Start ’em, Sit ’em (HOU @ TEN, PHI @ WAS, CLE @ ARI, MIN @ LAC)

By Paul Maughan (@morny7)

Texans at Titans

QB – Ryan Tannehill

This is a direct copy from last week, but seriously, it’s impossible to ignore what he’s doing. He is playing at a level higher than pretty much any other quarterback not named Lamar Jackson. Now that he’s let out from under the shadow of Adam Gase, he’s flourishing and if you were smart enough to pick him up cheap weeks ago, he’s been a gift. This week, there’s the added bonus that the Texan’s defence is a gift for opposing QBs (just ask Drew Lock).

I never thought I’d say it, but you cannot afford to ignore Ryan Tannehill for your playoff semi-final.

RB – D.Johsnon/C.Hyde

Both running backs are alright, and might get a modest point tally, but expect the Texans to attack vertically (this should be a big, big DeAndre Hopkins week) and what’s left for the backfield will be split. In a week where you’ll be looking for huge weeks from your running backs I wouldn’t be rolling the dice of either of these.

However, if it’s a roll of the dice you’re looking for……

Eagles at Redskins

RB – Miles Sanders

Yes, the Eagles backfield is a minefield for fantasy, but Sanders production has been consistently climbing week-on-week. With Jordan Howard still struggling to get fit, Sanders should continue to thrive. He’ll get lots of touches, giving him a nice safe floor, and his big play and receiving upside means he could be the sort of flex option to get you through to your playoff final.

RB – Adrian Peterson

He’ll get lots of touches and probably do okay (fantasy-wise). But you’re basically picking him for a maximum point potential of 12 points, and up against an Eagles run-defence which has consistently out-performed the secondary this year you’d be lucky to hit that. If you’re desperate for a Redskins pivot in this one, go for Terry McLaurin instead. Peterson is nowhere near being the right play here.

Browns at Cardinals

RB – Kareem Hunt

He’s been superb since returning from suspension, and he should flourish against such a porous defence. He gets slightly less of the rushing workload (behind Nick Chubb), but even so gets his share of rushing touchdowns. More importantly for people in PPR leagues, he’s to all intents and purposes a slot receiver and a points-magnet. If he’s on our roster, he has to play this week. It’s a no brainer.

RB – David Johnson

He’s had a very, very quiet season anyway but he’s almost been cut out of the passing game and is currently the middle man in a three-man backfield timeshare (Kenyon Drake is number one, Chase Edmunds number three – beware, none are good fantasy picks!). The Browns have a tough, steely defence and Johnson will barely lay a glove on them.

Vikings at Chargers

WR – Keenan Allen

Allen has been consistently great, without anyone mentioning it, all year. Rivers has had his struggles but he’s successfully used Allen as a safety blanket and his numbers show this. Against a Vikings defence which, surprisingly, gives up a lot of points to WRs, Allen has a floor of around 13-15 points. With a bit of luck and a touchdown or two, he could smash straight through his ceiling.

QB – Kirk Cousins

The world’s most belittled Franchise Quarterback should really struggle this week. The Chargers have a solid defence and don’t give up many points to wide receivers at all, and the Vikings will be expecting to hang their whole offense on Dalvin Cook (who should be a fantasy goldmine this week). Don’t even consider going near Cousins, he could derail your whole season.

Start ’em, Sit ’em –TEN@OAK, KC@NE, SEA@LAR, NYG@PHI

By Paul Maughan (@Morny7)

Titans @ Raiders


QB Ryan Tannehill

Freed from the shackles of the worst play-caller in the whole of the NFL (hi Coach Gase), Ryan Tannehill is a new man. A fantasy point scoring machine, he’s averaging 21 points a game replacing Marcus Mariota, and this run of form won’t end this week. The Raiders have a record which masks just how poor they’ve been (their points differential tells an interesting tale), and they’re giving up the 6th most points to QBs in all of fantasy this year. This is a great spot for the Titans to keep their winning run going, and more importantly, Ryan Tannehill to anchor your playoff team.


WR Tyrell Williams

At the start of the season, Williams seemed a fantastic value play. A 100 yard game in week one, and touchdowns in the first four weeks, meant he was one of the most coveted mid-tier options in both normal fantasy and DFS. Unfortunately since then he’s completely fell off a cliff; one touchdown and an average of 9 points a game over his last 6 matches is terrible. The Raiders (and Derek Carr) seem to have been found out somewhat, and the last thing you want is to be relying on Tyrell Williams to keep you alive in the post-season.

Chiefs @ Patriots


RB Sony Michel

Yes, he is comfortably the most frustrating play in the whole of fantasy, but if there is any week he will excel, this is it. Everybody knows the Chiefs have a terrible run defence, 30th in the league, and the Patriots will be doing everything to keep Mahomes off the field. This will include running the ball down the Chief’s throats, and whilst the Patriots have an infuriating habit of confounding expectations at RB (Rex Burkhead is the nemesis of fantasy), Michel should get the bulk of the carries, and will collect your points for just through sheer volume of touches. He gets a touchdown or two and you’ve got a sheer game-breaker.


QB Tom Brady

It’s obviously a big risk advising to sit the GOAT, but Brady has not been himself over recent weeks (as you may have seen mentioned, repeatedly, on Twitter!). He doesn’t trust any receiver not called Julian, and he’s finally showing his age. This is not to doubt his skills – he’s still better than most other QBs in real life, as opposed to Fantasy – but rather to point out that, with the Patriots run-heavy offence, start someone else at QB.

Seahawks @ Rams


WR DK Metcalf

I was tempted by Rashad Penny, who is (very) slowly starting to wrestle the backfield away from Chris Carson, but I’m a sucker for Metcalf and he’s in a great spot here against a Ram’s team with a soft underbelly. Metcalf has topped 11 points in 4 of his last 5 starts, and has generally had a very good first season. Tyler Lockett has struggled badly  lately, and Metcalf can take this opportunity have himself a real signature game in prime time, and make himself a bona-fide star.


WR Josh Gordon

Where Metcalf has a chance to really prosper, Gordon just seems to have stagnated in Seattle. When the Seahawks claimed him, it seemed the ideal spot for Gordon to get back to his very best form. Instead, he’s averaging less than 3 points a game in one of the most thrilling offenses in the league, and is basically a non-factor. He’ll always have the the natural ability to have a stunner of a week……but you shouldn’t be taking them kind of punts in a Playoff week. Go with somebody safer.

Giants @ Eagles


QB Carson Wentz

It’s been a very up and down year for Wentz, and there have been the first signs of impatience amongst Eagles fans. That said, he had his best showing of the season last week with 24 points against the Dolphins and he’s up against an even poorer defence this week. The Giants have been giving up touchdowns and yards for fun, and seem to have gone full-tank for the rest of the season. It’s a real opportunity for Wentz to fill his boots, and a great spot for you to have a Monday Night saviour.


TE Dallas Goedert

For all that Wentz should fly on Monday, Goedert shouldn’t feature heavily. The Giants, surprisingly, match up really well against TE’s lately; they’re the third best team against the position in fantasy over the last four weeks. Ertz will get whatever TE receptions are there, and Goedert will be left to live on scraps. In light of this, don’t be tempted to stream him and hope for a sneaky big week. You will likely be disappointed.

DFS – Week 12

By Paul Maughan (@morny7)

For those of us consigned to the misery of supporting teams who’s season is already dead (playoffs are rubbish anyway!), it’s all about winning our fortunes on DFS now. 

This week’s line-up sees a couple of elite receivers due to have a a ‘going-off’ moment, a couple of bargain running backs and full-scale bet that one team in particular are going to show they’ve really turned the corner.

Personally I can’t wait to go to bed on Sunday night Googling where to sell a kidney counting all of my winnings. Unless, of course, you all pick the same team as me, at which point we just share the money and it’s all a bit of an anti-climax, really. Interesting…

QB – Baker Mayfield  $5,900 (Miami Dolphins @ Cleveland Browns)

Full disclosure: I cannot stand Mayfield. His attitude with the media, his colleagues and his peers on other teams is disgraceful and petulant, and his patter is like a cross between David Brent and White Goodman (Dodgeball). Jesus man, if anybody you’d ever met in real-life said they were “feeling dangerous” you’d delete them off Facebook and block them from your Whatsapp group. You’d certainly not be calling them a “winner”.

Be that as it may, he’s in a heck of a spot here. Coming in under $6k for a home game against the dreadful Dolphins cannot be ignored. Miami have looked better over the last few weeks but so have Cleveland, and now Baker has a brand shiny new target in Kareem Hunt (see below). His last three games have been against three legit pass defences (Broncos, Bills, Steelers) and he’s averaging over 200 yards a game and got 5 touchdowns, with no picks. He should make hay against a Dolphin’s team who are trying hard, but who are still painfully limited.

RB – Kareem Hunt $5,600 (Miami Dolphins @ Cleveland Browns)

Get stacking: Kareem Hunt is the perfect running back to partner with Baker. In terms of elite level running backs he’s dirt-cheap, giving you room to manoeuvre elsewhere. Whilst Nick Chubb is doing the overwhelming amount of rushing, Hunt is basically playing as a slot receiver and he is a gem of a one.  

He’s had 13 receptions so far over his two games back, and is averaging 11 DK points a game (as with Mayfield, remember this was against the Bills and Steelers). If he continues at that rate it’s great value at $5,600. If he adds a TD or a big play rush to that, it could tick him over into being an absolute steal.

RB – Philip Lindsay $5,200 (Denver Broncos @ Buffalo Bills)

Normally it’s worth paying up at the running-back slot, but Lindsay is possibly the most under-rated back in the league at the minute. Obviously there’s the risk he only shares the backfield, but at such a low price and against a Bills defence who are getting worse against the run every single week, it’s a risk worth taking.

He’ll get plenty of rushing attempts and should be a handy safety net for Allen in the passing game. All of this adds up to Lindsay as an essential play this week (look for me saying this a LOT during the next 5 weeks!).

WR – Julio Jones $8,000 (Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons)

This is your splash play. Julio may be having a quiet year (by his sky-high standards), but he’s threatening to go off and he’ll never have a more inviting opportunity than against the Bucs, who can’t defend anything except the run.

If you wanted to stack him with Matt Ryan, I couldn’t really argue with that as the two of them should have lots of fun toying with the Tampa secondary. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Julio monster game – double digit receptions, triple digit yards and a couple of touchdowns. He’s a big price, but well worth it.

WR Josh Gordon $4,200 (Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles)

Very risky play, but getting a reciever with elite-level talent against one of the poorest secondaries in the league in the £4k-$4.5k bracket is something that cannot be ignored.

This game should be wild. The Eagles can’t defend, the Seahawks aren’t much better and both teams matches often seem to have a touch of glorious-chaos around them. Gordon seems just the type of receiver who could really shine, especially when play breaks down and Wilson does his thing.

WR Tyrell Williams $5,900 (Oakland Raiders @ New York Jets)

After a bright start to the season, Williams had a quiet few weeks but bounced back last week with a nice 82 yards for 4 receptions against the Bengals. But Williams isn’t the reason you’re taking him here: you’re taking him because the Jets secondary is appalling. They’re so far down the depth-chart on CB I think I’ll be getting a call-up soon, and Derek Carr should cut them open. Williams is in a nice spot to pad his stats in this spot.

If you’re feeling cheap, Hunter Renfrow at $4,500 is also a nice play here. Hell, if you were really struggling for cash in your team, Zay Jones at $3,400 is worth a flyer. He’s a terrible player, but he’s the type who could break off one monster play and all of a sudden he’s justified the money. Basically, what I’m saying is – play against the Jets defence. It’s like Tampa Bay 2.0 – great against the run, terrible against the pass.

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TE Ryan Griffin $4,200 (Oakland Raiders @ New York Jets)

If you’re paying down at the tight-end position, Griffin is a great shout. He’s got chemistry with Darnold and is being used as a perfect safety valve. He’s having a career year, putting up 100 yards for the first time last week. And for added excitement, Oakland have been poor against TEs all year, so he’s in a great spot here to keep going.

As everyone knows, at tight-end you either pay a fortune for one of the elite, or you take a bit of a gamble further down the slate. Griffin is worth the bet.

Flex Odell Beckham Jr. $7,000 (Miami Dolphins @ Cleveland Browns)

The final part of my big Browns’ stack (that sounds awful when you say out-loud), this is the week OBJ finally goes off. For the logic see the Baker write-up, but in summary; Browns getting better, Dolphins not good, Baker starting to sling it.

Basically, in this situation OBJ could finally having the ‘blowing-up’ moment we’ve all been waiting for and really show the exceptional talent we all know is there. Back him to go big this week, as a precursor to a magnificent end-of-season run (fair warning – I’ve been saying this about him for about 3 weeks now!).

DST Chicago Bears $3,700 (New York Giants @ Chicago Bears)

The Bears are in massive trouble but that’s due to the offence. The defence is still very stingey and, whilst it’s not the level it was last year, it’s number 2 in the league in fantasy points and should feast on the Giants.

The Bears defence has lacked the gaudy stats (sacks and picks) of last year, but they’ll look at turnover-machine Daniel Jones sitting behind an offensive line which has as much substance as a Boris Johnson promise, and see this as a chance to course-correct. Jones has been much better than expect in New York so far, but he’s very, very raw and a defence like this should pick him apart. Great option at a great price.

Trade Targets

By Paul Maughan (@morny7)

The end of the Fantasy season is approaching ladies and gents, faster than modern offensive concepts whizz past Jason Garret’s head.  Only a few more weeks of going to bed on a Monday night desperately hoping your tight-end can find a way of scoring 49 points on MNF.

It’ll be no time at all until we’re ignoring our family the week before Christmas whilst we try to guess if we can put OBJ in for the playoffs because “surely to God he has to have a big game eventually!”.

This week’s trade targets have an eye on the next week or two, for those of you still scrapping to secure playoff places. However, for those of you who have already as good as made it (or who are cocky enough to start planning now), there’s a fair consideration for who will be well-matched in weeks 15 and 16.

Obviously, there’s risks associated with picking so far in advance (injury! Suspension! Mono!). But if you’re a gambler –  and let’s face it, if you’re reading this website, you probably are –  then you’ll be excited by the opportunity to play “chess, not checkers”. Be more Bellichek, less Gase.

And for most of you, it’s the last week the trade window is open so you need to make your moves now!

Bring on Board

RB – Phillip Lindsay – Denver Broncos

Image result for phillip lindsay
Image Credit: AAron Ontiveroz / DP

Very decent running-back, very poor team. He’s also stuck in a time-share with Royce Freeman, and with a catastrophic QB in Joe Flacco which doesn’t help his pass-catching potential.

That said – he’s got a reasonable next four weeks, against two tough run defences (Vikings, Texans) but also two poor run defences (Chargers and the capitulating Bills). However, his two playoff weeks he comes up against the Chiefs and the Lions. It’s nigh-on impossible for running backs to fail against these defences. They’re the worst two teams against fantasy RBs all season and basically they’re running-back heaven.

Go and make a sneaky off for Lindsay in your league, and hope his owner has considered all the first paragraph, and none of the second paragraph. 

WR – Curtis Samuel – Carolina Panthers

Apparently we’re exclusively recommending players with “two first names” this week, but don’t let that put you off. Samuel is an incredibly exciting young player, and one you’ll likely get cheap, but he’s got a very generous next few weeks; two games against the Falcons, a home tie with the Redskins and a playoff week battle with the Seahawks maverick defence.

He’s not a big name but is averaging 14.8 points per game over his last four matches – the one single-digit effort was against the insane 49ers defence. You shouldn’t have to spend big, and he can help you get those last couple of wins to get you into the post-season.

WR – TY Hilton – Indianapolis Colts

You’ll have to (once again) invoke your gambling spirit, this time hoping you’re lucky enough for Hilton to get back from fitness this week – he’s considered day to day right now, which is often a reasonable sign. At the very least you should get him back next week.

Assuming he is fit, he’s a great pick-up  – he’s the clear number one in a good team, with a promising QB with whom he has a great rapport, working under a superb offensive mind and with an upcoming schedule (both pre and during-playoffs) that is very generous to WRs. The Colts are also, suddenly, fighting for a Wild Card spot so will be pulling out all the stops.

Now’s the time to use his fitness issues to get yourself a value TY Hilton and bit extra playoff ammo.

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Put on the Block

RB – Alvin Kamara – New Orleans Saints

Image result for alvin kamara
Image Credit: Chris Graythen / Getty Images

He’s great, but he’s not been himself this year. And more importantly, neither have the Saints offence – with both Bridgewater and Brees they’ve looked solid in offence without been mind-blowing. Their defence is the real strength, and with the exception of Michael Thomas I’d be clearing out most Saints players. Their schedule, in terms of running-back matchups, is very tricky and he’ll struggle to be at his best.

Kamara is still high-quality of course, and will get you reasonable points, but in some leagues you’ll be able to get rid of him, on name-value alone, for a very impressive bounty. Take that opportunity.

WR – John Brown – Buffalo Bills

In deep leagues, he’s been a bit of a catch this season and has put up great points as Josh Allen’s main deep threat. But the Bills schedule, in terms of WR-friendliness, is incredibly difficult – they’ve got superb pass-defences (Steelers and Patriots) in the playoff weeks, and even ahead of that, the likes of Denver and the Ravens don’t give up points easy. Even the Dolphins have stopped folding each week.

It’s a tough environment for any receiver, but one who is relying on Josh Allen to beat tight coverage and pass well under pressure……get rid of him whilst you can and whilst his stock is somewhat high. 

TE – Mark Andrews – Baltimore Ravens

He’s probably the next tight-end star in the middle of a very impressive season, and he’s got a great connection with the most (justifiably) hyped-up QB going right now. Why on earth would you get rid?

But the devil is in the detail. As has been mentioned everywhere, the Ravens are playing three tight-end sets, meaning he is always going to have players taken some of his workload.

On top of that, their schedule is absolutely horrifying in terms of tight-end fantasy production – they’re playing three of the four stingiest TE defences in the run-in, as well as a few other tricky ones. Also, for all his fantasy numbers are solid (an average of 13.8 over 9 games) they’re fleshed out massively by the first games of the year – against Miami and Arizona teams who were giving up the world defensively.

Take them out and his average is 10.6 – solid, but, after his week last week, now may be the time to try and use him to build your roster elsewhere.

Waiver Wire – Week 8

by Paul Maughan (@morny7)

We’re at that point in the fantasy season where those projections of August have all set to rot ( told me I was going 14-0, and now I’m desperately hoping Josh Allen and Michael Gallup can save my season!).

This is where a real skilful eye for talent and projections can make a difference, and those of you wanting to get ahead scour the internet for that sort of intelligent insight. For the rest of you, here’s my tips for your Waiver Wire pick-ups for the week!

QB – Kirk Cousins – 38.8% Ownership – NFL.Fantasy

Image Credit: Rick Osentoski / AP

It turns out that, once Mike Zimmer dragged himself into modern football and allowed his quarterback to actually throw the ball, he isn’t actually too bad. Cousins will never be a top-of-the-league elite passer, but he’s still above-average and starting to put up the numbers to somewhat justify his crazy contract.

The fact that less than 40% of the league own him is bizarre, and considering the Vikings coming schedules offer inviting games for offenses (including a revenge game against the Redskins on Thursday night), and he could be a great pick-up. Just forget the fact that we all spent most the last 12 months laughing at him, and pay attention that he’s averaging 24 fantasy points a game over the last three weeks.

RB – Jamaal Williams – 31.4% – NFL.Fantasy

Image Credit: Dan Powers/ USA TODAY NETWORK

Aaron Jones gets the overwhelming amount of rushing yards, understandably, but Williams is still being spotted in. More importantly, for those in PPR leagues, Williams is being trusted by Rodgers and was targeted 5 times in Sunday’s dismissal of the Raiders.

He isn’t a guaranteed home run but in deep leagues, where the choices will be very, very limited, he’s a decent option to have in a flex spot, especially with upcoming games against the defences of the Chiefs and Chargers. A relatively high floor player with potential to go-off – go and get him and hope he has a historic week.

WR – Jamison Crowder – 30.6% – NFL.Fantasy

Image result for jamison crowder
Image Credit: Vincent Carchietta/USA TODAY Sports

He’s average, he’s playing for an average (green-tinted glasses alert!) team, but so far with Darnold he’s been a PPR monster. Averaging 5 fantasy points and less-than 3 receptions a game with Luke Falk, in his two games with Spleeny Sam he’s totalled a colossal 20 receptions and 40 fantasy points!

He’s basically a dump-off haven and in Gase’s system is going to flourish as long as is playing with a QB who isn’t, well, Luke Falk. He’s already had a bye-week so pick him up now and watch the greasy, slippy PPR points roll in.

TE – Ben Watson – 10.1% – NFL.Fantasy

Image result for ben watson
Image Credit:

He’s an experienced, reliable Tight-End playing for the savviest team in the NFL, with the most reliable passer who is a master at spreading the ball around. Why wouldn’t you be picking up Benjamin Watson?

The Patriots are clearly trying to add a Gronk-replacement in the OJ Howard rumours are true, but until they do Watson is their best shout, especially with the Matt LaCrosse/Ryan Izzo fitness troubles and Eric Tomlinson being pretty awful at football. It’s a tough game picking up Tight-Ends outside of the big 3 or 4 at the top, so go and get him while he’s still available. He may get dumped off by them again soon, but with an upside of such potential, he’s a risk definitely worth-taking.

Trade Targets

By Paul Maughan (@Morny7)

What a brilliant round of action Week 6 turned out to be, in my humble opinion. Incredibly fun game at New White Hart Lane (thanks to ‘Bad’ Jameis showing up to the party), some excellent early slate games then topped off by the return of Spleeny Sam to lead the Jets to a win. It doesn’t half make everything more enjoyable when your team wins (or at the very least, aren’t down by 21 points at the beginning of the second quarter).

Week 7 means we’re basically halfway to the playoffs, so you need to start thinking long-term strategy. Who has a more forgiving run in? Who is likely to be rested weeks 15-16 during those vital playoff games? Who do you fancy to hit a hot-streak out of nowhere (like the 2018 Colts) or go completely to pot (like the 2018 Panthers)?

If you start thinking now you might just get the jump on your league opponents by a week or two. Chess, not checkers, and all that. So without further ado, here’s your Trade Targets for the week.

Bring on Board

Odell Beckham Jr – WR Cleveland Browns

Yeah, yeah – OBJ is a superstar, and it’s hardly groundbreaking to suggest bringing him in. But don’t roll your eyes just yet…..

His stock is (relatively) low; He’s not on form and is averaging only 13 points in PPR leagues. There’s also the rumours he’s asking for a trade; for all they seem unsubstantiated for now, it would still be a worry.

However….just have a peek at the Browns schedule towards the end of the season. Get the game against the Patriots out the way, and they have two games against the Bengals, two against the stuttering Steelers, and games against the ropey defences of Miami, Denver and Arizona. He has potential to go off, big-time, towards the end of the year.

With the iffy start, and considering he’s on a bye week, this is the perfect chance to get a true, generational talent at a potentially knock-off price.

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Chris Herndon – TE New York Jets

He’s not played a game yet this year (suspension then injury) but chances are he’s stashed on a roster somewhere in your league. Now might be the time to steal him – he seems unlikely to play against the Pats on Monday night, but he should be back the week after in Jacksonville.

The Jets (like the Browns above) have a very generous schedule coming up (Dolphinsx2, Bengals, Redskins, Raiders, Jags) . Now, the Jets aren’t a good team by any stretch, but Darnold has come back on fire and he loved using Herndon last year.  The former Miami Hurricane should prosper big time, and has potential to be one of the top 5-6  Tight Ends in the league over the last 10 weeks of the season. Go grab him.

Michael Gallup – WR Dallas Cowboys

Enough of looking ahead to the future –  you want a quick fix, go and get Michael Gallup and watch him feast on the Eagles appalling secondary this weekend. Amari Cooper is struggling with injury (possibly play but won’t be 100%), the Eagles are brilliant at stopping the run which should stutter Zeke and Gallup should be the big beneficiary.

Aside from a poor game against the Jets last week, he’s having a good season and the Cowboys will likely switch back to the play-action passing which worked so well weeks 1-3; the second half against the Jets they spread the field well and looked a lot closer to that early season. Against such a leaky defence, it should be points galore for both the Cowboys, and Gallup.

Put on the Block

Chris Carson – RB Seattle Seahawks

He’s a brilliant running back, and will likely have a good weekend this week against an awful Ravens defence. But his stock is high at the moment, and after the Ravens game the Seahawks plays the Bucs, 49ers, Eagles, Vikings and Panthers in their next 6 games; 5 elite run defences.

For all that Seattle seem desperate to run the ball, they shouldn’t get much joy in these matchups. Considering you might be able to pick up a new piece of elite talent in return, now might be a good time to offload Carson.

Mark Ingram – RB Baltimore Ravens

Ingram is having a good season, but he’s far from an elite running back and you’re basically playing him in the hope he has a huge game – his average of 17.3 fantasy points is bulked up hugely by massive games against Miami (which barely counts) and the Chiefs (who have a risible run defence).

The Ravens have a relatively tough run-in, and it wouldn’t surprise if they leaned more heavily on Jackson over the coming weeks (in terms of both passing and rushing). A regression to the mean for Ingram is to be expected, but considering how high his stock is right now you could get yourself a nice, relatively risk-free bounty.

Keenan Allen – WR LA Chargers

Will the Chargers coaching staff get their act together and stop force-feeding Melvin Gordon the ball? Will they start feeding Allen the same volume of targets he had weeks 1-4?

The answer to both should obviously be yes….but I wouldn’t wait to find out. He’s a top receiver with a stellar reputation, but he’s been ridiculously underused by his coaching staff. Take a gamble Anthony Lynn continues to defy logic, and try and get yourself something decent for him. Same goes for Austin Ekeler (even more infuriating, because he’s about 3 times as talented as Gordon).

Start ’em, Sit ’em – Week 5

By Paul Maughan (@morny7)

Over a quarter of the (Fantasy) regular season is done and dusted, and we’re at point where most of us know whether we’re “definitely pretty class at this game”, or if it’s time to insist that “we weren’t that bothered anyway, we just gambled on high-upside picks”.

After last week was the “week of the backup” (seriously, who on earth are Trevor Davis and Chester Rogers), it’ll be interesting to see if we see a swing back to more established players getting in amongst the touchdowns this week.

Unfortunately there’s no Dolphins this week, meaning we can’t just back everything against them. Even the Dolphins 2.0 (hey Washington) are up against the famously Fantasy un-friendly Patriots. However, there are some fantastic games with high-scoring potential, so let’s get right to it.  

-Start ’em-


Andy Dalton (CIN) vs Cardinals

Image Credit: David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, the Bengals were dreadful on Monday and yes, their offence was hopeless. But they’re up against the Cardinals defence, which is beyond bad. Even with John Ross missing, he should have plenty opportunity to rack up points against a defence which is comically obliging.

There’s also the added bonus that the Cardinals are a quick-fire team on offence, against a Bengals defence which is also pretty poor, meaning that Dalton should get plenty of opportunities to rack up points. Your instincts may scream at you not to pick an average quarterback, of a malfunctioning team, who sits behind a leaky o-line……but ignore that inner-voice and believe in the Red Rifle

Honourable Mentions: Deshaun Watson (HOU) vs Falcons, Phillip Rivers (LAC) vs Broncos

Running BAck

David Johnson (ARI) @ Bengals

Image Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a tricky week for running backs (aside from the obvious stars you aren’t sitting no matter what). Not wanting to focus in on just one game, but David Johnson looks like an unmissable play here, especially in PPR leagues. His rushing stats aren’t great – he’s only rushed a total of 173 yards this season, average less than 6 fantasy points a game rushing.

However, you ain’t taking him for his rushing. It’s his pass-catching you’re all about. So far this year he is number one in the NFL for routes-run by a running-back, and is averaging 12.8 points a game in the receiving game. This is against four decent defences (Lions, Ravens, Panthers and Seahawks). He’s playing the Bengals this week, and will basically step up even further in the absence of Christian Kirk in the Cardinals passing game. It wouldn’t surprise me if he is, in effect a WR2 for the Cardinals this week (behind Larry) and in what should be a high-scoring game, it would be astonishing if Johnson isn’t rolling in points by Sunday night.

Honourable Mentions: James White (NE) @ Redskins, Marlon Mack (IND) @ Chiefs

Wide receiver

Alshon Jeffrey (PHI) vs Jets

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Basically, the Jets don’t have any outside cornerbacks. Trumaine Johnson is $70m of utter horror and Daryl Roberts is a guy you’ve likely never heard of (and never will). Nate Hairston has been alright, but they’re still giving up 45 points a game to WR groups each week. Further, they have a passable run defence, which will encourage Wentz and Pederson to attack increasingly through the air (not that they need much encouragement to begin with).

At this stage, it’s really about choosing who to go with,  and I wouldn’t put you off Nelson Aghalor or even Whiteside if you want to take a flyer. But Jeffrey is a good safe shout – he should pick up plenty of receptions, plenty of yards and at least a touchdown in what I expect to be a high-scoring Eagles win.

Honourable Mentions: Josh Gordon (NE) @Redskins, Adam Thielen (MIN) @Giants

Tight End

Greg Olsen (CAR) vs Jaguars

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Aside from a quiet week last week Greg Olsen has been back with a bang this year, averaging 13 fantasy points a week. He’s looking a lot more like the Greg Olsen from a few years ago, and hopefully his injuries problems are behind him now.

The Jags defence is generally sound, but have struggled somewhat against Tight-Ends this year, giving up 12.6 points a game in fantasy. At home, and riding the crest of the Kyle Allen wave, Olsen should be safe for at least 10 points this week and if things fall right should get a few more.

Honourable Mentions: Tyler Eifert (CIN) vs Cardinals, Zach Ertz (PHI) vs Jets

Sit ‘em

QB – Jameis Winston (TB) @ Saints – Jameis has put up bucketloads of points the last two weeks, but the Saints defence has clicked into ‘carry Teddy’ mode, and should handle him comfortable. In fact, there’s every chance we see a classic “bad Jameis” day.

RB – Josh Jacobs (OAK) vs Bears – the kid is good, but he’s not being used often enough, is in a terrible matchup here (why take anyone against the Bears defence), and the Raiders lose any neglible advantage from being at home. Steer well clear.

WR – Sterling Shepherd (NYG) vs Vikings – he may have gone off under “Danny Dimes” (vomit incessantly) the last two weeks,but he’s up against a top-class defence and got Golden Tate fighting for his targets this week. Expect his numbers to half, at the very best.

TE – Delanie Walker (TEN) vs Bills – The Bills defence is pretty much the best in the league at this point, they give up nothing to Tight-Ends and Marcus Mariota will likely get about 0.01 seconds to throw before feeling pressure. Would personally advise fading any receiving players in this game – will be a trench battle.