DFS: Ridley/Falcons DST stack spearheads week 1 attack?

Are you ready for DFS?! It’s Sunday’s mainslate brought to you by @loganbrown0805. I am going with this line up if I am going into a 50/50 or cash line up as the floor for this team is there with the high upside. Any of the details provided below are mine and should be used at your own risk. 

Let’s take a deeper dive:

QB Jalen Hurts: Keep it simple, Atlanta’s defense isn’t anything special. In DFS you are looking for a QB that can provide a safe floor and high ceiling. Hurt’s at $6,400 is just above Trevor Lawerence  and just below Justin Herbert at $6,700, Hurts coming in at $6,400 with his rushing upside (compared to the others just listed).  Right now the over/under for this game is 48 points.

RBs: Kareem Hunt/Raheem Mostert: Brown/Chiefs has a 54.5 over/under will make DFS players want to target this game anywhere you can. What do we know about the Cleveland Browns? They utilize both running backs in every game. I took the cheaper of the two and was able to free up some space (Chubb-$7,200, hunt $5,500) to bring back Tyreek Hill in this juicy match up. Brown’s are expected to be behind in this game and will have to find a way to score to keep up with the Chiefs. As for Raheem Mostert, one of the fastest running backs in the NFL against a rebuilding Detroit Lions. You are getting the starting running back for the best running team in the NFL for $1,000 cheaper than Aaron Jones ($6,800). With the 49’s expect to win this, look for Mostert to get a couple of touchdowns in the first half.

WRs: Calvin Ridley, Tyreek Hill, DeVonta Smith: Why lie, find a way to get the studs in your line up. We get to see Calvin Ridley in his first season without Julio Jones in an indoor stadium with a pass friendly QB (Matt Ryan) against a lower than average defense in the Philadelphia Eagles. Ridley has the chance to finish as the WR 1, and to pair him with Tyreek Hill is just crazy. We all know what Tyreek Hill can do in any given week, however this is a divisional game for the start of the 2021 season. Mahomes will look for Hill any chance he can get. Our 3rd option to finish out the WR core is DeVonta Smith. The main reason I went with him over guys like Tee Higgins, Jerry Jeudy or Nelson Agholor is for the stack with Hurts. I believe you are getting the WR 1 for this team at a great price to allow you to get the big guys (Hill/Ridley). 

TE: Logan Thomas- How can TE’s get a top finish for the week? A gunslinger QB (Ryan Fitzpatrick) check, a WR missing time (Curtis Samuel injury) check and a proven talent (TE 3 on the year last year) check. Logan Thomas is our winner for the perfect TE. Not too much and not too little but the perfect price coming in at $4,600. For what it is worth mentioning, Kyle Pitts is another fantastic option however with the lower over/under for the Falcons/Eagles I didn’t want to limit our exposure. The Chargers defense is getting stronger with an alpha player returning back this year healthy (Derwin James). I believe Thomas has the ability to have the safe floor with big upside should Terry struggle starting off the year. 

Flex: Corey Davis- WR 1 for the Jets at $4,900 is exciting. While we don’t know how the Jets will use the running game, we do know how they targeted Corey Davis on every drive he played in the preseason. Davis provides enough upside to get this lineup the extra boost to fit with our other studs. Looking at some of the other options around him (Ja’Marr Chase $4,800, Tevin Colmean $4,900 or JD Mckissic $5,100) I think you could do worse. Other options I would be targeting around that range (Cortland Sutton, $5,200, Damien Harris $5,200 or Tee Higgins $4,700). 

Defense Atlanta Falcons: Yeah I know, not the best but let’s see why.While we do have Hurts going against us, I think the Falcons defense has the ability to capitalize on Hurts inaccuracy. When looking at what other defense’s we could have instead (Bengals, Texans, Cardinals Saints), I’ll take my chances against Hurts.

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