A bit about me:

Firstly, I can be found on Twitter @Tim_Monk85.

I am new to the world of podcasting and I got into this through my love of listening to other ones. The thing I love about them is the escapism and they allow you to be in a little bubble with the show, making you feel like part of a family. The amount of commutes they have gotten me through is amazing and I love how often I laugh and probably look like an idiot smiling and laughing in public (strange i know!). I just wanted to have go myself, see where it leads and essentially put myself out there. Whether it leads on to something exciting (pinnacle obviously being able to work for the NFL in some capacity!) or is just a project i work on and just enjoy doing (which is the most important thing), then that’s fine also. I give most of my thanks to James Koh for the inspiration to be yourself too.

I don’t often associate my voice as a radio voice but am slowly getting used to it. As the podcasts go on, I’m sure the comfort and wackiness will come out. I am my own harshest critic but its something I just need to get over and just get through. I do wish I did this as a full time job but unfortunately does not pay the bills at the moment. I’d love to be able to put all my time and effort in to research, creating excel spreadsheets with a multitude of data which I can use.

Another reason I do this is because NFL goes hand in hand with fantasy sports. It’s a big part of the sport and probably a great deal of people that follow the sport also have some sort of connection with fantasy football, whether it be through DFS/FanDuel or just regular fantasy leagues. I cannot get enough of this and am in usually about 15 leagues this season (probably a bit of overkill!) and I always look forward to draft time.

I am a big Dallas Cowboys fan and NFL is by far my favourite sport, even if it does lead me to being extremely tired on Monday mornings #YOLO.

I’m glad to have gotten some friends in to the NFL too and we have a really good fantasy league going. For more on that visit http://www.up4theparty.wix.com/dinfl .

Aside from that, I have the same general interests as the rest of you (Sports, Music, etc.) and I don’t have any experience in Journalism, or Media Production in order to help me with the blogging and podcasting, but sometimes that makes them sound better, right?

Finally, thank you for visiting and if you want to contribute or join us on the journey, follow us and get in touch if you want to suggest any improvements or provide any insight at all. Love to have people that like writing about NFL or fantasy football and happy to have posts from you!

Peace out.