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If you are new to College football and want to get to grips with it, We have the perfect 2 part series to get you all up to speed with the College game.

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Big Ten Conference Preview

By Liam Lodge (@Liam66NFL) Welcome to the latest of Full 10 Yards College Football’s conference previews. Our series has already featured the ACC, Big XII and SEC back when they were beginning their respective seasons.  It is incredible to think that the latest Power 5 conference to kick off is doing so on what will […]

CFB Winners & Losers Week 6

Another week of blistering college action has gone by and again, there was something for everyone. We saw some of the big names take a loss, a terrible call to cost Arkansas an upset over Auburn and last year’s National Champions fall outside the AP 25, along with a Texas Longhorns team that was tipped […]

CFB Winners & Losers – Week 5

Things are getting interesting in the College Football world after week five. After a big win last week Mike Leach and co were humbled by Arkansas, UCF fell to Tulsa and FSU got a win(!!). Last week’s winner Kyle Pitts continued where he left off and frankly looks like a mismatch, no matter who is […]

College Football Winners & Losers – Week 4

The return of the SEC and a full slate of college ball had it all this week didn’t it? There were upsets, blow outs, huge individual performances and benched QBs across the board. Oh, and Mike Leach introduced himself to the SEC in style against the reigning National Champions.  For those that love the NFL […]

SEC Conference Preview

By Liam Lodge (@Liam66NFL) Welcome to the latest of Full 10 Yards College Football’s conference previews. This series began a couple of weeks ago with a double-header when Power 5 college football was kicked off by the ACC and Big XII conferences.  With this college season turning into one unlike any previous, the first games […]

CFB Winners & Losers – Week 3

Things are starting to feel a little more normal in the college football universe, right? The SEC kicks off next week, the Big 10 have announced a schedule and UCF have beaten a Power Five team to get their season rolling. With the SEC on the horizon, this week gave some airtime to some of […]

Top 5 Uniforms in College Football

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re in the unfortunate position of missing out on a lot of college football this year, it’s all a bit depressing. So I figured I’d lift your spirits with a fun little article looking at the coldest uniforms in college football. Maybe a part two, if you all behave and […]

CFB Winners & Losers – Week 2

Each week we’re going to look at the winners and losers from the weekend’s college football action. It could be a whole team, an individual, a coach or anyone else who has a big week or an absolute shocker. With the first full slate of games this past weekend, there’s already plenty of opportunity for […]

Big XII Conference Preview

On Thursday we kicked off our conference previews for the coming college football season as the Miami Hurricanes began their season and got the ACC conference underway. Today we are back on the day that the main body of Power-5 college football gets going. Today there are more ACC games and it is followed by […]

ACC Conference Preview

This year our conference previews are taking on a slightly different timetable since the conferences are starting in a staggered fashion. They are going to release right before the conferences start. Today we open up with the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and on Saturday you’ll get the Big XII preview right before they get going. […]


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