Draft Prospects: Top 5 Corner Backs

Oh my, oh my, corner is actually one of my favourite positions in the game of football. I love feisty cover guys who give as good as they get but unfortunately they’re few and far between in this class.
1. Byron Murphy, RS Sophomore, Washington, 6′, 175 lbs
Fits; Raiders, Browns, Chiefs
Whilst slightly undersized Murphy is extremely scrappy and doesn’t mind laying a hit on someone if needs be. The first trait that really stand out to me when watching Murphy are that he’s a really smooth mover, whether that be in man coverage when mirroring an opponent or in zone coverage. Second, Murphy has ball skills. He freelancer a little at times in search of the ball but because he’s an intelligent player, he seems to freelance at the correct times and minimise being punished for it.
2. Greedy Williams, RS Sophomore, LSU, 6’1, 182 lbs
Fits; Browns, Steelers
Here’s your number one press man corner in this draft class. Greedy has all the length and speed that teams look for in a potential lockdown, press coverage guy. He’s been tested in the SEC and more often than not he’s given a good account of himself.
He does need to be more physical at the line of scrimmage at times but I am a fan Williams, I think he’ll get more physical once he packs on a little bit more muscle in the pros. He’s very fluid again, which means he’s ideal when mirroring receivers in man coverage, which is how he needs to be deployed in the NFL. If you’re drafting Greedy to play cover 3 zone, you’re doing it wrong.
3. Amani Oruwariye, RS Senior, Penn State, 6’1, 204 lbs
Fits; Steelers, Chiefs
Oruwariye is another corner with good length and fluidity which will definitely be his main defence when coming up against grown men receivers in the NFL.
Oruwariye is an intelligent corner who is best off in zone as opposed to man coverage, this is because he can then keep half an eye on what the QB is doing and look to jump in front of the ball. Oruwariye has 8 picks in 3 years as a starter at Penn State so production and experience are both there for me.
4. DeAndre Baker, Senior, Georgia, 5’10, 180 lbs
Fits; Steelers, Chiefs, Cardinals
Baker is a smaller corner but is really, really feisty with it. Despite being smaller, he’s actually excellent in press coverage and doesn’t seem to get swallowed up in the run game either.
Baker also has a lot of production and experience; he got some game time as a freshman and played a lot in his second year before becoming a full time starter as a junior. Throughout his last 3 years, Baker regularly racked up interceptions and passes defended, also adding a couple of forced fumbles.
The big red flag is his long speed; definitely someone I’ll be looking out for in the 40 yard dash when the combine rolls around.
5. Julian Love, Junior, Notre Dame, 5’11, 193 lbs
Fits; Chiefs, Cardinals
Love is a smaller corner who is extremely physical, which has kind of been his calling card in college but I think he’ll have to scale this back a little in the NFL otherwise he’ll be drawing far too many flags.
A little bigger and faster than Baker but not as good in coverage and doesn’t quite have the splash plays even though he accumulated a lot of pass break ups.
Experience is also there with Love; he’s been playing for 3 years at Notre Dame, appearing in 12 games as a freshman then 13 in each of the next 2 years.
Sleeper. Myles Bryant, Junior, Washington, 5’8, 180 lbs
Fits; Bears (if they lose Bryce Callahan), Browns, Chiefs
Bryant is another Washington defensive back that I’m a big fan of. He’s very short at 5’8 so he’ll be nickel corner at the next level but oh how do I wish that he was taller… Bryant is ridiculously explosive both in the way he moves and the way he tackles. For a smaller guy, he certainly doesn’t mind getting involved in a pile and is a sure tackler who goes through his target rather than nip at ankles. Obviously this is important because as a nickel corner he’ll be asked to run support more than he would if he was outside and given his explosiveness, a savvy DC would get him involved in the blitz game.

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