Game Report: Tamworth @ Leicester

Britball Week 1 – Phoenix 12 @ 7 Falcons

Full game footage, courtesy of Onside TV:

Leicester had the better of the early exchanges without getting on the score board, mainly down to the Tamworth punter giving Leicester very little chance, pinning them deep in their own territory, a theme of the game. Tamworth capitalised on a freak interception to start on the Leicester 6yard line to then punch it on the QB keep.

Leicester nearly then made a mental error, almost giving away a safety on the kickoff. Nix HC Jason Scott not happy with the decision that was given but only had to wiat 1 more play for the safety to be awarded with the Nix defence swarming the backfield. 9-0 to the Nix and then possibly the most impressive drive of the 1st half from Leicester, with QB Dante Vandeven, recruited from Missouri Southern State University, scrambling along with some good play calling passing to the running back on a wheel route. A gutsy call then in the Nix redzone saw the Falcons convert a 4th and 1 from the 20yard line into the back left corner of the endzone for the TD.

Vandeven, the standout player of the game continued to escape the pocket, evade the pressure from the Nix interior/Pass rush and looked more than competent and will win games for the Falcons.

Tamworth added a vital FG in the 3rd Quarter to make it 12-7 but struggled to get their run game going throughout, thanks to the Falcons stingy defence which will be a worry to Coach Scott. I think we’ll put it down to 18months worth of rust to shake off, but the Nix looked a shadow of themselves compared to their former 2019 Britbowl runners up team. One thing Scott will never be forgetting is the competitiveness he has and was on the field a multitude of times, testing the new covid guidelines and social distancing between himself and the referee (Covid rules in place can result in unsportsmanlike conduct if breaching social distancing or not wearing a mask when talking to an official!).

Huge play inside the two minute warning. Leicester QB completed a pass backed up inside their own 5yard line to an open receiver who then ran the length of the field, looked to have fumbled after trying to dance past the last defender, but in the end it was called back due to an illegal formation. See Below:

And that was that! Final score 12-7 to Tamworth.

Tamworth edge past Leicester mainly thanks to their defence, Leicester certainly holding their heads high and have a decent looking QB at the helm there.

If you want to find the results for all of the week 1 games, you can do so here.

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