Written by Scott Mackay (@scottfmackay) – 20th Nov 2018

Sound the klaxon!

We are approaching deadline day, the last opportunity to secure your favourite stars that will help lift you to the championship game by way of trades! Waivers still are applicable right up until the final day of the season, but we all know the major players are stashed away in other teams in your league.

Now, we get that trading can be quite difficult, especially if you are in a league where some participants have merely given up but don’t let that put you off. In the words of Del Boy, ‘He who dares Wins’, so grab your Del Boy flat cap and get wheeling and dealing.

“But who should I pick up” I hear you cry. Don’t panic, I’ve taken a look at the teams who have the more favourable games in the final weeks of the season which could see their players be the different maker in the weeks ahead.

In position one I’m choosing the Broncos, with 6 games remaining, the middle 4 games comprise of Bengals, 49ers, Browns and Raiders. That is a big chunk of winnable games and Phillip Lindsay, Emmanuel Sanders will be rubbing their hands together with glee. They are the focal point of offense for Denver and are primed to post up big numbers. Go hunt them down and add them to your team.

The Ravens go number two on the list, hear me out here. Favourable last 6 games with Raiders, Falcons, Buccs and Browns ahead, all very winnable, John Brown could well be a boom situation and be the one to earn you those vital Ws. Psssttt… if you can grab Lamar Jackson on Waivers, go do that, a dynamic running threat that if Flacco is still side-lined, could be an absolute steal.

The Giants are starting to find some kind of rhythm and you could find some value in trading for OBJ, yes he is a star but some owners could be frustrated with the lack of consistency but with a nice set of games coming up he looks ready to bounce back and some owners could be looking to let go for other options, especially if packaged with other players. I doubt anyone will give up Barkley but the right offer may trigger the accept button, if you are looking for a RB1 he’s your man.

The Steelers aren’t playing their best but they are finding the results, I would look to trade for Big Ben, Ju-Ju or Conner if you need an upgrade in these areas. These players have a lot of value but deals could be made especially if you offer up value in return.

Of course I could advise you to go for Mahomes, Gurley or Brees but you all already know these are on your list and you’d love to have them. If you can manufacture deals for them then why not, but I got a feeling these players will already be sitting in playoff teams and no fantasy owner in their right minds would trade them. Would they?

Who do you think are trade targets ahead of the thanksgiving games? get in touch with my @scottfmackay or the podcast @full10yards and let us know!

Thanks for reading and we’ll be back next week.

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