After safeties yesterday were back on offense with running backs today.

So this is a very interesting group with no real, blue chip star in the mould of a Saquon Barkley, an Ezekiel Elliott or Todd Gurley from recent times.

I feel that Josh Jacobs is by far and away the consensus number 1 of the group but after that it’s a really close call.

It’s the kind of position ranking that if you ask a bunch of different people, then you’ll get a whole host of different answers.

So here’s my 2 pence worth!



1. Josh Jacobs, Alabama


Fits; Oakland, Philadelphia, Buffalo


Clear number 1 back in the class even if he didn’t start full time at Alabama or test particularly well.

Shows both good running ability and good hands, which in today’s NFL is imperative. If you only do one these days, you won’t be a #1 running back and therefore your value is seriously limited.

The kicker is also that Jacobs is a willing pass protector too and is often more than a speed bump on the route to the QB.


2. David Montgomery, Iowa State

Fits; Tampa Bay, Houston, Buffalo


One of only a few true 3 down backs in this class. Decent in pass pro and has nice hands when receiving the ball out of the backfield.

Montgomery is an aggressive runner who really fights for extra yards. He has good balance through contact and whilst he’s not blistering quick, I feel when I watch him, he’s quick enough.

Cons are a lack of vision at times as he doesn’t seem to read the play very well and runs towards defenders.

I really like him actually.


3. Darrell Henderson, Memphis

Fits; Tampa Bay, Tennessee


Small and nippy back who’s good in space, hence why much of his receiving highlights are on quick passes like screens and swing passes.

When running he’s got excellent balance and cuts really suddenly.

Not the best in terms of vision, but I think that’s a feature that many of this year’s back a struggle with.

Not much pass pro experience.


4. Myles Sanders, Penn State

Fits; Dallas, Tampa Bay


Limited starting experience because of a guy called Saquon Barkley who was at Penn State before last year.

When he’s on song, Sanders looks kind of Barkley esque.

Obviously this doesn’t happen nearly enough, hence why he’s not going to get taken #2 overall.

Sanders is a powerful runner who can change direction really smoothly… like his ex teammate.

Really good receiver out of the backfield… even lined up as a wide receiver.


5. Rodney Anderson, Oklahoma

Fits; Dallas, Carolina


Anderson is a bit of a mystery as he didn’t really do much in terms of workouts in the pre draft process as he looked to limit that as he returns from injury.

He’s had a couple of bad injuries in the past so it could mean he’s limited as a pro… similar to Jay Ajayi in a way when he came out of Boise State.

Really talented though, probably the most talented back in the class but just hasn’t played enough and the injuries will scare a lot of people.


Sleeper. Devine Ozigbo, Nebraska

Fits; Texans, Vikings


Nice blend of speed and power. Played well in a zone scheme which always makes me think of Lamar Miller and how he’s pretty easy to replace.

Hasn’t got a lot of really good games on tape in his college career but it all seemed to click in his senior year as he went over 1000 Yards at 7 yards a pop and 12 touchdowns.

Certainly an interesting option in round 5 or 6 for a team.


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