Four Bold Fantasy Predictions In 2021

With the 2021 NFL season almost here you’ll have hopefully got your re-draft leagues sorted and had enough time to curse your choices in your Dynasty League off-season drafts. Some of you will have cleaned up on some rookies who could be difference makers right from the get go. Others will have made some foolish, foolish errors (yes, I took Trevor Lawrence 1.1 in the F10Y Dynasty draft this off-season).

But maybe your ‘error’ isn’t so foolish? Maybe, just maybe this season could get quite weird on us. I’ve had a look into my charity shop crystal ball and it gave me some interesting information about the coming Fantasy season. It also told me to ‘check back later’ on that Trevor Lawrence pick. Not helpful.

Anyway, prepare to be dumbfounded, bemused and downright puzzled as we delve into some Bold Fantasy Predictions...

1. Marquez Callaway is a top-15 WR.

Yes, it was the second pre-season game. Yes, it was against the Jags. Yes, I am buying whatever Marquez Callaway is selling.

In his brief appearances with a severely-limited Drew Brees in the 2020 season Callaway looked like a promising threat and boy has he appeared to have come on in the offseason.

It appears obvious that the Saints will try and utilise the deep ball now they have a Quarterback who is a deep ball threat. Lo and behold, they’ve got a 6’2 205lb receiver who has both the strength and speed to make those catches downfield.

With no Michael Thomas for the foreseeable at the Superdome as well as Tre’Quan Smith continuing to be the Keyser Soze of the Saints receiving-corps, Callaway has a real shot to have a huge season IF we truly believe that Jameis Winston can take the TD:INT ratio from 1.1:1 to even 3:1

2. Javonte Williams is a top-20 RB

Now I told you this was bold. The Denver receivers are dying for a bit of Teddy BridgeH2O, they’ve got Jerry Jeudy, Tim Patrick, KJ Hamler, Courtland-damned-Sutton and Noah Fant. Oh, and Melvin Gordon is still in town as the RB1. Stay with me, reader…

2020? Antonio Gibson. 2017? Kareem Hunt and Alvin Kamara.

All three were mid-round picks who blew up the Fantasy rankings, particularly in the case of the 2017 draftees.

I like Williams as a guy who can be an RB3/Flex spot to start with but once we get into the weeds of November, I think he’s going to be a huge player down the stretch.

Bruce Kluckhohn – AP

3. Someone not named Travis Kelce is the season’s TE1

This may not be such a bold leap initially seeing as Darren Waller and George Kittle are tremendous whilst T.J Hockenson, Noah Fant, Logan Thomas and rookie Kyle Pitts are going to be the future of the position.

However, since 2015 there are four players who have finished ahead of Travis Kelce in Fantasy scoring. Not each year. Total. Jordan Reed, Greg Olsen and Tyler Eifert are now things of the past whilst Rob Gronkowski who lead the league in 2015 and 2017 (Kelce has led the league in every other year) isn’t the game-breaking force he once was.

Kelce’s dominance at this position has been staggering and despite Waller having a superb 2020, Kelce still caught over 200 yards more as well as a pair of extra scores.

That, my friends, is why this is both a bold prediction but also perhaps the first signs of a changing of the guard…It’ll be a fascinating year for Tight Ends (so to speak).

Justin Casterline – Getty Images

4. Trevor Lawrence has the worst season of the five 1st Round QBs

Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, Justin Fields and Mac Jones were all taken between picks 2-32 back in April. We know that Wilson is a definite starter, we suspect that Lance is and I think it’s fair to expect Fields and Jones to be starting sooner rather than later if things go sideways with Andy Dalton and Cam Newton respectively.

So, I proclaim to you, dear reader, that the beautiful boy in Jacksonville will put up some mediocre Fantasy numbers on a Jags team that needs an Offensive Line and no mistake. I’m not expecting Lawrence to be a complete flop this year but those who are expecting instant QB1 play for your team out of him are going to be disappointed.

Tim Heitman – USA Today Sports

So there you have it, readers. Do feel free to harangue me for this on Twitter @davieremixed and I am fully aware of how foolish I may look come January but hey, it’s the charity shop crystal ball. Who am I to question the full extent of the power it (allegedly) holds? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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