College Football Team Season Preview, Predictions and Bold Takes

We made it folks. The wait is over and college football is back in our lives today. To mark the occasion the college football team here at F10Y have laid down their predictions and thrown in a bold take too.

We’ll keep the intro short here and just let the answers speak for themselves… Enjoy the article and more importantly, enjoy the season, we’ll be right there with you.

Who wins the Big Ten, and who do they beat in the conference championship game?

Lee – It’s Ohio State isn’t it? I can’t really say any different than that really having put the Buckeyes at number 1 in my preseason top 25. They have to play Indiana and Penn State, as well as an out of conference game against Oregon in week 2; these will be tough games but will merely serve as warm-ups for the CFB playoff. Oh and it’ll be Iowa that has the honour of being beaten.

Raj – Can’t look past Ohio State to take the Big Ten. Despite the loss of Justin Fields to the pro ranks, the receiving duo of Wilson and Olave are the best tandem in the country, and this should aid CJ Stroud to take OSU to the Big Ten title, beating Penn State to clinch the championship. 

Andy – I’m with Lee, you can’t really look anywhere other than Columbus for this year’s Big 10 winner. Even if CJ Stroud struggles, they’ve got the best QB room in the country and one of them will emerge as the next big thing. I am high on Penn State this year, but pound for pound I still don’t think they’ve got enough to topple the Buckeyes. They’ll beat Graham Mertz and his Wisconsin teammates in the conference title game. 

Kieran – I hate that I have to say Ohio State here. There’s just so talent rich and so well coached you’d be a fool to pick anyone else. Their QB room is stacked, their wide receiver corps is unreal and we already know how nasty their defence is year after year. Sure they might have some close games but watching Ohio State play in conference is like watching a marvel movie. Sure Spider-Man might be on the ropes at one point but you know he’s going to win in the end. Except in this case Ohio state is the villain. 

Keith –  As dull as it is, I just can’t see how it’s not Ohio State. 

I actually think this conference is sneaky good, with Penn State and Michigan improved from 2020, and if Michael Pennix Jr can return healthy then Indiana won’t be easy to beat either.

The West half of the conference offers good old blue collar, well coached, a bit boring to watch stalwarts in Wisconsin, Iowa, Northwestern and Minnesota. I have Ohio State over Wisconsin in the conference title game, but none of the 4 teams from the West that I mentioned are capable of putting one over Ohio State.

Ed – It’s hard to look past one particular team isn’t it. Coming off a hugely impressive pandemic campaign in 2020, where they overcame a great deal of adversity throughout, they’ll be backing a Quarterback in his second year on campus to take a huge leap and carry them through any bumps in the road that come their way. With some strong offensive weapons, one of the best linebackers in college football and a coaching staff who have guided this program through arguably their greatest ever years, this team will be hard to beat. Frankly I can’t think of anybody else in the conference who will be able to halt them in their tracks. So your next Big Ten champions will be… the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers!

Who is taking the Pac-12? And their championship game opponent?

Lee – Oregon vs. USC.

Defense wins (Pac-12) Championships. There will be a lot riding on this game for several players and their draft stocks. I think Oregon wins because I think their defense is going to be legit… Watch for Kayvon Thibodeaux to rise to the occasion and cement his status as (maybe) the best player in college football.

Raj – A lot will be dependent on whether Kedon Slovis can rise to the occasion in being one of the best QB’s in the country. If so, do not be surprised if USC are the ones lifting the Pac-12 title, however I’m in the camp of not being sold on Slovis being the guy. Hence, it is Oregon for me here, beating the Trojans based upon Thibodeaux and that defense ultimately exposing Slovis’ flaws in the Championship game. 

Andy –  I’m going outside of the box on this one, and it could come undone in week 0, but I think the UCLA Bruins are going to make a run at the conference championship. They’ve got one of the best QBs in the conference, a strong run game and a mismatch in the passing game in the form of Greg Dulcich. They’ll have to put in a strong show against LSU if they’re going to build momentum but I don’t think they’ll be afraid to face anyone else in the Pac-12 this year. Do I think they’ll win the championship game? No, I think they’ll lose to Oregon, who have the best defense in the conference this year.

Kieran – While I’d love for Jayden Daniels to lead the sun devils to a title this year I just can’t see it happening. Oregon is too strong, USC is too explosive and UCLA is going to look great in those new Jordan brand unis. While it’s a toss up between those 3 teams just due to the talent they have I think Oregon are going to win out. Quarterback might be a slight worry but they have a crushing defensive front and the ground game to control the time of possession and control games. Personally I think it comes down to USC and Oregon as the season comes to a close but I like Oregon for the title this year.

Keith –  Oregon should be the best team in the PAC-12, but I have doubts about that Offense. I have the same issues with Washington, who boast possibly the best CB tandem in the nation, but will be relying on an inexperienced QB with limited weapons. In the South I’m all in on Arizona State. Yes QB Jaydon Daniels is erratic, but he’s great fun to watch and that Defense has the makings of a top unit. Obviously USC will be good, and if QB Kedon Slovis can play like he did in 2019, they will be legit contenders. I’m taking the Sun Devils over the Ducks in the conference title game.

Ed – I like USC for the PAC-12 this year. Kedon Slovis has had his issues behind center for the Trojans, but with Drake London primed for a mammoth year I think he’ll end up a Top Ten pick in next year’s draft. I’m also expecting a big year for senior running back Keaontay Ingram, which will take some pressure off Slovis, as will a very strong secondary which will be tough to score on. 

UCLA quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson (1) scrabbles against Cal (Photo by Leonard Ortiz, Orange County Register/SCNG)

And for the Big XII?

Lee – Again it’s another easy championship winner for me, it’s Oklahoma. They have the best coach, the best QB and overall the best offense in the conference, as well as a decent defense, especially by Big XII standards (I’m a big fan of Alex Grinch, Oklahoma’s Defensive Coordinator). Some of those “bests” may not be limited to the Big XII either, they may be for the whole of college football. Another Iowa team gets the runner up spot in a conference… This time Iowa State.

Raj – Iowa State are a tad unlucky that in many other years, it would not be a surprise to take home the Big XII title with potential Heisman candidate Breece Hall leading that offense. However, unfortunately there is no looking past Lincoln Riley’s Oklahoma here. In Spencer Rattler, they have the best QB in college football and on both sides of the ball, they have a plethora of options to ultimately beat Iowa State in the final. 

Andy – Oklahoma is the best team in football this year, so they’ll win the conference before hop, skip and jumping over to the SEC at the earliest opportunity. I’ll go against the grain in terms of the team they’ll beat in that championship game, and say TCU. Max Duggan has got a good cast around him and the defense is packed with experience. Outside of Oklahoma, the Horned Frogs’ schedule is packed with teams that they’re better than or teams who won’t be a scary proposition on paper… Let’s see what they can do!

Kieran – Another no brainer…Oklahoma. There’s no one even close to them in this conference . (Sorry Texas fans, horns down ya nerds)

Spencer Rattler, while being a bit of an arrogant dick is still one of the best quarterbacks in college football and he will be the man leading the charge for the Sooners this year. Iowa State and TCU present a significant challenge but if Oklahoma can stick to their bread and butter they should win out and look to make a shot at the National championship after decimating the Big XII. Might be their last chance to be dominant before they join the adults table in the SEC

Keith – Oklahoma is the best team in College football for me right now. They always seem to slip up at least once though in conference play every year, which isn’t what National Champions are made of, so they’ll need to stop complacency from setting in to win it all.  I expect them to sweep aside all Big XII foes this year but I think, as usual, it’ll be Iowa State pushing them the hardest. 

Ed – For the sake of being different, let’s say Iowa State. I think Texas is going to be good this year, but for me it’ll take a season for Sarkisian to get that roster truly rolling. The Cyclones have a very experienced roster in place, a fantastic coach in Matt Campbell and a hugely competitive Quarterback in Brock Purdy. If Purdy can reduce his turnovers, and that experienced defence really hits its stride, they can stop any team in the country.

Who are Clemson beating in the ACC championship game?

Lee – Miami vs. Clemson in the ACC Championship for me. The ‘Canes have a decent roster, and outside of week 1 and their game against Alabama, the schedule is pretty soft – Watch for October 16th when Miami squares off against UNC, as we have said previously, it’s a potential, unofficial ACC semi-final.  

Raj – Toss up for me here between the Miami Hurricanes and a team I’m high on this year in Boston College, but it’s the Hurricanes for me. D’Eriq King is a fun watch and will be one of the storylines this year alongside the progression of Zion Nelson. But Clemson are head and shoulders above any team in that Conference, so Miami will end up taking the bridesmaid’s spot. 

Andy – I hate Clemson, they’re such a boring football team, with a narcissistic Head Coach. Sadly I don’t think anyone is quite good enough to knock them off the top spot in the ACC this year. UNC is the team that should come closest, and I think it will be a close matchup in the conference game. Sam Howell will have a chip on his shoulder if the talking heads start hyping DJ Uiagalelei too early in the year – is that enough for him to lead the Tar Heels to victory over the Tigers… probably not!

Kieran – I think it’s going to be the fake tigers here. I know Clemson just lost their star quarterback and running back to the NFL draft but they’re still stacked. While the Sam Howell led Tar Heels could give them a run for their money this is just another ACC championship ready to be taken back to Clemson. I’ll be interested to see what their offence looks like without a generational talent at QB but regardless they’ll be a playoff team as long as Dabo Swinney continues to coach as he always does, with aggression and swagger.

Keith –  I think Clemson has a target on their back this year. That Offense will look very different, and if Justyn Ross isn’t the same player he was in 2019, they may struggle against some of the ACC’s better Defenses. Like most of us here, I think their challenger will be the winner of North Carolina/Miami in October, and I’m going to say that Sam Howell’s Tar Heels will prevail. I still see Clemson winning the conference title game, but I think it’ll be much tougher than previous seasons. On a side note the 2020 Tar Heels, would beat the 2021 Tigers…..

Ed – Well it’ll be whoever wins between Miami and North Carolina in October, so given the Tar Heels are at home in that encounter I’ll back them to do it. I don’t foresee that offence being able to replace the huge droves of talent that left for the NFL in this year’s draft. They aren’t Alabama, but with Sam Howell at Quarterback they should have enough to put some points on the board.

Sam Howell celebrates with Beau Corrales Photo Credit: Burlington Times News

And final conference prediction, what about the SEC, who is taking the division crown and who is your runner up?

Lee – Alabama is on for a down year in my book, but a down year in Alabama is still pretty damn good by most programme’s standards. They are still going to make the final 4, they’re still going to win the SEC and it’ll go down to a game against Georgia… And do you know what? I am going to say it’ll be a close call but ‘Bama will get it done.

Raj – Saban and Bama will keep doing what Saban and Bama keep doing, continue to be the juggernaut in the SEC. Expect the defense to take a more prominent role in taking them to the title as there are a few unknowns on the offense with a new OC, Bryce Young at QB and a drop in the talent pool of offensive skill players. Georgia will run them extremely close this year, with JT Daniels showing why it may have been premature for USC to let the former 5 star recruit leave. 

Andy – This is Jimbo Fisher’s year! Texas A&M are going to win the SEC this year, proving that they’re the big dogs in Texas, proving that Fisher is a Hall of Fame coach and giving Nick Saban enough motivation to win the next ten SEC titles in a row. They’ll beat Georgia in the conference game, who are hands down the best team in the East this year. Want an even spicier take? LSU might finish with more wins than Alabama (I’ll take the bribe in the form of Mountain Dew please Kieran).

Kieran – I know you all want me to say LSU because we love a bit of drama but I think Alabama takes the conference this year. Bryce Young is an absolute monster and every single position on this team is filled with 5-star recruits being led by an evil genius of a head coach. The most well disciplined team in college football who seem to never lose a step even when they lose 15-16 starters to the NFL draft every year. Bet against Bama at your peril.

Keith –  I’m going for Georgia to win the SEC. If they beat Clemson in week 1 (which may be the best week 1 game we’ve had for some time), I don’t see them losing another game. Alabama will be re-loading a bit like Clemson, but they have better players in place already to make the transition smoother, and I still expect them to win the West, although Texas A&M will push them hard. 

Ed – I’m not looking past Alabama this year. I think Texas A&M, LSU and Georgia are all good football teams, but none of them are strong enough to make me look past a Nick Saban led roster with a starlet like Bryce Young at Quarterback. They won’t be as unstoppable as last year, but they still start the season as strong favourites in my mind.

So now we have the conference champions, who are the final four who make it to the College Football Playoff?

Lee – Ohio State, Clemson, Oklahoma and Alabama

Raj – Oklahoma, Clemson, Ohio State, Alabama. 

Andy – Oklahoma, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Clemson

Kieran – Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas A&M

Keith –  Oklahoma, Georgia, Ohio State, Alabama

Ed – Ohio State, Clemson, Alabama, USC

Desmond Ridder of Cincinnati Photo Credit: ESPN

Away from the big guys for a second, who is the top ranked Group of 5 team at the end of the year?

Lee – I know this will probably be a pretty popular answer amongst the team, but I’m backing Cincinnati. They have a good coaching staff, they have a top QB and also a whole bunch of talent on both sides of the ball. I’d expect Cincy to be a top 10 programme this season – I don’t think they’ll trouble the top 4, we all saw what happened with UCF a few years back… at the moment I just think there’s zero chance a Group of 5 team makes the playoffs.

Raj – Has to be Cincinnati here. With potentially 3 first round picks in next year’s draft in Sanders, Gardner and Ridder, Cincy is going to be a fun team to watch once again this year. Luke Fickell is doing a fantastic job for the Bearcats and would expect that to continue this year. 

Andy – Give me UCF here, I’m a man that likes Orlando and I’m a man that likes Dillon Gabriel. There’s some great teams in the AAC this season, and I don’t have really strong feelings about who can separate themselves from the pack – it could be any one of UCF, Cincinnati, Memphis or even SMU. I’m interested to see what Gus Malzahn can do with the Knights, and coming in with that SEC pedigree I think he could give them a good boost.

Kieran – Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Cincinnati. Anyone who tells you any different is in denial or lying. They’re the best team in the country outside of the top 4. Desmond Ridder is an absolute monster and with player makers like sauce Gardner. They’re going to be unstoppable. They could be a sneaky playoff team too. Don’t let their performance against Georgia fool you. The Bearcats are legit and they’re going to Maul people all season!

Keith –  Cincinnati all day for me. I love Desmond Ridder, and that Defense is still scary good. The AAC has 4 teams who could easily hold up in the Power 5, so Cincinnati must first make sure they handle their conference play, before getting carried away with Top 10 talk again. If they do take the ACC, and win one of the two tough non-conference games (Notre Dame or Indiana), they would certainly be worthy of the Top 10 and possibly more….

Ed – Cincinnati are going to be really good this year. Desmond Ridder is primed for a fantastic year, they have some real talent on defence in Myjai Sanders and Sauce Gardner, and have the kind of schedule where they can make a splash. The only reason I don’t have them in my playoff quartet is the fact they have to play Notre Dame in South Bend. That will be a test too far for Luke Fickell and this hugely talented team.

We all loved Coastal Carolina and some of the smaller teams having their day in the sun last season, who can be that team this year?

Lee – I put Coastal Carolina, Liberty and Louisiana in my preseason top 25, so I guess this is the pool that I am choosing from, so due to having the best QB of the trio, I’ll go for Liberty. Hugh Freeze obviously knows what he’s doing, Malik Willis will want to continue to improve his draft stock. If they can turn over Ole Miss on November 6th, college football fans everywhere will be going crazy for this programme.

Raj – As the advert for a well known insurance company goes, ‘Liberty, Liberty, Liberty’. Malik Willis will be the X Factor here in pushing them into the national spotlight, and pushing his name to the top of draft boards come 2022. 

Andy – I’ve not put them in my pre-season top 25, but I’m interested to see how South Alabama does this season. They’ve got one of the more hyped receiver prospects in all of college football in Jalen Tolbert and have brought in transfer QB, Jake Bentley, from Utah. Bentley kept the Utes’ offense ticking over in the Pac-12 but he’s got a chance to let loose in the Sun Belt and I’m intrigued to see whether the matchup with Tolbert leads to good overall team performances.

Kieran – I’ve gotta say Liberty. Malik Willis is so much fun and he can win games all by himself. He’s such a dynamic player who reminds me of Lamar Jackson if he could throw. They’re going to have fun performances all season…win or lose. I will for sure be keeping an eye on them every single weekend this season.

Keith –  I like what’s going on at Western Kentucky right now, having brought in Houston Baptist’s OC, QB and 3 WR’s……..Hang on, Houston Baptist I hear you say, aren’t they some average FCS school? Well yes they are, BUT if you have a spare 5 hours or so check out their games against North Texas and Texas Tech and you’ll see QB Bailey Zappe isn’t just a great name!

Ed – I think Liberty will go unbeaten this year. Their schedule is relatively straightforward bar a tough match up against Ole Miss, so if they can beat the Rebels they may well be knocking on the door of the college football play-off. Not that anybody will answer it of course. Expect Malik Willis to rip up the CFB and be one of the talks of draft season.

Let’s talk players for a minute… Who is this season’s “Joe Burrow”? A QB who comes from relative obscurity to become a prominent draft pick. (Not necessarily saying they’ll go number 1 overall).

Lee – I’m going to back Phil Jurkovec here. Boston College is bringing back a talented and veteran offensive line, they have a decent schedule and Jurkovec should be able to lean on star receiver Zay Flowers too, so he should have a guy he can rely on each week. I think BC can have a nice year and Jurkovec has had multiple 300 yard games in the past, he’s also got that typical QB build and ability to make wow throws that some NFL front office staffs will be drawn towards.

Raj – Mentioned him in a previous section but do not be surprised to see JT Daniels being the name to elevate himself to the conversation of being one of the top QB’s. If he can overcome the mental scars of past knee injuries when in the pocket, plus the absence of star WR George Pickens, Daniels possesses all the traits to show everyone why he was the no.1 recruit coming out of high school in 2018. 

Andy – I would have said Carson Strong here a month ago, but he seems to be flavour of the week now so I’ll look elsewhere. I’m going to go with Dorian Thompson-Robinson from UCLA – I gave him some hype on our preseason podcast, and I believe he’s got a lot of talent left to be realised on the field. DTR came to the Bruins as a largely untested commodity, he didn’t start a lot of high school games, and he’s been learning constantly in the Bruins offense since he became the starter. I think there’s going to be a big jump in not only production, but how accomplished he looks on the field this fall.

Kieran – After being converted by Andy I’m going to have to say Carson Strong. He’s an absolute animal and has all the tools a top level quarterback needs. His arm is solid, he’s accurate and his pocket awareness is very very good. Given he has some talent around him this year I expect him to make the jump that propels him into the conversation as a first round QB.

Keith –  I would have said Dorian Thompson-Robinson or Brock Purdy here, but to be different to the other guys I’ll go with one of the two transfers battling it out at Tennessee. Both Joe Milton (formally Michigan) and Hendon Hooker (formally Virginia Tech) have similar skill sets, big arms, mobile but wildly inconsistent and inaccurate. If one of them steps up in the SEC and becomes more consistent, I can see them going on day 2 as they’ll test through the roof.

Ed – Brock Purdy is that guy for me. He isn’t really coming out of obscurity given how good he was in his sophomore year, but 2020 was rough enough for him to plummet down draft boards. Given the strength of Iowa State’s roster, and the presence of Charlie Kolar and Breece Hall on that offence, I think this will be a bumper year for him. Simon Clancy of Gridiron deemed him “Baker Mayfield on Acid” ahead of the 2020 season, which sums him up pretty well. Whatever the outcome, it’ll be fun. He’s my favourite Quarterback in CFB right now, and I think he’ll jump up draft boards as the season goes on.

Carson Strong playing for Nevada Photo Credit: University of Nevada Athletics

Which player is walking away with the Heisman Trophy after the season?

Lee – Considering the Heisman is almost always a QB award, I can only see it going to a successful passer – Spencer Rattler could light college football on fire in Lincoln Riley’s offense, Oklahoma are primed for another conference championship and a playoff appearance. He’s got unreal arm talent and the ability to make plays and throws that will look great when clipped and put on social media – Obviously the Heisman is about more than that but that’s where the buzz comes from and the story comes from. Winning the Heisman is sometimes about having that story to supplement the high-level, on-field play.

Raj – After Devonta Smith being the first receiver since 1991 to lift the trophy, I expect a reversion to the mean here, and there is no looking past a QB taking the title here. And that man is Spencer Rattler. Mark my words, this kid is special, and that talent will continue to wow this upcoming season where he and second year receiver Marvin Mims will be the talk of the nation. Rattler will end up being the first overall pick next year, and eclipsing Baker and Kyler as the best QB prospect the Sooners have produced in recent memory. 

Andy –  I can’t disagree with a couple of the other guys here, I think it’ll be Rattler. If I had to put ten quid on it being someone else I’d go with DJ Uiagalelei – aside from their opener against Georgia, Clemson’s schedule is horrifically easy. That means DJ is going to put up some big numbers, not a lot of turnover and he’s going to look like a man amongst boys in terms of stature and playing ability. If Clemson can get to the National Championship game, he’s got every chance of winning it.

Kieran – Derek Stingley Jr. I don’t wanna hear anything else. He’s the best player in college football right now.

Keith –  I think Oklahoma wins it all and therefore the QB will get alot of attention. Spencer Rattler isn’t everybody’s cup of tea as a person perhaps, but he is ludicrously talented and plays in the Big XII, where Defense is apparently optional. He’ll put up monster numbers and may lead his team to a National Championship, which should be enough to win it

Ed – DJ Uiagalelei would be my bet. Clemson isn’t facing a great deal of scary defences this year, so he’ll put up numbers, and I think the easy route to the play-off through the ACC will aid the narrative. I like Spencer Rattler, but I think Uiagalelei is going to be the best Quarterback in college football over the next couple of years. Obviously there are some unknowns here given he is coming into this season with just two starts under his belt, but I think any doubts will be dispelled very quickly. He’ll be the first overall pick in the NFL Draft come 2023. Mark my words.

Give us your boldest take for the coming college football season?

Lee – Texas won’t even be in the top 3 in the Big XII.

People who listen to the pod regularly and have done for a while will know that I’m no fan of Texas. I think they’re a super-overrated programme who lives off past glories. Those past glories are the only reason they’re able to high-tail it to the SEC in a couple of years. By doing so they painted a big target on their backs and Big XII teams will be gunning for the Longhorns in a big way. I like the coaching staff Texas has but it’s year one, with a new and inexperienced QB and in all honesty, outside of a couple of players, I don’t see much proven talent. There’s a lot riding on maybes, especially when the whole conference wants to bury you.

Oklahoma, Iowa State and TCU will be above Texas come the end of the season. 

Raj – Clemson WR Justyn Ross will complete a fairytale turnaround to win the Biletnikoff award this year. Barring the awful spinal injury, Ross would be head and shoulders the top WR in the country this year based on his 2018 and 2019 tape, and IF (and that’s a big IF), he can stay injury free and play at 100%, the resurrection of Ross to Biletnikoff winner can be one of the best comeback storylines in CFB history. 

Andy – Kedon Slovis stinks the place out and rules USC out of contention in the Pac-12, getting Clay Helton fired in the process. It’s not that I don’t like Slovis, after his debut season I was a huge advocate, it’s just that I don’t trust his decision making. At times in 2020 he made some awful decisions, throwing the ball into a tonne of coverage, getting picked off at awful moments in games and ultimately costing his team the conference title. With the Trojans’ offensive line a very unproven commodity coming into the season, I think that’ll force even more split second decisions, and that could prove disastrous if Slovis can’t force the ball to Drake London.

Kieran – Desmond Ridder cements himself as the first QB to be taken in the draft and he rides a red hot Cincinnati offence to the national championship game against Alabama. I don’t think they will win. But damn. It would be a lot of fun. I know the face you’re making reading this but you wanted a bold take. I don’t do boring.

Keith –  Georgia Safety Tykee Smith, the transfer from West Virginia, is the first Safety off the board in the 2022 NFL Draft. Yes I know Notre Dame’s Kyle Hamilton is good and freakishly athletic, but I think Smith has a chance to explode for Georgia and become a top 10 player when all is said and done. 

Ed – I think both Vanderbilt and Rutgers are going to be really good this year. Ok so when I say really good I mean they aren’t going to be the floormats they have been for years. Rutgers are going in a very positive direction under Greg Schiano, go check out my article on them for more, and Clark Lea is a fantastic higher for Vandy. Don’t forget the Commodores have two genuine starting Quarterbacks in Ken Seals and Mark Wright, and a defence that will improve hugely under the tutelage of Lea. They aren’t going to win a conference championship or anything, but they’ll be better.

And finally, which team is going to hoist the National Championship in January?

Lee – Ohio State. I think they’re the best team now, I think they’ll have racked up high quality wins during the season, they’ll be #1 and therefore get a (slightly) easier semi-final and they’ll win it all. CJ Stroud has to play out of his mind to quel public calls for Quinn Ewers this year or next and this roster is so talented from back to front on both sides of the ball.

I also want to see how Ryan Day handles the situation in 12 months time when he has a National Championship winning QB, in CJ Stroud and Ewers on the roster.

Raj – *Copy* *Paste* Everything I have mentioned about Oklahoma thus far. They edge out Clemson in the National Championship game by virtue of Spencer Rattler having his last dance in Oklahoma before moving up to the pro ranks. The prospect of Rattler vs Uiagalelei being the showpiece matchup in the final should be a mouthwatering site for all football fans to behold. 

Andy – Oklahoma manage to just edge Ohio State out for me. I think they’ve got the better QB, the better RB and the better TE, so offensively they’ve got a slight edge, despite Ohio State’s wealth of talent in the receiver room. Defensively the Sooners have got a lot of talent as well, and that’ll be key come playoff season. If their sophomore CB tandem can live up to their potential then I fancy them to out shoot any team that challenges them across the season.

Kieran – Alabama, again. Despite my aforementioned prediction for the final game I still don’t see any team beating ‘Bama. Bryce Young’s electric playstayle coupled with an always strong defence makes Bama one of the most dangerous teams in the country. I just don’t see anyone beating them this year.

Keith –  Oklahoma for me. Explosive Offense, strong enough Defense and should go unbeaten through the regular season. I think a National Championship of Oklahoma vs one of, Ohio State/Alabama/Clemson/Georgia, is mouth watering. 

Ed – I don’t want to say Ohio State because they are boring. I don’t want to say Alabama because I don’t think they are quite strong enough to beat Ohio State. I don’t want to say Clemson because whilst DJ Uiagalelei is my boy I have no interest in Dabo Swinney lifting the trophy. That leaves USC as the last of my projected Top 4. 

So let’s say Notre Dame.

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