NFL Deep Dive – Week 4

This week, we go for a double deep dive! First, Sean Tyler looks at those players on the comeback trail after some serious time out of the game… IT’S ALL COMING BACK TO ME NOW Before the 2020 season, who was your pick for Comeback Player of the Year? Gronk reuniting with Tom Brady in […]

Season In Review – Indianapolis Colts

By Euan de Ste Croix Back again for more season reviews, today it’s time to look at the Colts, a team who perhaps were the most under-prepared going into the season, but what’s the outlook for them? the season The 2019 season was always going to be remembered, regardless of any ensuing on-field results, as […]

Season In Review – Houston Texans

By Euan De Ste Croix (@podcastTexans) The NFL season is over which means 2 things, 1 – it’s time to be sad for a few months until the NFL Draft and 2 – You now have a lot of time on your hands. In this series of articles, we try and take care of number […]

Week 14 Takeaways

By Euan (@dissy89) The Cowboys crumble in the Windy City, 31-24. Thursday night football saw the Bears take their 4th win in their last 5 games. Mitchell Trubisky showed his wheels with 63 rushing yards and 244 through the air, providing 4 total touchdowns. Despite being the number one offence in total yards, the Cowboys […]

National Football Litigation – The Foundations of the Game in Question.

By Euan De Ste Croix (@Dissy89) The NFL, supposedly stands for the National Football League. A complex sport which relies on its custodians in the black and white stripes for the integrity of its game to be upheld. But the 2019 season has seen many question their role. Their credibility, is the subject of much […]

Full10Lookaheads – Week 13

By Tim Monk (@Tim_MonkF10Y) and Euan De Ste Croix (@dissy89) Who’ll be the Turkey at Thanksgiving? Although they’ve done away with the Galloping Gobbler award on thanksgiving, many people will be looking to see if Jason Garrett will be ripe for roasting once again as they host the Buffalo Bills in their traditional home Thanksgiving […]