College Football – Top 5 Quarterbacks for the 2022 NFL Draft

This is a really interesting QB class, although I think we’re all in agreement that at this moment in time, there are no superstars in the 2022 class.

There is plenty of movement still to come, so by no means are these final rankings, just a little check in, but this is how I see these guys right now.

5 – Spencer Rattler, Oklahoma

We’re starting at the bottom of this list and this particular selection will ruffle some feathers but at number 5 I have Spencer Rattler. Everyone’s favourite petulant child with a penchant for drama. A kid who seems more concerned with building his brand than building his skillset. A kid who likes the idea of being a quarterback than he likes well…playing quarterback. I shouldn’t be too hard on Rattler but the more I see him play the more holes I see in his game. Rattler has some really good traits that NFL coaches look for in a quarterback. Great throwing motion, decent footwork and pretty good pocket presence but there’s a lot of things that will really let him down at the pro level, mainly his attitude. Do you want a QB who puts the team on his back and elevates his guys or do you want a guy who will complain and throw others under the bus for mistakes that he’s made? If you chose the former Rattler is your guy…or big ben. At least rattler has an arm.

4 – Carson Strong, Nevada

My colleague Andy Moore (@AJMoore21 on twitter) will be buzzing that I’ve come around on Carson Strong of late but he’s just so good! There is a lot to like about Strong though, his arm is very good, his IQ and decision making are amongst the best in the class and he knows how to navigate a pocket even if it collapses quickly. He is not the type of athlete I’d be super comfortable taking as an NFL GM though. The pro game requires some speed and mobility now and that’s not really Strong’s well…strong suit. This isn’t to say that there’s not unathletic quarterbacks in the NFL but he sometimes struggles now and I wonder how much this would be amplified in the Pro’s

3 – Sam Howell, North Carolina

Yes it’s everyone’s favourite Baker Mayfield clone, Sam Howell. Despite the scruffy face and similar size there actually aren’t too many similarities between the two. Sam is a very good improvisor and isn’t afraid to move around and buy some time while guys get open. He’s also not afraid to take a hit if it means he can deliver the ball downfield. Now he does have some slightly erratic footwork that can cause some problems in the pocket but Howell is a safe bet. His ceiling might be Baker Mayfield but his floor is just a slightly worse Baker Mayfield. Howell isn’t a fun or flashy prospect. He’s Mac Jones, he’s safe. Might be a Detroit Lion at this rate.

2 – Desmond Ridder, Cincinnati

Where do I start with Desmond Ridder? Let’s start at the logical place… My aversion to bazooka armed athletes with below average mechanics. I missed on Mahomes and Herbert, so I’m not missing on Ridder. He has a howitzer attached to his right shoulder, his legs make him a legit duel threat and his progression as a player has made a lot of people stand up and take notice…that’s tough for an AAC quarterback to do. Ridder is undoubtedly a project guy…but the leap he could make is insane. He has the highest ceiling in this entire class and could really turn a franchise around if they take their time to develop him right. Ridder will be a star in the NFL; Mark my words. It will be interesting to see where Ridder ends up.

1 – Matt Corral, Ole Miss

Despite treating turnovers like pringles and not stopping at just one, Matt Corral is an insane quarterback talent. He can put the ball anywhere on the field, he’s a solid athlete and his football IQ (when not frustrated) is one of the best in this class. Corral is a smart player who can make some really tight window throws when he needs to, spend some time on his mechanics and you could have an all pro guy on your hands. Now having Corral at number one and Rattler at number five is something that I think might upset people…but just compare the two on and off the field. Yes Corral showed the more frustrating side of his game in 2020 but so far in this 2021 season he has shown enough to me to put him at the head of the pack. He’s not perfect, but he’s the best in this class, and to me its’s clear.

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