Hype Train Station – Week 11

By James Fotheringham (@nflhypetrain)

Week 11 sees the Seahawks, Packers, Titans and Giants on bye so there’s 2 QBs, 4 RBs and 2 WRs that will need replacing but in all honesty that’s not a lot.

For those struggling , here are a few ideas:

RB – Brian Hill (ATL @CAR) 0%

With Smith on IR and Freeman looking set to miss two weeks with a foot injury, Hill will take on the lead back duties on a team that has also lost it’s TE. Carolina are a so-so matchup, but the opportunity and potential volume is too hard to ignore if you need an RB.

Maybe he can get you over the Hill in the playoff race.

RB – JD McKissic (DET vsDAL) 20%

Ty Johnson left the game against the Bears with a concussion which creates a bit of clarity in the backfield. McKissic is now more than just a PPR play, he’s a fully playable option.

See if JD can deliver the goods.

RB – Derrius Guice (WAS vsNYJ) 40%

This is the time to pick up Guice if you feel he can be relevant. The Jets would be a good matchup to bring him in on and in many ways, this is a glory play which may fall flat on it’s face. However, someone is going to pick him up and if you have the room or need something drastic, maybe it should be you.

Just have to look at your FAAB and see if the Guice is right.

WR – Kendrick Bourne (SF vsARI) 0%

The 49ers passing attack is really confusing. Should Kittle miss this week, Bourne may be a decent option. Pettis is clearly not in their plans, Samuel is still not the finished product yet and there’s a still a lot of options in the supporting cast.

Bourne seems to be the identity of the 49ers in the right places on the field.

WR – Willie Snead (BAL vsHOU) 0%

The Texans are still a defence worth playing against. Lamar is having quite a season and the supporting WR’s outside of Hollywood Brown are even worth a look now. Snead has been handy on a number of occasions and this feels like another good one.

You could do a lot worse if you are in Snead of WR help.

WR – N’Keal Harry (NE @PHI) 10%

With Josh Gordon gone and Harry back from injury, this is an opportune time for the rookie. If he creates some rapport with Brady then it will give Edelman a break his owner some decent fantasy points.

Harry up and claim him before your leaguemates.

Just a reminder that all 3 WR I picked last week may still be out there and are all definitely relevant. It’s also worth mentioning that Marquise Brown, Josh Gordon and Dede Westbrook are around 60% owned and so there’s a chance they are out there.

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QB – Derek Carr (OAK vsCIN) 40%

Carr was my pick last week, and I had an eye on this week when I did that as this train forms another service going to a nice place. The Bengals are doing what the Dolphins seem to have forgotten how to do, Lose.

The Carr is worth starting.

QB – Nick Foles (JAX @IND) 10%

Foles is back from injury after Minshew did a great caretaker job. There’s still plenty of weapons, an opponent who isn’t too scary, and a QB trying to prove that he should be the starter over the rookie.

You’d all be Foles to miss out on him.

QB – Kyle Allen (CAR vsATL) 10%

The Falcons did superbly against the Saints, but to me, that was an outlier because it was the Saints. It will be a crash back down to earth this week and Kyle Allen is playing well with the freedom of knowing it’s his job for the remainder of the season.

With Cam shafted, Kyle is the engine now.

TE – Jack Doyle (IND vsJAX) 50%

The Jags aren’t fantastic against Tight Ends and the Colts have 2. Ebron seems to be dropping passes like he used to do, although he still seems to get the looks in the endzone. Doyle seems a safer pair of hands and good for PPR leagues. Ebron may be better in standard leagues.

If you think he won’t be a top 12QB then you don’t know Jack.

TE – Kyle Rudolph (MIN vsDEN) 30%

Welcome back to relevance Kyle Rudolph, and just before the Christmas season too. 2 TD catches (one spectacular) and plenty of action. While Thielen is missing, he has a much bigger role.

He is back to being Rudolph the Redzone Reindeer, just in time for the holidays.

TE – Ryan Griffin (NYJ @WAS) 0%

If you are totally stuck, Griffin will be the lead TE for the Jets as Herndon is out again with injury. He had some decent games in his absence so I can’t see why Darnold wouldn’t go back to him.

It’s Herndon out, and Griff in.

D/ST – Jaguars (@IND) 50%

If Hoyer starts, this is a lock. If Brissett starts, it’s still not a horrible play. A lot of teams dropped the Jags on their bye week and it’s time to pick them right back up again.

Putting over this one, especially if they are against Hoyer.

D/ST – Steelers (@CLE) 60%

If they aren’t picked up, grab them and lock them into your starting spot as they are for real. Minkah Fitzpatrick has been immense and they will keep the Steelers in a lot of games. This week they play the Browns in a fantastic matchup.

Time for the Ironmen.

D/ST – Panthers (vs ATL) 50%

I may have backed Hill earlier at RB, but the Falcons still don’t score a lot and the Panthers have enough talent to hold them down.

Time to pounce.

If you’re unlucky and all 3 of these options are gone and there’s no obvious team then Oakland and Washington may be 2 of your better options and are both less than 10% owned.

Just a note that, much like in real life, the window for advanced tickets is closing quickly. After the week 12 byes that’s pretty much it. I’m just going to give out some general advice here this week.

QB: Daniel Jones might be an interesting option during the run-in but he is on bye this week.

RB: Reminder that returning players like Derrius Guice and handcuffs like Tony Pollard might be the only possible difference makers unless someone goes down. Jamaal Williams may get dropped a lot this week for pickups and he is more relevant than a lot of the waiver wire RBs so might be worth an advanced fare.

WR: Not a lot of WR are due off of IR so as players drop out due to injury you just want the next man up. It’s been a tricky year for fantasy WR. Darius Slayton seems to catch fire when Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard are out but he’s on bye this week so that would very much be an advanced purchase.

TE: You have to just play the matchups. With Austin Hooper now missing there are very few relevant TE so pick whoever is against Arizona if they are out there and any team missing other receivers. Jacob Hollister is on bye this week but again, as a long term investment, he’s cool.


Scheduled Departures – Week 10

By James Fotheringham (@nflhypetrain)

Welcome back. If you bought your tickets over at the Hype Train Station for week 10 then thank you, if not then go and check it out otherwise the railway bias and puns may seem a little bit weird.

This is the “Scheduled Departures” board which is a run through of all the Sunday games which hints at the game narrative and where there may be points to be had. It’s here to help inform your last minute line up decisions and throw up a few ideas for those who play DFS. In essence, helping you work out who to choo choo choose…

It’s intended to be a light read since it covers a lot of games and the last thing you want to do is fall asleep and miss the train. This isn’t as pun heavy but usually the laughs come on Monday morning when I review how I’ve done.

So, let’s glance up at the board and see what’s on the schedule in week 10.

Ravens @ Bengals

The team that beat the undefeated Patriots against the only remaining winless team. The narrative all points one way, but there’s usually something odd in the NFL each week. Lamar Jackson has been limited in practice so Mark Ingram might be a very smart play this week. They’re barely going to have to throw the ball you would think.

The Bengals have a new QB in Ryan Finley and AJ Green freshly ruled out for a few more weeks so really, it’s Tyler Boyd, Joe Mixon and if you are desperate, Tyler Eifert. Ravens DST are tipped by many to be the best of the week and it’s hard to argue with that.

Bills @ Browns

The Bills have impressed me this season, although if Josh Allen didn’t give the ball away so often, they would be more impressive. Devin Singletary and John Brown are must starts and I trust Allen to still put up a good score this week. Frank Gore will see playing time but nothing like he has done while Singletary has been battling injury. The other receivers I struggle to trust but in deep leagues, hey why not.

The Browns still haven’t got it together on offence. I’ve benched OBJ in a few leagues (for John Brown funnily enough) and the Bills are about the last team I’d want to be on him bouncing back against. Effectively the Browns may lean heavily on Nick Chubb so he’s a hot start.  

Lions @ Bears

If you had the Lions passing game, David Montgomery and the Bears defence in one team you’d probably say it was a playoff contender. As it stands, each team has its own issues. For fantasy it’s hard to pick Stafford and that passing game against the Bears and it’s impossible to predict their run game at the moment. The one piece I have some faith in being useful for the Lions is JD McKissic but only in PPR leagues.

The Bears passing game is still off with Trubisky not looking like a first rounder never mind a first overall. David Montgomery looks like the guy to play. I’m wary about playing either defence because of what they can do. There’s going to be better options out there.  

Giants @ Jets

The battle of New York and never has the been such little on the line. With Evan Engram out and Stirling Shepard doubtful, it’s safe to say the Giants are going to be Saquon Barkley heavy.

The Jets need to find some chemistry again (rather than the biology that Darnold found). Crowder may be a useful PPR piece and Lev Bell has another chance to redeem himself. I like the Jets DST this week although this does feel like a train wreck game.

Chiefs @ Titans

Pat Mahomes should be back which means any Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce shares are instantly increased. A frightening offence does come up against a very strong defence, so you have to be beware of the Titans. Their offence is hit and miss but I do fancy Tannehill as a streamer this week. Derrick Henry is the most reliable scorer, but AJ Brown and Corey Davis are flex plays if you’re desperate. 

Cardinals @ Buccaneers 

The Arizona defence remains a mess. Jameis Winston might have a field day and if you believe in the mantra of playing your TE against Arizona then OJ Howard is a must start (and how often have we said that this season). No need to try hunting points from the running game, they won’t be there.

Arizona meanwhile should have DJ back and he needs to be a spark from them. Murray and Kirk could well link up, so I’d not be keen owning either defence.

Falcons @ Saints

The Saints look like Superbowl contenders on both sides of the ball at the moment, while the Falcons don’t look good on either side. Matt Ryan is struggling, the defence is banged up and you’d have to say their player of the season is Austin Hooper, for continuing to stay relevant. Hooper, Julio and at a push Ridley are playable but beyond that, it’s all on the Saints. Even the likes of Ted Ginn have value.

Dolphins @ Colts

The Dolphins can’t even tank properly. After beating the Jets, they are now losing the race to the first overall pick to the Bengals. The Colts are sweating on the fitness of Brissett but if he’s not set to go, Brian Hoyer should be good enough to beat Miami. It’s a WR by committee for both teams and each should have a gem for fantasy and DFS… sadly you’ll need a time machine or a crystal ball to figure out who it will be. Marlon Mack is a must start, while Kalen Ballage feels like a horrible option but a lot of people are going to be led down that route to the desperation station.

Rams @ Steelers

Somehow the Steelers beat the Colts last week and at home to the Rams it’s plausible that they can win again. With Cooks out, Woods and Kupp take the passing strain while Todd Gurley doesn’t seem too hampered at the moment. Goff is the only major offensive piece I struggle to suggest playing but I still think he’s a top 12 this week.

The Steelers won’t have James Conner this week and that’s a massive blow. Samuels will be the guy, but this may be a Juju week. I struggle to back any of the Steelers depth receivers in this match up so if you have the Rams DST, I’d be playing them.

Panthers @ Packers

It’s basically Christian McCaffrey vs The Aarons. Rodgers and Jones are looking strong and if Davante Adams finds some form now he’s returned form injury then there’s not much which can stop the Packers. Even their defence is solid so even with CMC on the other side, I can see them being top 10. The Depth WR and Jimmy Graham are maybe where the Packers are harder to trust but, really, you shouldn’t need to. CMC is the one bright spark for the Panthers. You can’t play their defence, QB or receivers so there’s not much hope I’m afraid.

Vikings @ Cowboys

Finally, the prime time slot has two strong teams looking for playoff spots. If the Vikings are again without Thielin (which looks likely) they may have to take a few Diggs to Stefon and maybe call in some help from Rudolph. It’s a game that points heavily towards Dalvin Cook and similarly Zeke on the other side. Dak is still looking good but the receivers have gone a little quiet of late. Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup need to make some noise.

The last section is “The Signal Box” where I pick out a few situations where you should be giving the player a green light and proceed to play them. Some need a caution light to warn you that there is a potential for danger ahead and then there’s the Red for danger signal which is situations to avoid.


Jameis Winston (TB) – Yes, he turns the ball over a lot, but he still puts up big numbers each game. He’s against Arizona, which should be enough to convince you.

Mark Ingram (BAL) – The Ravens won’t need to pass much against the Bengals so Ingram should get a lot of work in early.

Marlon Mack (IND) – Lead back against the Dolphins? Yes please!

Michael Thomas (NO) – The Falcons are struggling against receivers, MT is one of the best.

Davante Adams (GB) – Now he has a game under his belt, so long as the rust has gone, he should be great.

Travis Kelce (KC) – With Mahomes back, he may be key in breaking down the Titans.

Bills DST – Outside of the obvious teams to stream against, the Bills against the Browns sounds tasty.


Matt Ryan (ATL) – The Saints defence weakness is in the passing game, but Ryan hasn’t looked right all season.

Kalen Ballage (MIA) – He may now be the lead back but he’s still on a terrible offence.

Robby Anderson (NYJ) – While he has a good matchup, I’m not sure this is going to be his game.

Mark Andrews (BAL) – Great matchup but the Ravens might not need him to do much.

Bears DST – The Lions are not tame.


Daniel Jones (NYG) – The Jets sounds like a good matchup, but you need more than your RB to catch the ball.

Frank Gore (BUF) – Father Time hasn’t been catching him up, but Devin Singletary has.

DJ Moore/Curtis Samuel (CAR) – The Packers are decent, and I still can’t trust Allen.

Vance McDonald (PIT) – Of all the playable TE’s on the slate, he’s maybe the one I’d least fancy rolling out there.

Panthers DST – They are a high ranked defence but after recent slips, Green Bay isn’t a team you want to see against them.

Hype Train Station – Week 10

By James Fotheringham

First of all, hello to the Full10 community. Some of you may recognise my blog or twitter page @NFLHypeTrain but when I was offered the chance to host my work with these guys, I knew I had get on board.

So, for those who aren’t familiar, I work on the railways in the UK and also love a good pun (explains why the Full10yards guys like me I guess) so my Fantasy articles tend to feature both in some capacity. 

This is the Hype Train Station which you can use either for waiver wire suggestions or as a suggestion of some lower cost DFS plays for the week.

The ticket office is open, and it offers up “The Day Return” which is for QB, TE and DST options you either pick up to stream for one week or plug in on DFS if you don’t want to pay big bucks. “The Flex Ticket” is for RB and WR who can play this week but may be able to keep for the longer term. Finally, the “Advanced Ticket” is for some players who are going to be very low owned dart throws but could offer up value to get you where you need to go.

My other article which comes out later in the week is the “Scheduled Departures” which takes a look at all the games happening on Sunday and picks out the Red, Yellow and Green plays and a little blurb on how I can see the game going. There’s also a little hidden set of predictions I give each week which you may want to use or ignore for Vegas betting. 

You can find out more by getting hold of me on twitter or looking at my site but from now on I’ll be a part of the Full10yards crew but the “about me” section should still be true.

Anyway, enough build up, it’s time to take a trip to the Hype Train Station and see which tickets to buy for week 10.

On paper, week 10 was always going to be the difficult one. A lot of teams on bye, late in the season and with a wire that’s already pretty thin. In short, there’s not a lot of exciting trains going to places you want to go, but hopefully there’s a hidden gem in here somewhere.

JD McKissic (RB-DET) 10%

With Kerryon Johnson on IR it’s become a committee in Detroit, and it seems McKissic has become a pass catching back, in a James White kind of role. In PPR I can see him having weekly value and more consistency than any other option for the Lions. This week they play the Bears who aren’t the scary proposition we all thought they were.

Kalen Ballage (RB-MIA) 10%

Mark Walton just got a 4 game ban for substance abuse, so that’s his chance blown. Ballage should be the next man up, although he has had chances and not done much. It’s just hard to see them giving the likes of Myles Gaskin a big role straight away. The Colts aren’t the best option to stream against but if you need an RB this is one of the few trains that might go further than the end of the platform.

Devante Parker (WR-MIA) 20%

Wide Receiver has a lot more options and with the disappointing news that Preston Williams is out for the season, it’s now time for Parker to step up. He’s had his own personal Hype Train for years (which never left the station) but this time the wheels aren’t slipping, and he has a route to relevance.

Zach Pascal (WR-IND) 10%

With Hilton out, Pascal should have been a pickup late last week, but he will be available in a number of places. It may be a committee in Indy, but Pascal looks to be at the head of it.

Hunter Renfrow (WR-OAK) 0%

Renfrow has been steadily putting up points, but last week he broke out properly and now the Hunter should be Hunted; especially in dynasty leagues.

Derek Carr (QB-OAK VS LAC) 40%

Carr has quietly been good for a few weeks now and while the Chargers have steadily been getting better on defence, I can see the Bolts being loose against Carr. In a week short of options, he may be the right ticket for the right price. It’s hard to say take the car when you’re at the Hype Train Station but sometimes, you just have to.

Sam Darnold (QB-NYJ vs NYG) 20%

This may look like one of those trains smothered in graffiti and with hard seats but this week it might just get you where you need to go. Against the Giants and with Bell potentially out, it may fall on Darnold to lead the bounce back. Bear in mind if people like Garoppolo, Brissett and even Ryan are available then they are much better options, their availability is just a lot more hit and miss.

Jacob Hollister (TE-SEA @ SF) 0%

This is a bad week for tight ends. The best options are about to go on bye and there’s not many good ones to go around. Hollister has a bad matchup but broke out last week, has Russell Wilson throwing him the ball and one of the best names for jokes. He makes scents.

Chris Herndon (TE-NYJ vs NYG) 20%

If Darnold is going be a good stream, then Herndon needs to be relevant. After being cancelled for a number of weeks with suspension failure and broken parts he’s on track to play and probably just in time.

OJ Howard (te-TB vs ARI) 40%

Play your tight ends against Arizona. It’s been one of the most common phrases of the season. We’ve also watching in horror as OJ Howard has been underused and seen his fantasy value crash and burn. For one week though, he well be worth starting.

Colts D/ST (vs MIA) 40%

The Colts are a decent defence and they get the easy job of playing the Dolphins this week. Miami will return to Tank mode having got one over on Adam Gase, but the Colts should have plenty of horsepower.

Ravens D/ST (@CIN) 40%

The ravens are on the wire in a few places (especially having been up against the Patriots), so it may be Worthing looking for them as they now play the only Winless team in the NFL.

Alex Mattison (rb-MIN) 20%

This may look like a bit of a wrong route but hear me out. Abdullah had a big day as the backup but Mattison is the guy long term and always seems to have relevance. With the additional benefit of being a handcuff to Dalvin Cook, he’s got upside. It’s the time of year where handcuffs have a chance to be league winners, but you need to have the space to house them.

DerRius Guice (rb-WAS) 30%

Guice is getting close to returning from injury into a run heavy offence. The Redskins are on bye but if he’s available in your league and you have a spare bench spot for a flyer then beat the queue.

Olabisi Johnson (wr-MIN) 0%

Singling Bisi Johnson out because with Thielen possibly out again he is the one who seems to get the biggest uptick.

WR General note: Most WRs on teams who have just lost a main target man are options. Colts, Vikings, Dolphins are some examples. The likes of L.Treadwell, C.Rodgers and A.Wilson are options. WR by committee seems to be a thing. Tennessee and Arizona are already at it and the three mentioned here will follow suit.

TE: Darren Fells and Noah Fant are about to go on bye but if you’re really struggling then you may want to give them a look. 

So, there you go. A few ideas for waiver pickups and DFS flyers. I’m sure some will get delayed or cancelled on the way but there’s a value ticket to be had.

And finally, thanks to the Full10yards guys for giving me a platform to express myself… I’ll get my coat, I have a train to catch.