a hole left by Earl Thomas III leaving the team, Seattle need a young and instinctive safety to fill that gap. In my opinion Seattle should try and trade up to get Deionte Thompson earlier as he is heads and shoulders above any other defensive back in the draft. Not to discount Hudson who would give lots of quarterbacks in the NFL trouble. With great vision and natural instinct Hudson is still a very smart pick for Seattle to make.

Pick Number 23: Indianapolis Colts select defensive lineman Christian Wilkins (Clemson)

The Colts have a very overlooked defence currently and adding a more muscle up front on the line could benefit this team exponentially. Wilkins is a very physical but versatile defensive lineman who can put the Colts defence on the map next year. Couple that with Andrew Lucking coming off one of his best years in the league and the Colts could start looking like a serious play off team for the first time in a long time.

Pick Number 24: Oakland Raiders (from Dallas Cowboys) select linebacker Devin White (LSU)

White shows rare athletic ability giving him scary speed on the outside and when he gets going there’s not stopping him. Fast, physical and menacing Devin White could replace the void left by Khalil Mack as a mean edge rusher. Despite recent form White still might be the best linebacker in this draft class.

Pick Number 25: Houston Texans select offensive lineman Trey Adams (Wasington)

Adams has displayed he can play both sides of the line. Dominating at right tackle in 2017 and having a strong year on the left side in 2018. This pick is a must for the Texans as they need more protection for Deshaun Watson up front. Adams versatility means the Texans can use him to bolster either side of the line they need to the most.

Pick Number 26: Pittsburgh Steelers select cornerback Deandre Baker (Georgia)

Baker has been a difference maker at Georgia this season and he’d be a welcomed addition to the Steelers secondary. He possesses all the traits of an elite cornerback.  Vision, speed and great hands. All of this makes him a brilliant pick for the Steelers giving their secondary the extra support it needs.

Pick Number 27: Los Angeles Chargers select defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence (Clemson)

Another Clemson prospect on this list, Lawrence has proven himself to be a premier nose tackle with brilliant handwork and an impressive burst off the line. A mountain of a human being Lawrence is going to be a problem for a lot of offensive lineman upon his arrival in the NFL. Due to Brandon Mebane’s contract being up this season the Chargers may have to fill his spot and Lawrence is the man to do it.

Pick Number 28: Oakland Raiders (from Chicago Bears) select wide receiver Ahmmon Richards (Miami)

Losing Amari Cooper was a serious blow to the Oakland offence and Richards can be a great replacement for him. Gruden needs a legit star at receiver and Richards can be that guy. With explosive speed and great hands Richards can be a threat anywhere on the field. The Raiders need to make picks like this to ensure they can have a better year than the tumultuous season 2018 as Gruden has taken over.

Pick Number 29: New England Patriots select quarterback Drew Lock (Missouri)

Now this pick may be controversial at least to my fellow Patriot fans who think Tom Brady is going be playing even into his 50’s. The Patriots need a new quarterback and Drew Lock could be a potential replacement if he’s groomed right coming in. While many would have the Patriots take a linebacker or defensive back to help out Gilmore and Hightower I think a quarterback pick is essential. While I looked at sleeper picks like KJ Costello, I think Lock is just a better fit for the Patriots organisation.

Pick Number 30: Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans Saints) select defensive end Zach Allen (Boston College)

The Packers need to address the outside edge rusher spot in their team and Allen can transition into that role quickly. A player who is very quick and alert on the field with great hand and footwork make him a formidable edge rusher who can put quarterbacks under pressure and force desperation throws while collapsing a pocket.

Pick Number 31: Kansas City Chiefs select defensive tackle Dre’Mont Jones (Ohio State)

In their game against the LA Rams the Chiefs made it painfully apparent that they need some serious talent on their defence, especially on the D-Line. Dre’Mont Jones is a very similar prospect to Chris Jones (the only Chiefs player who was doing anything against the Rams offence) so pairing them together would be a much needed helping hand on the Chiefs defence.

Pick Number 32: Los Angeles Rams select cornerback Bryce Hall (Virginia)

A tall, playmaking cornerback would elevate the Ram’s secondary to deadly levels. While Hall isn’t the twitchy reactionary player like earlier cornerbacks in this draft he does have a nose for the ball, which means he is always lurking, and hawking balls from all over the field. I’m excited to see how much the Rams can elevate themselves with a defence as effective as their offence.


Wildcard Prospects:

Dakota Allen linebacker (Texas Tech)

Defensive star of Netflix documentary ‘Last Chance U’, Dakota Allen has been maybe the hardest working linebacker in the country after arriving back at Texas Tech. With a high motor and ridiculous work ethic Allen would be a steal for any team willing to take him. I don’t see him going any later than round 3 but I can easily see him being picked up early second round by a team who needs a solid linebacker to add to their roster.


KJ Costello quarterback (Stanford)

Now this might be a long shot for a lot of people but I really like KJ Costello and think he can make a splash in the NFL if he’s picked up by the right team. A potential fit for the Jaguars if they need someone game ready to step in for Bortles. Costello is very competent and accurate with the football and I see him doing good things in a pro style offence.


Jalen Hurd wide receiver (Baylor)

After switching to Baylor and making the move from running back to receiver in order to take less punishment on his body Hurd has shown he can play both positions well. A fast athletic receiver with great vision and awareness would be a steal for any team wanting to add a little more depth to their wide outs.


Bryce Love runningback (Stanford)

The second Stanford player I’m adding to this list is probably going to be overlooked in the first round due to the amount of defensive and receiving talent in the first round. Love is a fast and agile running back with a great football IQ helping him see gaps and lanes very quickly. He shows great patience and versatility on the field, which can make him a very big name in the NFL.


If you have any thoughts or corrections to share you can find me over on Twitter @TrueHybridKP even if you just want to tell me your predictions for a first round draft or ask me why I have chosen these players feel free to get in touch!

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