DFS: The Hunt For a Green October

Welcome to Week 4! I’m your host @davieremixed but for now you can call me the fella who was clearly watching the 1990 Sean Connery classic whilst writing this article. A peculiar set of games for DFS players this week, the Titans /should/ do bad things to the Jets and their (healthy) receivers are dirt cheap. Additionally, the Browns and the Vikings are in line to put up some big offensive numbers in Minnesota. The real question is, how in your wildest dreams do you make all this work with a $50,000 salary cap? Well to quote Marko Ramius – “the sea will grant each man new hope, as sleep brings dreams of home”. With that, let’s get on with this…

QB – Josh Allen – Let’s not overthink this. Yes, he’s the second most expensive QB on the board at $8,000 but I love this matchup against a Texans team that gave up two scores on the ground to Sam Darnold in Week 3. Allen has a bevy of receivers at his disposal if he doesn’t fancy using his legs.

RBs – Derrick Henry/Chase Edmonds – No Julio Jones or AJ Brown = cheap Titans WRs but more pertinently, the most expensive RB in the game this week ($8,800) just got a whole lot more valuable. The Jets will certainly stack the box but there just seems a grim inevitability that Henry is going to rip off a couple of huge runs and pick up a pair of Tuddies in East Rutherford.

With Henry costing us so much we need to look for some mid-tier value and a name that jumped off the page to me was Chase Edmonds ($5,500). With that nightmarish defensive line the Rams hold in their possession I think Edmonds will see a tonne of targets as a safety valve for Kyler Murray.

WRs – Odell Beckham Jr/Deonte Harris/Chester Rodgers

One of my favourite parts of The Hunt For Red October is Dr Petrov’s wide-eyed naivety as he swallows every lie Ramius feeds him. On the face of it, this is arguably what I am doing with these wide-out selections but OBJ at $5,800 against a weak Vikings secondary seems like very good value to me.

Deonte Harris at $3,500 is very much a ‘you wanted Josh Allen and Derrick Henry, this is the price you pay’. He’s a boom-or-bust player but I have a hunch that he might have a big game against a Giants team that is all kinds of bleurgh.

Then we come to Chester Rodgers at $3,300. If one of AJ Brown or Julio Jones were making Sunday’s game I’d be swerving off picking Rodgers but Tannehill HAS to throw the ball to somebody other than Derrick Henry in the flat, right? Right?! Either way, it’s the Jets who are in a deep tailspin. I don’t see them shutting the Titans down here, Rodgers could be in line for a big day.

TE – Logan Thomas

/Checks schedule to see who the Falcons are playing…/ Ah yes, Logan Thomas. You’ll do! Washington are every bit as iffy as Atlanta right now but Logan Thomas is a legit stud and the Falcons stink on the defensive side of the ball. $4,900 seems a decent price to pay for a guy who should see his fair share of targets this Sunday.

Flex – Kareem Hunt

The hard part about playing chicken is knowing when to flinch. I’ve been all over Kareem Hunt in the Flex spot since the season began and with him showing no signs of letting up and playing a Vikings team who are liable to give up points I think Hunt is a steal at $6,000.

DST – New Orleans Saints

“I am become death, the destroyer of worlds…” In this case, death is the aura around the New York Giants. The worlds that are destroyed are the G-Men’s fan’s hopes for a better 2021 season. No Sterling Shepard or Darius Slayton. Saquon Barkley hobbled. Evan Engram both injured and on the wrong side of the fans. Oh, and they’re turning up to the Superdome to play a Saints team whose DST has arguably carried them through September in front of tens of thousands of rabid New Orleans natives who will be so emotionally supercharged that the game has a Steve Gleason-vibe to it like no other game since that infamous moment 15 years ago. You’re damned right I’m taking the DST at $3,800.

“You’re afraid of our fleet? Well you should be…”

Enjoy your Sunday!

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