Drafting For Dummies

By Dave Moore (@Davieremixed)

So, your workmates need a 12th person for their Fantasy Draft but the last time you thought about the NFL was when you went to that Super Bowl party in February as you’re a hell of a Beer Pong player.

“Sure, when’s the draft?”

“Next week and it’s a winner-takes-all £10 entry”


“So you’ll do it?”


“Great! Here’s my account number and sort code, I’ll stand here and watch you transfer the money”

Just like that, you’ve found a new way to neglect your duties around the house. Congratulations!

Hopefully this guide will go some way toward helping you not make a fool (or at least limit the foolishness) of yourself on Draft Night. If you want a comprehensive guide to the 2020 season including some fantasy projections and blurbs for 160 players, go check out our season guide in the shop for just £4.99

The Format

You may be assaulted with the initialism PPR when doing research. PPR stands for Points Per Reception and applies to your Wide Receivers/Running Backs/Tight Ends that whenever they successfully catch the ball and it is ruled a completion, that scores them one point, regardless of how long the catch is in terms of yardage.

So the three main formats are ‘Standard’, ‘PPR’ and ‘Half-PPR’. Standard means that the PPR rule does not apply, PPR means that it does and half-PPR…You guessed it, means that the player will get half a point per reception. PPR leagues generally mean more players are fantasy relevant, giving more value to the TE position, pass catching running backs and Jamison Crowder.

The Roster

Your basic Fantasy team will be made up of the following positions:

  • 1x Quarterback
  • 2x Running Back
  • 2x Wide Receivers
  • 1x Tight End
  • 1x Flex (An additional WR or RB)
  • 1x Kicker
  • 1x Defensive Team

If you want to try and impress your workmates, ask if you’re doing ‘IDPs’ this year. IDP stands for Individual Defensive Player and really moves you into the weeds of NFL knowledge, having to not only look for players who will do well offensively but those who do their bit on defence. If you are doing IDPs then you’ll likely be drafting these additional positions:

  • 1x Defensive Lineman
  • 2x Linebackers
  • 2x Defensive Backs

So that’s a total of 14 players + an additional 5 players or so (depending on how the league creator has set the league up) for your bench that can be of any position.


“Shouldn’t I just draft all of the Kansas City Chiefs players because they’re the best team?”

Well, not really. Whilst Patrick Mahomes is a brilliant Quarterback and Tyreek Hill is one of the scarier pass-catchers in the league it doesn’t necessarily mean you should draft them.

Look for players who will be their respective teams’ most likely pass-catcher or if that team doesn’t have any Wide Receivers whose Fantasy projections look very good then have a look and see if their Running Back could be a good player to pick up.

It pays to do your research rather than just taking the next best player as that could leave your roster with too many Wide Receivers or you may forget to draft a Tight End.

Additionally, keep an eye on when each player’s Bye Week is, you don’t want to end up with a roster that’s really good but come Week 9 they’re all on a Bye Week and that leaves you in a pickle for your matchup that Sunday.

“I’ve Got The First Overall Pick and I’m Scared of Doing the Wrong Thing. HELP!”

Don’t panic! It should be a fairly straightforward choice this year with Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers being one of the best players in Fantasy on one of the worst teams last year. All signs point towards him having another huge year for the Panthers. Other choices you could make that would be by no means stupid are Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys (RB) and Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants (RB).

If you don’t want a Running Back first then by all means pick Quarterbacks Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens or the aforementioned Patrick Mahomes. Heck, go crazy and take the best Wide Receiver in the league last year in Michael Thomas of the New Orleans Saints.

Kickers Matter, Right?

Yes. Yes they do. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Pick one with your last selection and pick one from a team that scores lots of points or a least has a decent offence.

There you have it. You’re good to go.

If you get past the first week and think your team is an utter disaster than fear not! We’ll have plenty of Fantasy tips and advice for you every week this season! Make sure you follow @F10YFantasy on twitter or purchase the 2020 NFL Season guide from our shop for just £4.99.

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