On the fence with…Teddy Bridgewater

By Jake Linley-Brown (@JakeLB12)

Don’t call it a comeback!

Over the next few months on the Full 10 Yards, the British home of all things fantasy, I’m going to channel my inner 2011 Tom Brady and give all the spotlight pieces and semi-irrational opinions I can.

My first foray on the fantasy scene this summer begins now with my ‘On the Fence’ series.

For this series of articles, the focus will be on those players who divide opinion, those who offer good and bad (I know names are already firing up in your head). In other words, that player who makes you (metaphorically, I hope) sit on the fence.

First up? Teddy Two Gloves.

The Stats

YearAttemptsCompletionsCompletion %YardsTDINT
*These stats are from his 5 starts hence the smaller sample size. I doubt you care about the 1 pass attempt he made in Week 17.

Teddy Bridgewater has found a new home since we last saw him. He stayed in the division (the NFC South for those suffering with amnesia), but Carolina is now where he suits up on Sundays. Going into his 6th year in the league, the 27-year-old is about to get the keys to his own offense. But is he ready?

The Discussion

First, lets give credit where credit is due. The table above, albeit a small sample size, makes for decent reading. What’s even better is the fact that those 5 starts resulted in 5 wins; victories over the Cowboys (cheap dig) and the Seahawks are in there, too. Most of the stories and press at the time were mostly in agreement that Teddy was a more than capable QB and a worthy replacement for the injured Drew Brees. Fair assessment, I’d say.

Now for the caveat.

Were those numbers put up because the shackles were off? Was it because he knew this was only a short-term thing, and the pressure on him wasn’t the same? It’s hard to say. Since his injury plagued Viking years, one could argue if we’ve even seen the best of Bridgwater. A 2015 Pro Bowl vote seems like a long time ago.

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Fast forward to 2020 and here we are. Our boy Bridgwater is now following Matt Rhule’s orders, the new head coach of the Panthers who limped to 5-11 last season.

Joining Rhule is Joe Brady, the new Offensive Coordinator from LSU. Brady won the CFB last season when he was calling plays to a guy named Joe Burrow…the indication is that Teddy is in good hands. But are the new moving parts too much to handle? After all, these are 3 men effectively starting from scratch together. The preparation and practice will also be hindered this off season thanks to Covid-19, so it’s fair to say there’s a few hurdles to navigate.

Watch: Teddy Bridgewater's top plays from the 2019 season
Chuck Cook – USA Today Sports

However, if a QB ever needed a weapon to help with the settling in process, then you won’t get much better than Christian McCaffrey. The stalwart running back leads a cast of an offense with plenty of ability, which includes DJ Moore and newly signed Robby Anderson.

The biggest point to make here, and it’s vitally important in terms of fantasy production, is game script. I’m no mind reader but I don’t expect the woeful 2019 Panthers defence to make a giant leap forward. The strength of schedule is at .500, which is kind of fitting considering the name of this article, and no it wasn’t deliberate. But there’ll be opportunities here for Teddy to put some nice numbers up. Other times like going on the road to Kansas, Minnesota and Green Bay in the middle of winter, I don’t feel as good about.

What I’m trying to say is this defence, and that schedule, is going to put Teddy in certain spots where he’ll be throwing a lot. I can’t take the credit for this point, but I read an article online which called Teddy the perfect QB2 because the reality is some weeks, he’ll put up QB1 numbers. You just must be lucky enough to start him when he does.

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Let’s finish on some real fantasy figures.

Barring injury, Teddy will no doubt smash the 90.5 points (PPR) he recorded last year. According to FantasyFootballers.com, they have a projection of 228.7 points (PPR) this time round. For the number’s guys in the house, that’s an average of 14.2 a game. ESPN, FantasyPros.com and any blogger with their own rankings system I’ve found has Teddy at around 25-27, which to me sounds just about right.  

The Conclusion

With all these articles, I will shoot from the hip and give my honest take on the player from a fantasy standpoint.

In this instance, I think Teddy is just fine. I doubt he’ll be pulling up any trees (fence joke) and leading the charge to the fantasy playoffs. But you can do a lot worse at the QB position, especially for those of you in 2 QB leagues. Heck, I selected Sam Darnold as my first QB last year.

If he can somehow lift Carolina off the bottom of the division which now gets Tom Brady and his travelling circus twice a year, that’s got to be seen as heading in the right direction.

Start ’em, Sit ’em – NYJ@BAL, IND@NO, TB@DET, DEN@KC

By Jake Linley-Brown (@JakeLB12)

There’s 3 weeks left of the regular season, 2 weeks-ish remaining until Christmas, and 1 more Thursday night football game to watch, which is a perfect segue to our starting point. Let’s commence. 


RB – Mark Ingram

The Jets have one of the best run defences in the league, but there are a few red flags here. Not playing for anything and going again on a short week would make me nervous. My biggest fear? The opponent. Lamar Jackson’s Baltimore Ravens are the best rushing team in the league, rushing for over 50 yards more on average than the nearest team, the 49ers. With a little incentive such as home field advantage in the playoffs well within reach now, and game script likely meaning pounding the ball down a banged-up Jets D’s throat, I want all of Mark Ingram on Thursday.

Side note – Gus Edwards, if you’re in a desperate spot at Flex this week, might get a lot of garbage time volume. Just a thought.

QB – Sam Darnold

Contrary to Mark Ingram, I want none of Sam Darnold this week. As he’s about to embark on a brutal stretch (@BAL, PIT, @ BUF – yikes), Darnold might wish he had mono again for the month of December. This Ravens D is 8th in the league for takeaways and giving very little to anyone lined up behind centre. Darnold, however, just had a two week stretch against the Bengals and Miami where he started off bad to only reach lukewarm status; not good considering the opposing defences and the opportunity they both bring. I’ll pass. 


WR – Marcus Johnson

Fast forward to the Monday night game now, and because tis’ the season for miracles, I’m going left-field on this one. Marcus Johnson was probably a guy you hadn’t heard of a month ago but this past Sunday against the Bucs, he came to the party. 3 catches, 105 yards and a touchdown looks like a line you’d see on ‘Madden’, but there is no denying the deep threat he carries. Using just common sense here, T.Y. Hilton is likely to be out again and Zach Pascal will almost certainly be shadowed by Marshon Lattimore. Can Marcus make the most of this opportunity?

Everyone but D. Brees, A.Kamara and M.Thomas

This might be seen as a cop out and you’re right, it is. But my thought process for this matchup solely relies on two things. For one, I anticipate Sean Payton does everything he can to resuscitate Alvin Kamara, this week. The star running back, who has majorly underwhelmed fantasy owners this season, scored 6.3 PPR points on Sunday in a game where his team scored 46 points – go figure. Secondly, I expect Michael Thomas to feast as always and by this point, will the Saints need to throw the ball anyway on a Colts D that is floundering? I doubt it.


TE – OJ Howard

The big news out of Tampa this week is that Mike Evans looks done for the year. This means it’s officially Chris Godwin OJ. Howard season. I’m kidding, of course, but it does potentially mean Howard could be in for some more looks going forward. Jameis will continue to throw the ball for what seems a 100 times each week, and Godwin can’t catch them all, so we’re just playing the percentages here. O.J., fresh off the back of his highest receiving yardage of the season on Sunday, gets the Lions D this week who looks ready for their holidays to begin. In my book, it’s worth a punt.

RB – Bo Scarbrough

Scarbrough is an absolute tank of a man and I would not tell him he’s featuring in the ‘SIT’ section to his face. That being said, he’s thousands of miles away, so I’m going to act hard. Don’t get me wrong, the volume is there (19 carries last week), but he’s trending down in terms of points this past month. Reports are also stating he’s a ‘little sore’ from the loss against the Vikings. The biggest downer? The Bucs, for all their flaws, are an excellent unit against the run. In other words, don’t bo-lieve the hype.


WR – Courtland Sutton

To me, this one is a no-brainer. Despite logging a quiet day in the shock win over Houston (5 catches, 34 yards), Sutton still saw more targets than any of his teammates. New rookie QB Drew Lock looks like he might be the key to salvaging some of this Denver season, and there’s no reason to doubt Sutton being a beneficiary. In the first meeting of these two teams this season, Courtland scored 14.7 PPR points thanks to 6 catches and 87 yards. The second meeting might entail playing catch up early, so let’s hope for more of the same this time round.

RB – LeSean McCoy

If you think you know what’s going on in the Chiefs backfield, please send answers on a postcard. Shady McCoy carried the ball for a team high 11 times for 39 yards against New England, but was actually out-snapped by Spencer Ware at the position. With Damien Williams, Darrel Williams and everyone with the surname Williams all out right now, McCoy might have one last shot to cement his place. I for one, however, am not buying he can do it.

Good luck this week!

The Semi-Irrational Playoffs Forecast – Part 2

By Jake Linley-Brown (@JakeLB12)

Welcome to Part 2 of The Semi-Irrational Playoffs Forecast, which has more gravitas when every word begins with a capital letter. In Part 1, we looked at those players who might be the ‘smash glass in case of emergency types’ when you’re stuck for a Flex or WR2. 

Now, it’s time for defences/special teams and handcuffs. As the old adage goes, ‘defence wins championships’, which is exactly what we’re hoping for with some of these selections. I don’t have an adage or quip for handcuffs – I just know I never want to be in them. 

As with Part 1, this forecast is based on semi-irrational thoughts with a few stats thrown in for good measure. And no obvious selections either, duh. Let’s dig! 


New York Giants D/ST (4.9% owned in ESPN)

Weeks 14-17: @PHI, vs MIA, @WAS, vs PHI
72.0 Points through 11 games (17th in top D/ST scoring)

If you’re a glass half full kinda guy or gal, then you might be rewarded by plumping with the Giants D/ST come playoff time. After posting a modest 6 points on the road to the Bears last Sunday, this week is a home contest versus Aaron Rodgers. Not keen, to be honest. 

BUT WEEKS 14-17! I am keen. Philadelphia are struggling big time, as Caron Wentz is not looking like the old Carson Wentz. In fact, Philadelphia are 22nd in Total Team Offence stats – a far cry from the Superbowl team a couple years back. 

Even better, in between that Philly sandwich are matchups against the Dolphins and Redskins, who are 30th and 32nd respectively in Total Offence. You literally (just about) could not have it any better. Tempting, right? 

Green Bay Packers D/ST (20.5% owned in ESPN)

Weeks 14-17: vs WAS, vs CHI, @MIN, @DET
63.0 Points through 11 games (24th in top D/ST scoring)

Right, okay. The Packers put up a donut last Sunday in San Francisco, and they’ve also acquired sub-zero point tallies on 3 occasions this season. I just had to get this off my chest before I try and sway you to pick a D/ST ranked at number 26. 

With that out the way, let’s discuss the good stuff. As mentioned in the Giants D/ST section, the Redskins offense just isn’t very good (news flash), so starting your playoff run to glory is more than achievable with the Packers as your D/ST. That’s followed by Mitch Trubisky visiting Lambeau, and I don’t know about you, but anytime I can get Mitch, on the road, I’m liking my chances. 

Weeks 16 and 17 may not look fruitful on paper against the Vikings (8th in total team offence) and the Lions (9th), but way back in Week 2, the Packers D/ST scored 9 points against Minnesota. They then snagged 5 points against the Lions, who back then had Matt Stafford – this time round, that may not be the case. As a filler for a couple weeks, the Cheeseheads could be worth a gamble. 


Los Angeles Chargers (33.1% owned in ESPN)

Weeks 14-17: @JAX, vs MIN, vs OAK, vs @KC
63.0 Points through 11 games (24th in top D/ST scoring)

It’s been a disappointing season in many ways for the most un-loved team in Los Angeles. Injuries, the ageing quarterback, crowds dwindling. A team that had promised so much at the start of the year have just become ‘another team’. 

Something they can hang their imaginary hat on, however, is the solid play of their defence. Despite the lousy record and measly 11 takeaways, the defence ranks 5th in team total stats. When you consider the teams ranked higher than them, it’s pretty impressive. 

The Week 17 matchup against the Chiefs is bad, I won’t deny. But the Jaguars and Raiders are middling teams who will give this D/ST opportunities.

Denver Broncos D/ST (19.8% owned in ESPN)

Weeks 14-17: @HOU, @KC, vs DET, vs OAK
61.0 Points through 11 games (27th in top D/ST scoring)

The Broncos fans have had it tough this season. Flacco, then Brandon Allen, and now there’s murmurs of Drew Lock. Courtland Sutton aside, this is an offence that shouldn’t be capable of winning any games, let alone keeping them close. 

The reason Denver has had any shot? That Vic Fangio led defence. Weird stat alert: Despite sitting at 3-8 in the AFC West, they’ve actually allowed less points than anybody in their division. It’s that sort of statistic why they sit 8th in total defence stats. 

The downer to these good vibes is the takeaways total – only Miami have less than this unit. But Week 15 aside, I like the opportunities for sacks and points allowed. Deshaun Watson is good but gets hit. Jeff Driskel is Jeff Driskel, and the Raiders are just meh. 


Miami Dolphins D/ST (6% owned in ESPN)

Weeks 14-17: @ NYJ, @ NYG, vs CIN, @ NE
22.0 Points through 11 games (32nd in top D/ST scoring)

Oooh boy. This tier is called ‘on steroids’, but there’s a chance it might be on other drugs, too. I won’t bore you with the gory details of how bad this team is, or what’s happened in the past. This is a flat-out gamble, let’s make that clear. 

If you are the sort of person who walks under ladders down the high street, then have I got the D/ST for you – the Miami Dolphins! Week 17 is a write off and I can’t give you any incentive to select Miami when going into Foxboro, but just look at that poo-poo platter beforehand.

The Jets, the Giants and the Bengals are all in the bottom 5 for offensive points scored. Heck, the Bengals are the worst team in the league. That’s pretty damning evidence…just be careful, young padawan. 


Gus Edwards, RB, Baltimore Ravens (5.4% owned in ESPN)

Mark Ingram has this backfield on lock, but in games where the Ravens are rolling – a regular occurrence these days – Edwards gets some decent volume. The Jets, Browns and Steelers remain on the schedule too, so to keep Ingram fresh for the playoffs, Gus might get more involved than we think.

Alexander Mattison, RB, Minnesota Vikings (17.4% owned in ESPN)

For many people, Mattison is the unequivocal number 1 handcuff in fantasy. Couple reasons – 1) the Vikings dependence on the running game, and 2) Dalvin Cook’s injury history. He’s stayed on the field so far, but the doubt always remains. Not to mention, Mattison has looked more than capable in his appearances this season.

Tony Pollard, RB, Dallas Cowboys (12.1% owned in ESPN)

This past Sunday in dreary New England, Pollard received his highest touch volume since Week 7. The week before, he scored 17.6 PPR fantasy points. If something is brewing down in the Lone Star State, make sure you have a piece of it on your bench (for now). 

Good luck in the playoffs – until we meet again. 

Fantasy: The Semi-Irrational Playoff Forecast Part 1 by Jake Linley-Brown

If the fantasy gods have aligned for you, and you’re reading this article with a sense of optimism, give yourself a pat on the back. It’s been a long road but by golly, you’ve almost made it. You might be one win away from reaching the promised land, or you might already be there. Either way, it’s now you can start to plan for December. If you aren’t going to make the playoffs, then I don’t know what to tell you – move along.

You might think the title is a bit dubious, but that’s what a lot of fantasy football is about, right? It’s predicting who’s going to go off one week and who’s going to lay an egg. It’s about speculating which player is going to make it off the dreaded injury report in time. It’s second guessing yourself over Tyler Eifert, adamant he’s going to score a TD against the lousy Cardinals D, only for him to go and score 3.4 points. You get the message.

This is Part 1 of my forecast – players who are languishing on your waiver wire who might just be a knight in shining armour.

Let’s goooo.

TIER 1 – Most Confidence In

Daniel Jones, QB, New York Giants (34% owned in ESPN)

Weeks 14-17: @PHI, vs MIA, @WAS, vs PHI

Yeeshhh, I hear you say. After that big intro, you were expecting something juicier than ‘Danny Dimes’, weren’t you? My reasoning here, and with everyone else I’m going to list, is purely playoff based. So, stop the tutting.

Jones has a Philly cheesesteak sandwich for his playoff run, but the filling is gooier and more golden than ever. Weeks 15 and 16 see him line up against the Dolphins and the Redskins, who are probably 2A and 2B for worst teams in the league; the Bengals get the unequivocal 1 spot from me.

To give you some numbers, Jones has 2 games with over 300 yards and a combined 4 TD’s, zero picks, in his last 3 outings. Also, with a bit of luck, Philly might have nothing to play for in Week 17. That means 3 very winnable games against teams who could’ve mailed it in by then. If you’re in a 2 QB league or facing an injury dilemma, Mr Dimes could change your fortunes.

Randall Cobb, WR, Dallas Cowboys (39% owned in ESPN)

Weeks 14-17: @CHI, vs LAR, @PHI, vs WAS

Any man who can earn Aaron Rodgers’ trust is good enough for me. The 8-year vet who has seemingly been around for ever is currently looking as good as ever. In his last two outings, Cobb has racked up 10 catches for 121 yards, 2 TD’s and a whopping 44.1 points. Not bad for a guy who was pretty much an afterthought for much of this season.

Although back to back games against the Bears and Rams is not exactly creampuff, it’s no death row either. Just think of the friendliness of the Eagles secondary and the downright generous Redskins secondary to finish off.

With Cooper banged up and constantly drawing the defence’s best corner, and Gallup stepping up to the plate meaning more attention too, Cobb can flourish in that lovely, little flex spot.

TIER 2 – Slight Worry, But Still

AJ Brown, WR, Tennessee Titans (16.6% owned in ESPN)

Weeks 14-17: @OAK, vs HOU, vs NO, vs HOU

The rookie has had a topsy-turvy year but, in all fairness, Marcus Mariota would have that effect on most people. Out with the old and in with the new, with that new being Ryan Tannehill. Since the QB change, the Titans are 3-1 but it’s not necessarily equalling big numbers for our man, AJ.

If we’re going to look on the bright side, which I’m trying to do hence his inclusion in this segment, then there are some things to take note. Brown is leading the Titans in snaps and is also seeing 24% in air yards come his way. This has been with Corey Davis out, so naturally defenders have had less to worry about. The thinking is, with Davis back, the floor is a bit more open.

Game script will probably mean Tannehill throwing the ball a fair bit in this playoff run. Plus, if you hadn’t of noticed, there’s 2 games against a JJ Watt-less Texans D, who are really struggling to pressure any defender. Again, if you’re in a tight spot at flex or need to fill a WR2 slot, Brown could turn that frown upside down.

Ryan Griffin, TE, New York Jets (18% owned in ESPN)

Weeks 14-17: @MIA, @BAL, vs PIT, @BUF

I won’t ramble on about how bad the Tight End position is anymore – we all get it. This prediction is erring on the semi-irrational scale, but it’s a player who might fill a void at a position that’s so thin, bad, annoying…see, done it again.

Ryan Griffin is now the leading TE in New York since Chris Herndon found himself on IR. Week 11 saw a 5 catch, 109 yards game against the Skins, which is promising for the road ahead. No real competition at the position and a Sam Darnold who is no longer seeing ghosts but seeing open targets, is even more promising.

After Miami, the road does look a bit difficult. Game script, however, will surely be in our favour for the last 3. This should mean a lot of volume and, fingers crossed, some real rewards for Ryan.

TIER 3 – Semi-Irrational On Steroids

Rex Burkhead, RB, New England Patriots (14.4% owned in ESPN)

Weeks 14-17: vs KC, @ CIN, vs BUF, vs MIA

Demaryius Thomas, Jordan Wilkins, Dwayne Haskins…they were all pondered for this section. Truth to be told, I shouldn’t really do Tier 3, but I haven’t listed a running back yet, and I’ve had a Friday night gin, so let’s roll with it.

Predicting what might happen in the Pats running game is a waste of time usually. The depth chart will also list Burkhead as number 3, so you’re probably thinking why I’ve bothered. BUT WAIT! The Pats need to get the offence going – it’s stagnating and becoming one dimensional.

The thinking here is that Rex gets more involved, particularly in the passing game. One interesting titbit – Burkhead saw the second most snaps behind James White the last time out. That was in a game they trailed all day long, and that scenario might present itself at Arrowhead in Week 14. Hell, the Pats might even be ringing the changes in Week 17 to keep guys fresh for the playoffs – we can dream!

This is a fitting end to the ‘SEMI-IRRATIONAL PLAYOFFS FORECAST – PART 1’. Be sure to check out Part 2, where I’ll be throwing my arms up in the air and reeling off some defences for you, with a few handcuffs thrown in. Adios.

Start ’em, Sit ’em

By Jake Linley-Brown (@JakeLB12)

Week 10 saw the last undefeated team tumble, leaving us with a somewhat open landscape in the NFL. Something else that might be open is that Flex spot or WR2 position in your fantasy line up. If that’s the case, let us try and help.

You’ll get no McCaffrey’s, Cook’s or Jackson’s here – those guys go without saying. What I like to do is pick those players you deliberate about, support the players you might’ve fallen out with (as you’ll see in a minute), and guide you to the players who have potentially gone under your radar.

This week’s bye teams are the Packers, Giants, Seahawks and the Titans.


Jameis Winston (TB) vs Saints

I know what you’re thinking. Remember the bit about ‘the players you might’ve fallen out with’? Just a hunch, but I reckon Jameis has probably burned and agitated more people this season than the ending of Game of Thrones. The dumb mistakes, the lack of awareness, the lot.

So, without further ado, let me make a claim for Winston, this week! First up, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are real weapons of destruction for Tampa Bay, with at least one (Evans more so of late) blowing up each week. Chances are, you probably already knew this. What you might’ve missed is that Saints premier cornerback Marshon Lattimore looks set to sit out this week’s game with injury, which all but opens the floor for the two Bucs’ wideouts. The middling Saints D were also embarrassed last week by the lousy Falcons, so maybe not everything is as it seems.

Ultimately, Winston just loves throwing the football. If you like a gamble and enjoy frantically updating your fantasy app because you’re anxious about the tight-rope nature of your quarterback’s play, this is the pick for you.

Honourable Mentions: Derek Carr (OAK) vs CIN, Josh Allen (BUF) vs MIA


Brian Hill (ATL) @ Panthers

Brian Hill is not the name of the new plumber down the road – he’s the Falcons new running back. The next man up in the ATL looks set to take on a much larger role now both Devonta Freeman and Ito Smith are out with injury. In last weeks duel with the Saints, Hill recorded 21 touches and ended the day with 14.1 fantasy points – impressive when you consider he didn’t start the game.

His first official start (providing Freeman doesn’t make a miraculous recovery) is against the Panthers, who have allowed more total TD’s and more fantasy points to running backs than anybody.

Hill has 2 TD’s in his last 2 outings – look for the hattrick come Sunday.

Honourable Mentions: Josh Jacobs (OAK) vs CIN, Devin Singletary (BUF) @ MIA


Courtland Sutton (DEN) @ Vikings

It might not inspire you much when you realise QB Brandon Allen is throwing the ball to our man, Sutton. Nor might the fact the Broncos are on the road this week to a team coming off a big win. It’s times like these when stats are our friend.

Courtland is quietly putting together a decent year, stamping down his place as the number 1 WR in the Broncos passing attack. In his last outing (Week 9), Sutton hauled in 5 for 8, including a TD. Consistency hasn’t really been a problem.

Now, those stats that I told you about. The Vikings, this Sunday’s opponents, have allowed 12 TD’s and the 2nd most fantasy points to receivers lined out wide this season. Significant, why? Ya’ boy, Sutton, has ran 82% of his routes out wide in 2019. I’ll take those odds.

Honourable Mentions: Mohamed Sanu (NE) @ PHI, Deebo Samuel (SF) vs ARI


Kyle Rudolph (MIN) vs Broncos

Picking TE’s for any article is the bane of my life; I never get it right, and what I’m left to pick with most weeks (outside of the obvious) just makes me weep. For this week’s attempt, I’ll be plumping for the big man in purple.

It’s not going to get you off your seat, but 5 straight games with 3 catches is something to hang your hat on in this apocalyptic, tight end world. Rudolph even caught 2 TD’s and a 2-point conversion last Sunday, and that came from just 4 catches for 14 yards; this pretty much sums up the position, league wide.

It’s a tough matchup on paper this, but with 4 TD’s in his last 4 games, and Vikings Mr. Reliable Adam Thielen still out, there’s a good chance just enough volume comes.

Honourable Mentions: Gerald Everett (LAR) vs CHI, Darren Waller (OAK) vs CIN

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QB – Jared Goff (LAR) vs Bears – The Rams signed Goff to a 4 year, $134M extension in September. That’s tough, just like the stout Bears D who only allow 14.2 points on average to opposing QB’s. Avoid Jared now, and maybe forever.

RB – Jordan Howard (PHI) vs Patriots – Howard was actually playing well before the bye, so I felt kind of bad putting him here. Saying that, New England have allowed just 75.8 rushing yards on average to the RB position, and Bill and the boys are bound to be mad. Fade.

WR – All Arizona WR’s (ARI) @ SF – Cool stat klaxon! Did you know, not including Andy Isabella’s blown coverage breakaway for a TD, the receiving corps of Johnson, Fitzgerald and Kirk combined for 8 catches, 68 yards and 1 TD in the first meeting between these two? Now on the road against the 49ers elite defence, I fear the worst.

TE – Noah Fant (DEN) @ MIN – The Vikings haven’t allowed a single TD to the TE position, and we’ve just finished Week 10. Also, I’ve had Noah twice this season when I’ve been in a tight spot, and he’s wet the bed on both occasions. Just no.  

Good luck this week!

DFS – Week 10

By Jake Linley-Brown (@JakeLB12)

This is my first DFS article for the Full10Yards family, which is exciting. I also like spending money I don’t have, so in that case, let’s make it rain.

QB – Kyler Murray – $6,500 (Arizona Cardinals @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Murray is putting down his claim for the NFL Rookie of the Year award (Josh Jacobs, I see you too). The impressive rookie threw 2 TD’s on Sunday against the tough 49ers defence, who hadn’t allowed a TD pass since Week 3. He’s also led this fun Cardinals team to outings of over 25 points in 4 of their last 5 games, which is a bit of a surprise considering the 3-5-1 record.

This week, Kyler goes up against the Bucs D, who seem to only like defending the run. The Bucs are allowing the 3rd most QB fantasy points per game, which is averaging out to 22.7 points per game for whoever lines up behind centre. Basically, Murray is money this week.

RB – Christian McCaffrey – $10,500 (Carolina Panthers @ Green Bay Packers)

I should just leave this bit blank because you all know by now what CMC has been up to; it’s biblical. Averaging over 30 points a game in PPR, on pace to top LaDanian Tomlinson’s video game numbers of 2006, dropping 150 yards from scrimmage on the regular…quite simply, he’s the best player in fantasy football.

Not that matchups matter for McCaffrey, this Sunday’s is pretty juicy. It’s the frozen tundra that is Lambeau Field and a Packers D that is in the top 5 most generous defences in terms of points allowed. Don’t even blink – put Christian in.

RB – Devin Singletary – $5,000 (Buffalo Bills @ Cleveland Browns)

I wrote a column a few weeks ago predicting our guy Devin would eventually topple the immortal Frank Gore in the Bills backfield – in Week 9, it finally happened. 140 scrimmage yards, with 95 rushing, led to a career day against the Redskins. Interestingly, that was the most scrimmage yards by any Bill in over 2 years.

This week’s matchup is against the Browns, who are currently looking like a stain of the same colour. The Browns are allowing the 5th most yards per game on the ground to backfields, not to mention all the other problems. Singletary is great value here, and seemingly on a roll to boot.

WR – Mike Evans – $7,600 (Arizona Cardinals @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

There is always the danger with the Bucs in picking who is going to go off at any given week – Godwin or Evans. This week, I’m expecting Magic Mike to be the one who blows up. Evans has 23 catches in his last two games, which totals to 78.8 points in PPR scoring. In other words, he’s pretty darn good and the early season inconsistencies seem to be a thing of the past.

If you needed any more encouragement with parting with that cold, hard, virtual cash, the Cardinals allow more passing TD’s than anyone else. Evans is a WR1 and then some.

WR – Jamison Crowder – $5,000 (New York Giants @ New York Jets)

Sam Darnold has had mono (I can’t spell the scientific term) and seen ghosts in the past few weeks – to put it lightly, it’s been tough for him. Thankfully, Crowder has come back into the fold after being MIA for the early part of the season. 8 catches with a TD against the terrible Dolphins last week hopefully means he’s turned the corner. There’s also no denying the Darnold-Crowder connection underneath, looking like somewhat of a security blanket at the line of scrimmage.

Week 10 pits the two New York teams against each other, which isn’t worthy of any ‘Super Sunday’ billing. That being said, the Giants are allowing the 2nd most points (42.2 in PPR) per game to receivers. Crowder is a good shout here at the mid-range level.

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WR – Russell Gage – $3,400 (Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints)

McCaffrey, Evans…Gage?! No, not that failed Nokia phone of the late 90’s, but the Mohamed Sanu replacement down in Atlanta. Gage had a season-high 47 offensive snaps, hauling in 7 of 9 targets in Week 8 against Seattle. Evidence suggests that he’s now 3rd on the WR chart for a team that’s pretty bad and will no doubt have to chuck it, a lot.

Matt Ryan is back this week for the trip to New Orleans, which also works in Russell’s favour. With Julio Jones likely to get extra attention from Lattimore and friends, the floor could open-up for Gage to engage his QB’s attention (ropey, but I’ll get my coat).

TE – Gerald Everett – $4,500 (Los Angeles Rams @ Pittsburgh Steelers)

The TE position is, as we all know, a barren wasteland. For a bit of value backed up by some worthy statistics, I think you could do a lot worse than Everett this week. His form has been patchy as of late – being held to only 2 catches twice in his last 3 outings – but his performances against Seattle (7 catches, 136 yards) and Atlanta (4 catches, 50 yards, 1 TD) in the last month or so give me hope.

For the trip to Heinz Field, I’m more optimistic than ever. The Steelers are in the top 10 for favourable matchups to the TE position. Combine that with coming off a bye week and the potential upside of more targets thanks to Brandin Cooks being out, I see $4,500 as a snip.

FLEX – Mike Gesicki – $3,100 (Miami Dolphins @ Indianapolis Colts)

Now we’re getting a bit weird. Mike Gesicki sounds more like a mob boss than an NFL Tight End, but I digress. The sophomore had his biggest game of the season last weekend, catching 6 balls for 95 yards against the Jets. There also seems to be a bond forming with Ryan Fitzpatrick, which is helpful for us, but also helpful for Fitzmagic considering he’s not got a lot else to throw to in Miami.

This week’s opponents, the Colts, have allowed the 7th most fantasy points per game to TE’s. Even better, the game script will most likely mean Gesicki being targeted often. It’s a punt, sure, but you can’t have all the stars mentioned above without some unknowns here and there, can you?

DST – Baltimore Ravens – $4,000 (Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals)

Ryan Finley is the QB for the Bengals. The End.

Trade Targets – Week 8

By Jake Linley-Brown (@JakeLB12)

A quick recap on Week 7: Sam Darnold can see ghosts (his words, not mine), ‘Sky Cam’ should be how we watch all football games, and it rains a lot in Washington around mid-October. Now that’s out the way, let’s talk trades!

With the fantasy playoffs sort of but not quite on the horizon, decisions you make regarding your roster are becoming more and more difficult. Injuries are creeping in, bye weeks are in full swing, and your league rivals are jostling you for a prime spot heading into the business end of the season.

‘Buying’ and ‘Selling’ on players is all subjective, of course, but because we’re good people here at Full 10 Yards, we like to give our two cents on such issues – just remember, we’re only human. Let’s roll.


Devin Singletary – RB Buffalo Bills

At the end of (so called) British summertime, just before draft season, Devin Singletary was being quietly tipped as a sleeper for the upcoming year. He was a hipster pick, if you will, and opened the season with a reasonable points haul against the two other New York teams. He then injured his hamstring, missed 3 games and returned to Benjamin Button Frank Gore still chugging away with double digit carries.

Although Gore may seem to possess super-human powers, Father Time will surely catch up with him at some point. The carries over the next few weeks will surely start to even out, or that’s what my spicy senses are telling me. With matchups against Washington and Miami on the schedule over the next month, and the good chance Singletary owners are feeling deflated, the RB-needy teams could do a lot worse.

Kenny Golladay – WR Detroit Lions

Remember those number pattern sequences you’d see from time to time in Year 7 Maths? Look at Kenny’s PPR points totals from Week 1 to Week 7: 14.2, 25.7, 3.7, 23.7, 17.1, 3.1. This pattern to me indicates two things: 1) He’s due a double digit total this week against a crummy Giants defence, and 2) He’s pretty inconsistent for a guy who was seeing 9 targets on average per game until last week. The key thing here though, is inconsistency.

Hear me out. The same inconsistency that is probably weighing on his or her owners’ mind right now is what you can use to your advantage when proposing a trade. Marvin Jones scored 4 TD’s last week, deservedly stole the show and made people think he’s going to be the man going forward. Thing is, Golladay had 28.6 more points than Jones going into last weeks matchup, and it wouldn’t be unfair to call the Jones final stat line an aberration.

Kenny G has some favourable games to come too (NYG, OAK, WAS) so pinching him now could prove to be very fruitful down the road.

Terry McLaurin – WR Washington Redskins

‘Scary’ Terry has been winning over a lot of fans this season. The rookie from Ohio State has been the Galaxy Caramel in a box of Bounty’s, notching for 5 TD’s on the season already for a team which is only going one way, and that’s down.

As mentioned earlier, this past weekend’s game at FedEx Field was like a scene from ‘Waterworld’, and just like the Kevin Costner flop, McLaurin failed to make any impact at all. The good thing is that he’s been a relatively consistent performer this year, and we can’t blame him for last week. 

The Redskins are so bad that game scripts for the rest of the year will mean throwing the ball a ton. Thankfully, this works for Terry.

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Julio Jones – WR Atlanta Falcons

This week’s edition of ‘Put On The Block’ is particularly spicy featuring some seriously hot takes. Without further ado, here’s my first.

Julio Jones is a bonafide baller, make no mistake about it, but the situation he finds himself in currently is not good. Matt Ryan went down last week with an ankle sprain which looks like it’s going to rule him out of this Sunday’s tussle with the Seahawks – a bottom half defence in both receptions and receiving yards allowed to opposing wideouts. His replacement? Matt Schaub. Yikes.

After Seattle, the schedule isn’t great for a team at 1-6: New Orleans twice, Carolina twice, and a road trip to San Francisco. There’s also a bye week after this upcoming game, so that’s no good to you either. Finally, they let Mohamed Sanu go to that team who is quite good in New England this week, and there’s no guarantee the Falcons are done with blowing up the team for the year. The inevitable murmurings of team unrest and coach Dan Quinn seeing the door are trending, too. 

Some owners in your league might live by the ‘go hard or go home rule’ when it comes to trade offers. If they come calling to you and Julio, at least listen. He may very well go on to do ‘Julio’ like things for the rest of the season, or he may get fed up with the whole thing and disappear into the bushes, a la Homer Simpson. Just listen, that’s all I’m saying.

DEF/ST – New England Patriots

I told you this week was spicy. But again, before you accuse me of being drunk as I type this, hear my reasoning.

This all-time unit has been pulling up trees for weeks, winning fantasy matchups up and down the land thanks to the performances of the McCourty brothers and friends. Basically, it would take some serious cojones to part ways with this unit.

The caveat is the schedule. Although by no means a murderer’s row of opponents, the next few weeks reads: vs Browns, @ Ravens, @ Eagles, vs Cowboys, @ Texans, vs Chiefs. Regression is a possibility for this defence, no? History, and to a lesser extent human science, would say so.

It’s all about needs and balance of your roster. If you feel like your team has enough to see you through to the end, then good on you, and I apologise for wasting your last 40 seconds. IF your team is lacking some firepower, and you hope to make a run in the playoffs, then it’s a consideration to make. Godfather offers only here, please.

Melvin Gordon – RB Los Angeles Chargers

You know what? I don’t even feel bad about this one – just annoyance instead. Since returning from his holdout that achieved…erm…yeah, since returning, Gordon has fumbled the ball at the goal line, gone on hiatus from the endzone, and averaged just 2.25 yards a carry. In a nutshell, Gordon has been flat out bad.

With particularly tough outings ahead (Green Bay, @ Chicago) as well as a Week 12 bye, Gordon could potentially be traded to that owner in your league who still yearns for last year’s version of Melvin. Not to mention, Austin Ekeler is still looking like the better hand out of the backfield. So, if there is a footballing god, justice would prevail, and Austin would get the job he had back in Week 1. And you can’t hate on justice.

If you have any trade questions, any start/sit dilemmas, get in contact with us here at Full10Yards on Social Media and we’ll help you out!

Until then, good luck with your trades and your matchups!

Start ’em, Sit ’em – Week 6

By Jake Linley-Brown @JakeLB12)

Week 5 was seriously wild. Serious points were put on the board, contenders we thought were serious showed chinks in the armour, and the ball was fumbled a seriously ridiculous amount of times.

In all seriousness (I’ll stop now), what we are left with is two un-beaten teams – the 49ers and the Patriots. For the rest of the league, it’s a case of making the adjustments and right decisions going forward to make sure they stay with them. For people like you and me, we care about who starts and who sits on our fantasy team(s), continuing with this week’s slate of games; Week 6, to be precise.

This week’s bye teams are the Bills, the Bears, the Colts and the Raiders. Vamonos!


Kyler Murray (ARI) vs Falcons

Arizona picked up their first win of the season last week (ignore that it came against the Bengals and roll with me here), so spirits are reasonably high. The biggest takeaway from the game, however, is the encouraging progress Kyler Murray is making. The modest stat line of 253 yards with no TD’s or INT’s doesn’t tell the whole story. With QB’s, the eye test rarely lets you down, and Murray is showing better pocket presence every week, culminating in his highest rushing total in the pros to date (10 carries, 93 yards, 1 TD vs Bengals).

His reward for last Sunday is a potential barn burner at home to the Falcons. Atlanta’s D is showing more holes than a colander, with Deshaun Watson dropping a 53 burger on them in week 5. As I’m not able to think of any more food/kitchen related puns, I’ll just leave you with the fact that the Atlanta defence is allowing the 2nd most points to opposing QB’s (23.3 PPG). I’d say that’s a strong enough case to roll out the rookie.  

Honourable Mentions: Dak Prescott (DAL) @ NYJ, Gardner Minshew (JAX) vs NO


Kerryon Johnson (DET) @ Packers

Do you remember when people lost their mind over C.J. Anderson cutting into Kerryon Johnson’s workload? I remember, because I was one of those people. Thankfully, those days are long gone. The 2nd year running back out of Auburn has been let loose, breaking free of those metaphorical shackles against the Chiefs in week 4 (26 carries for 125 yards, 2 catches for 35 yards), and now cementing his place as the true bell cow of this offense.

A trip up to Lambeau Field on Monday Night Football awaits Kerryon and his Lions. The Packers are sitting pretty at 4-1, but the rushing defence is anything but. The Cheeseheads are allowing an average of 32 points a game to opposing backs. They’ve also allowed a rushing TD in each of the last 4 games. Keeping to the theme of food related humour, in my head I’m dying to compare this Packers rushing defence to Swiss Cheese, but that wouldn’t be very mature (I’m sorry).

I anticipate this game to be close. I also anticipate Kerryon Johnson to show up for prime time this Monday. Start this man.

Honourable Mentions: Matt Breida (SF) @ LAR, Sony Michel (NE) vs NYG


D.J. Moore (CAR) @ Buccaneers

Week 6 is full of candidates at the WR position who could step up and surprise a few people. For my selection, I’m looking at D.J. Moore to turn the tables on the Buccaneers defence. Granted, D.J. and the rest of Carolina offense (minus Christian McCaffrey, obviously) have struggled to really get going in the wake of Cam Newton’s absence. Moore has 1 TD for the season, which was 3 weeks ago, and has yet to build a strong bromance with Kyle Allen.

That being said, breakout game potential is bubbling for Tottenham Hotspur stadium on Sunday. Moore and his Carolina Panthers have taken London’s call to meet up with the ‘home team’ Tampa Bay Buccaneers for an NFC South rematch. Tampa won the 1st game back in week 2, which ironically was D.J.’s highest fantasy points total of the season (17.9 points).

Weird stuff usually happens in these London games, but something pretty weird would have to happen for Tampa’s defence, which allows the 3rd highest fantasy points to WR’s, to suddenly come good. If all the attention is on McCaffrey, Moore can make the most of his trip to the nation’s capital.

Honourable Mentions: DJ Chark (JAX) vs NO, Michael Gallup (DAL) @ NYJ


Austin Hooper (ATL) @ Cardinals

To conclude the starts for this week, it’s back to the game where we started. Only this time, we’re looking at the other team. Austin Hooper is not only becoming the man for the Falcons, leading target share percentage in a team that has Julio Jones, but he actually is the man in the TE rankings this year. Kittle, Kelce, Ertz – all below our man, Austin.

Hooper is averaging 16.9 points in fantasy this season, despite only scoring 2 TD’s which came in the same game, back in week 2. The volume is there and for a position that is so wafer thin across the league, players such as Hooper are a godsend.

My spidey senses are telling me Hooper isn’t going to have to wait much longer for his next TD of the season. The Cardinals, this week’s opponent, allow more fantasy points to Tight End’s than ANYBODY. You’re welcome.

Honourable Mentions: Gerald Everett (LAR) vs SF, Will Dissly (SEA) @ CLE

QB – Matt Stafford (DET) @ Packers – You can beat the Packers on the ground, as discussed earlier, but through the air is proving to be difficult to say the least. Green Bay is allowing only 13 points to QB’s on average so far, so give Matt the cold shoulder in week 6.

RB – Jordan Howard (PHI) @ Vikings – The Vikings D has allowed only one rushing TD all year. Combine that with the fact Howard and Miles Sanders are still splitting carries, I think it’s easy to ignore Howard’s recent scoring spree and bench him.

WR – Mike Evans (TB) vs Panthers – I’m absolutely prepared to die on my sword for this one. In his last 5 games against the Panthers, big Mike has only 20 catches for 292 yards and zero TD’s. He’s also now playing second fiddle to Chris Godwin in the air attack. Me no likey.

TE – Tyler Eifert (CIN) @ Ravens – Up until last week, every team had scored a TD from their TE against the Cardinals. Guess who bucked the trend?

Good luck this with all your matchups this week. Let’s go get the win!