Full10Yards start Sponsorship of Crewe Railroaders rookie WR

The Full10Yards are delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring rookie WR Hus Roberts of the Crewe Railroaders. We spoke to him to give him the good news, unbeknownst to him prior to recording.

We spoke to him and Crewe HC Jason Smith to discuss the team’s navigation of Covid and their aspirations for this season ahead of the regionalised divisions in 2021 which you can find below on Youtube and Spotify.

Regarding the sponsorship Head Coach Jason Smith said:

As a Head Coach it is important that I get the best out of my players. In order for them to perform, the player needs to be in a good place. Your sponsorship of Hus, goes a long way towards that.

Crewe Railroaders are happy to be associated with Full10Yards, and would like to thank you for the great opportunity you are providing to our player.

Hus Roberts added:

I am extremely grateful for the sponsor from full 10 yards and am looking forward to progressing in American football with them

We’ll keep in touch with Jason and Hus to see how they are getting on throughout the season.

You can find out more about Crewe over on their website: https://www.crewe-railroaders.co.uk/.

Just another example of where the Full10Yards are dedicated to helping the American Football community grow in a multitude of ways. Make sure help us help it further by finding out on our homepage the ways you can get involved or how you can sign up for possible subsidy towards coaching or officiating costs.

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