Eye (and Arm) of the Tiger

Now stick with me here, this won’t all be LSU bias. We need to talk about their quarterback room because there’s a big problem. Not for lack of talent though, there might actually be a little too much. 

Let’s start with the man who was always going to have to fill some massive shoes in Joe Burrow’s successor, Myles Brennan. This was always going to be a tough job to do after the 2019 season, no one wants to follow a 60 touchdown season.

No one.

Brennan was ready to step up to the plate though and actually performed fairly well across his first three starts. He set multiple program records and helped the offence average 40 points a game until he went down with a torn abdomen. After the steady improvement he’d shown and constantly having to play from behind (because of he who shall not be named) this was a massive blow for the tigers.

In steps the freshman, 6’6” Louisiana native, TJ Finley. His huge stature and arm had myself and the rest of the LSU fanbase hyped. However his lack of experience showed. A ton of freshman mistakes led to Finley struggling to keep the ball in the hands of his own team. With 5 touchdowns and 5 interceptions it was very clear Finley wasn’t ready but his mesurables and clear talent make him very exciting. This is where things went left…handed.

After a crushing 55 – 17 loss to Alabama the LSU coaching staff decided to give another freshman a chance. It’s Max Johnson’s time now. In his two starts Johnsons recorded 8 combined touchdowns and 771 yards in his next two games against Florida and Ole Miss. Coach O was right, this kid has ice in his veins. He capped off his season with 10 combined touchdowns, 1,069 passing yards and only one interception. He totally eclipsed Finley and looked like a seasoned starter with the way he carved though defences, it was beautiful to watch. 

So three very talented, very promising quarterbacks. Does that really make the QB room that stacked? It does when you add in the incoming freshman Garrett Nussmeier.

Nussmier was the 9th pro style quarterback in the country and enters LSU very much in the conversation. You may know his father, Doug Nussmeier who is currently the Dallas Cowboys QB coach. So Garrett has a leg up over a lot of recruits in the country as he arrives in Baton Rouge.

So where does he fit in to all this?

Well after the tigers first spring practice in Death Valley, Coach O has said the QB competition is very much open and hasn’t yet chosen on a starter. Now while some might poo-poo this notion and hit back with the classic, “wow they’re all equally as terrible” The performances each and every one of these signal callers showed last year (Nussmier had 50 touchdowns in his senior year of high school, by the way) would very much suggest the opposite. This tigers quarterback room is stacked, I feel sorry for any school that steps in our way next year.

The tigers are back. Buckle up SEC, it’s about to be a bumpy ride.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all in the next one. Find me on twitter @TheHimboF10Y and tell me what think about this article and be sure to head over to full10yards.com/shop to pick up our 2021 draft guide!

(Headline Image – The Athletic)

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