DFS Week 11: Replacements

Welcome to Week 11!

I’m your host @davieremixed but that’s not important right now. Let’s talk about this week’s theme: Replacements. I’m looking through this list of matchups and I see WR3s, RB2s in such a strong position due to the misfortune of the guys in front of them. This season has already proven to be absolutely bonkers so why not throw a bit more chaos into the mix with this gaggle of players who elicit such comments as “Really? That guy?”, “Who?” and “Oh yeah! I remember him…Oh wait, that was someone else…”. These may not be the heroes you expected but they are most certainly the heroes you will love come end of play Sunday night. Let’s get down to it…

Cam Newton Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

QB – Cam Newton

Back from the dead! Confirmed to be getting the start this Sunday against a Washington team whose defeat of the Bucs was rendered somewhat pyrrhic due to the loss of Chase Young for the season which is a dagger for what playoff hopes they had. WFT rank 30th on Draft Kings against QBs and I like some Cam Newton goal-line action again. At $5,100 he’s an absolute bargain.

James Conner Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

RBs – James Connor/Mark Ingram II

DeAndre Hopkins won’t go for the Cardinals, Kyler Murray is a game-day decision and that leaves the TD vulture known as James Connor in a great position to rack up some more points against a Seahawks team that is pretty poor against the run (ranked 31st on DK). Here’s a nugget of no real value but something I find interesting, Connor’s best two performances (fantasy-wise) this year have been against division opponents. $6,100 seems good value to me.

MI2 as nobody is calling him is in a real spot to lead the Saints’ offense this Sunday purely by default. Taysom Hill and Alvin Kamara are in real danger of not playing, the Saints pass catchers are as disappointing as their playoff divisional-round performances and he’s also $5,400 which leaves open more options further down the lineup.

Davante Adams Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

WRs – Davante Adams/Jaylen Waddle/Marcus Johnson

Remember five seconds ago when you read that part about ‘more options’? Davante Adams in a divisional game against the Vikings who are beyond baffling? Again, the ranking against this position group is favourable and even though he’s costing us $8,400…It’s Davante frigging Adams!

Waddle is a boom/bust player so far this year and he’s arguably lived on the bust side of the border more often than I’d like but he’s had to deal with QB issues as well as two games against the Bills and only $5,600. Furthermore, they are going up against the J-E-T-S this week. The Jets, famous for being atrocious this year when it comes to stopping…anything. Here’s a fun sequence of numbers: 19-25-26-24-27-54-31-45-45. Any ideas? Why yes, you’re correct. It’s the points the Jets have given up in each game so far this year.

The Titans are playing the Texans. Marcus Johnson showed himself to be an impressive asset against New Orleans who are a superb defensive team. That, Houston ain’t. Johnson is a cool $3,500 and therefore an absolute steal if this game goes as expected, which admittedly is no sure thing in this season of seasons.

George Kittle Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

TE – George Kittle

Do I trust the 49ers offense even after the beatdown they put on the Rams? I do not. I am a sucker for nostalgia though and there’s nothing I’d like more than to see the $6,300-priced Kittle have one of those 2019 seasons against a Jags team who are showing signs of life defensively but are otherwise irrelevant save for the intrigue around Trevor Lawrence’s development.

DJ Moore Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

Flex – DJ Moore

I like this Moore pick for two reasons. One: The Cam Factor. Two: We share the same surname. The former is obviously more relevant than the latter but it just feels like this Carolina team is primed to stick north of 40 on Washington and Moore is so close to being the guy in Carolina. He’s worth the $5,900 risk.

DST – Cleveland Browns

Tim Boyle threw 26 INTs in 21 college games. He’s likely starting against a sore Browns team who want to take the beatdown they suffered against the Patriots out on somebody. Say for example, A GUY WHO THREW 26 INTS IN 21 COLLEGE GAMES!

Enjoy your Sunday

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