NFL Draft – Day 1 Fantasy Reaction

By James Fotheringham – @NFLhypetrain So round 1 is in the books and while there wasn’t a flurry of trades, there were a lot of significant picks and a lot of changed fantasy outlooks. To save you flicking between tabs here’s the shakedown of round 1 (On the night trades in Yellow and previous trades […]

NFLHypeTrain Mock Draft

By James Fotheringham (@nflhypetrain) 1. Jaguars Trevor Lawrence (QB) 2. Jets Zach Wilson (QB) 3. 49ers (MIA) Justin Fields (QB) The top 2 picks have been pretty consistent all the way through so there’s not real need to elaborate here. The draft truly starts at number 3 and I’ve had each of Mac Jones, Trey […]

Fantasy Players with a lot to lose in the 2021 Draft

Following on from the landscape series we’re taking a look at which players have the most to lose in terms of opportunities and thus fantasy value during the 2021 NFL Draft. Free Agency could still deal out a few more hammer blows to players fantasy value, but for now we are going to review each […]

Fantasy – RB Landscape (Pre-Draft)

So here we are. The last stop on our landscape tour before we hit draft night (although we may make an additional stop for one last preview, who knows). The Running back market has been slow and a lot of players who only a few short years ago were elite and would have been highly […]

Fantasy – TE Landscape (Pre-Draft)

With the RB and WR markets still awaiting a few major signings, I’m going to look into the Tight End landscape first as things are much clearer. It’s debatable that every team knows their starter (or starting pair) except for the Jags and whichever team ends up drafting Kyle Pitts. I’ll deal with the draft […]

Fantasy – QB Landscape (Pre-Draft)

Happy new league year everyone. The Hype Train has come out of the shed and right now we are in the shunting yard trying to figure out who has a complete train and who is a few carriages short of an express. This series will take a look at each skill position and try to […]

The Hype Train Station – Week 16 Waivers

So, that’s it, the final Hype Train article of the year. I’m not crying… you are. I must offer credit to James for driving the train for the majority of the season, you’ve done a stellar job with the article – thank you. It’s the most important week of the year. No, not Christmas, fantasy […]

The Hype Train Station – Week 14 Waivers

If you’re reading this article then you’ve probably made your fantasy playoffs and either won in week 14 or had secured the bye – congratulations! If you’re not in the playoffs or you lost, then I applaud your arrogance. As the final destination approaches, may I remind you to check to ensure that you have […]