NFL Draft 2021: Rough Diamonds Series by Keith Lucken

The Draft will always be the preferred way to build your team. Yes, flashy big name, expensive free agents will please the fan bases, but it’s the draft where you build your core young players, whilst paying them much less Read More

Way Too Early 2022 Mock Draft

Welcome to Draft Season! 2022 Draft Season. We all know that the draft season never sleeps and today, Monday 3rd May 2021 is the very first day of the 2022 draft season. Feeling bummed out at your team’s draft selections Read More

2021 NFL Draft: Day One Analysis – AFC East

Well that was fun wasn’t it? Night one of the NFL draft is in the books, and despite the predicted deluge of trades not quite happening, it was an evening of intrigue and surprises. In the AFC East there were Read More