Interview with: Our 1st “Britball of Fame” inductee

Name: Dale Russell

Team(s): Bristol Cuda & Somerset Wyverns

Years played: 10 years

Favourite players/team supported:

I am a Cincinatti Bengals Fan and follow Florida Gators at College level.

I have some many players I love and follow but being a Wide Receiver myself top for me is out of Larry Fitzgerald or Chad Johnson

I would have to say my Favourite player on defence would be the Honey Badger – Tyrann Mathieu

How did you get into the sport?

I had a friend in college that would always come in really tired on a Monday after asking him why and him inviting me over for the Sunday games I have never looked back since. When I found out the University I went to had a team I had to get involved straight away as there is no other sport like it.

Did you watch the sport prior to playing? What other sports are you in to?

I love all sports!

Basketball I am a massive Boston Celtics fan, Football (or should I say Soccer) I am A West Ham United Fan.

Other than those two and the Bengals I just like following any teams in most sports.

What was the one thing you learned that you never realised once you stepped on to the field?

Head on a Swivel!

Something that has helped me in my Job now as working in a behaviour class in a school its great advice and really helped my awareness since jumping on the field to play.

Favourite playing moment?

My all time Favourite moment has to be when I scored my first Touchdown for the Bath Spa Bulldogs, I was running a simple slant on our 15 Yard line and took it all the way to the house, what also made it amazing is that it was the game closest to Christmas so I had my Santa Socks on!

Any bad injuries? Yourself or someone else during a game?

Only ever seen one bad injury in my time playing and had one myself, I dislocated my thumb when we was at an away game in Wales but being the stupid uni student back then I decided to pop it back in myself and strap it so I could see the game out, luckily I had no issues with it ever since.

Worst injury was when our QB was Scrambling out the pocket and he took a cheap helmet shot to his shin and snapped it the wrong way, I have never seen anyone so calm in a moment laying on the floor saying oh no in a normal voice while his leg was in two. 

Least favourite thing about the UK Game?

Not enough coverage its getting bigger and bigger but would love to see it getting onto TV but feel we are a little way off from that, we have started to get live streams of big cup games though.

What made you want to get into coaching?

After leaving university I wanted to give back and share my knowledge also keeps you busy in the winter as the Adult league runs in the summer.

How did you find us and the scheme and what persuaded you to register?

I am a part of every Facebook group to do with American football in the UK and I just happened to come across a post from you guys and have wanted to do my level 2 for a long time so thought I would apply and see what happens, never know unless you ask!

What would you say to someone thinking about playing the sport?

Get involved, there is a position for everyone in a American Football squad. It changed my life and gives you a second family as the team always come together to help each other out, even the community as a whole is just such a nice place always doing work for different charities.

Anything you would like to see introduced into the sport? Any improvements that can be made in your opinion?

Would Love to see a Semi Pro league get set up over here, I know we have the Academy now which is a massive step in the right direction to help young players achieve their dreams.

Do you attend the London games? Do you think we’ll get an NFL Franchise?

I attend as many games as I can as being a coach its always good to get down to a game and gain some more knowledge I got my sister into football so we travel to every game we can get tickets for in London.

I have also been to a Euro Bowl game in Amsterdam where they was playing Frankfurt, getting to as many different games and making connections helps you with understanding the game.

**Dale is taking his BAFA Level 2 Positional Coach on 5th April 2021.**
**We will keep you informed of his progress!**
If you would like to register for our scheme, head over to where you can register your interest.
If you are selected, we could help subsidise the costs to get qualified as a coach or an official!

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