BAFA Playoffs Quarter Final Roundup

The business end of the season is here. Knockout football has started and I can tell by the twitter feeds from each of the teams that this is life or death stuff.

We have upsets, we have comebacks and everything in between and the Premiership Playoffs haven’t even started.

Let’s get in to the weekends playoff action and see how well I did with my predictions…

Division 1 – NFC

(#5) East Kilbride 20 @ 21 Sandwell Steelers (#1)

The Pirates seemingly didn’t have any travel hangover as they stormed out to a 21-0 lead and kind of took the Steelers by surprise.

I don’t know what the coach said to them at half time and we’ll try and find out for you but the Steelers managed to blow up the pirates’s ship and managed to come from behind and take the win right from under the pirates noses, scoring inside the 2 minute warning and then shutting up shop.

The prediction of a 1pt game was spot on, just for the wrong team!

(#8) Shropshire Revolution 0 @ 35 Northumberland Vikings (#3)

I had the Vikings to win by 3 scores in this one purely because of the potency and stubbornness of the Vikings and that proved to be the case. A shutout in the postseason has the hallmarks of an excellent team.

Vikings in total control of this one at home and will face the Sandwell Steelers next week. These two will serve up a feast for the eyes, they were only separated by 1 point in the playoffs last season.

Division 1 – SFC

(#6) London Hornets 0 @ 31 Solent Thrashers (#2)

Talking of shutouts, this was the 2nd of 3 in total over the weekend. Slowish start to the game, but the thrashers by all accounts dominated the 2nd half to take this one comfortably in the end. My result prediction was correct as I had Solent, by only by the one score so not perfect.

(#7) Sussex Thunder 15 @ 27 Cambridgeshire Cats (#4)

The Cats managed to outrun the thunder in this one, getting out to an early lead.

The Thunder did threaten a comeback of a similar ilk to the Sandwell Steelers, with the Cats getting out to a 21-0 lead. The Thunder roared back to make it 21-15 but the cats clawed themselves into next week’s semi-finals where they will face the Thrashers away from home.

Got my predictions wrong in this one, I went for a Thunder win with both teams scoring 25+, just needed the thunder to continue that fightback but it was a good, tense and feisty game none the less.

Division 2 – North

(#8) Staffordshire Surge 6 @ 43 Birmingham Bulls (#1)

I predicted a 50 burger shutout here for the Bulls and that went straight out of the window on the opening drive as Staffordshire “surged” in to a 6-0 lead. Birmingham, somewhat sluggish out of the blocks then never looked back once they had their scare and returned to Bull rush the visitors almost getting to the 50 burger. So not far away all told. I’m not sure Birmingham will be able to get away with another slow start next week as they face the Goliaths.

(#7) Dumfries Hunters 7 @ 37 Halton Spartans (#2)

A fairly straight forward game here for the Spartans at home. You have to wonder if the travel down the M6 and the beautiful stadium caused them to be a bit in awe like the GM Ian Derbyshire mentioned on the podcast last week. From all accounts, a straight forward victory was on the cards and that’s how it turned out, just like my prediction.

(#6) Leeds Bobcats 8 @ 26 Clyde Valley Blackhawks (#3)

You can see from the tweet what the view would have been like for a Blackhawk, prior to the swooping down and nabbing the said Bobcats.

I went for an upset here in this one, taking the bobcats but the Blackhawks swooped down and caught their prey. Clyde Valley on the field had things in control for the most part and they must be impressed with a 3 score victory in this one. Clyde Valley will be looking to extract revenge for their neighbours Dumfries and restore the Scottish pride as they now head down the M6 to face Halton.

(#5) Inverclyde Goliaths 22 @ 18 Lincolnshire Bombers (#4)

Cracking game here in Lincolnshire with the lead changing multiple times and it coming down to the last play/drive. Inverclyde got on the scoreboard first, missing the 2pt attempt afterwards to make it 6-0. RB Elliot Harvey rushed one in prior to half time to give the Bombers a 7-6 HT lead.

After the break, the bombers extended their lead to 10-6 with a FG in the 3rd quarter but the Scottish porridge started to kick in and so did the Goliaths. They converted the 2pt attempt to take it to 14-10 Goliaths and the lead was further extended, making it 22-10. The Bombers got late reinforcements as Ryan Wakeling made it 18-22 to give the Goliaths something to think about and the Bombers even got the ball back when Inverclyde fumbled with a minute left on the clock. They were unable to find the endzone and a thoroughly enjoyable game sees the Scots take the win by 4pts. Not many travelling teams won this weekend so cracking effort from Inverclyde.

Division 2 – South

(#8) Ipswich Cardinals 0 @ 21 Essex Spartans (#1)

In a rematch of the final regular season game, the Cardinals were unable to overturn the regular season result. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to trouble the scoreboard either as the Spartans posted the 3rd shutout of the weekend. The defence has been solid all season and as I said earlier, a post season shutout is something to savour. I went for a 2 score win by the Spartans and they won by three. Why do you have to be like that guys?

(#7) Bristol Apache 3 @ 28 South Wales Warriors (#2)

We predicted a comfortable game here for South Wales and The Warriors continued their fine form, trouncing the Apache 28-3. Warriors scoring a TD in each quarter kept the Apache chasing for most of the game and could only muster a field goal consolation in the 4th quarter.The Warriors now host the Blitz in one of the ties of the week.

(#6) Torbay Trojans 7 @ 37 London Blitz B (#3)

The Blitz continued what they did all regular season, making light work of teams and the Trojans were no different. The prediction was the blitz by a wide margin and I constitute 4 scores a wide margin. It will be interesting to see how they travel over to Llanharan, Wales in what should be a game worth watching! Certainly worth a #EyesPeeled there!

(#5) Bournemouth Bobcats 30 @ 6 Norwich Devils (#4)

Not sure you can call a #5 seed beating a #4 seed an upset, but as previously stated, winning away from home, especially in the playoffs, is hard to do so congratulations to Bournemouth who take a convincing victory on the west coast. We fancied the Bobcats to win by 10 and win by 3 scores!

That M25 can’t have been too bad! Good for them is that they’ll be on that beautiful car park next weekend too. They’ll face the #1 seed Essex Spartans.

So there we have it, results are in and the top 3 seeds in both divisions are through to the semi finals some with closer shaves than others. Here is how next week’s fixtures shape up, including the Premiership coming in to play!

Semi Final Lineup


Manchester Titans @ London Warriors

London Blitz @ Tamworth Phoenix

Division 1 – North

Northumberland Vikings @ Sandwell Steelers

Division 1 – South

Cambridgeshire Cats @ Solent Thrashers

Division 2 – North

Inverclyde Goliaths @ Birmingham Bulls

Clyde Valley Blackhawks @ Halton Spartans

Division 2 – South

Bournemouth Bobcats @ Essex Spartans

London Blitz B @ South Wales Warriors

Check back later in the week for another podcast and a Semi Final preview! Don’t forget to check out the IFAF Women’s European Championships, live on YouTube all week!


BAFA Playoff Preview

By Tim Monk – @Tim_MonkF10Y

The post season is here! Knockout football. The stakes are high as are the rewards. Division 1 and division 2 kick us off this weekend with some intriguing fixtures. We’ll be dropping a special podcast on Saturday morning interviewing a few teams ahead of some of the big games. Here’s what is on the whole Britball menu and my predictions…

Division 1

(#5) East Kilbride Pirates @ Sandwell Steelers (#1)

East Kilbride will be looking to revert back to their usual self as they travel south of the border to West Midlands as they face the #1 seed in the Sandwell Steelers. The Pirates’ high flying offence which put up over 350 regular season points will need to put their recent shutout performance behind them to beat the undefeated Steelers who also have a stingy defence, conceding just 48 points so far this year.

Prediction: East Kilbride by 1 point

(#6) London Hornets @ Solent Thrashers (#2)

Solent have had a marginally more potent offence and home advantage but in the regular season but both teams have had stingy defences so don’t be surprised if this turns in to a slug fest in the trenches and a game that is settle by 1 score. Some good battles between the 4 teams in the playoffs from the SFC 1 East and Central teams this week.

Prediction: Solent win by a TD

(#8) Shropshire Revolution @Northumberland Vikings (#3)

Northumberland Vikings should take care of business in this fixture and the defence will be licking their lips once more after only conceding 37 points all regular season. Shropshire squeezed through at the expense of Lancashire in the NFC 1 South but it’ll be one and done for the Revolution.

This one is live as usual on the YouTube channel! No blackouts from Sky either, yippee!

Prediction: Vikings by 3 scores

(#7) Sussex Thunder @ Cambridgeshire Cats (#4)

As with the Thrashers/Hornets game, this should be a feisty one between the SFC 1 East and Central teams. Fancy a high scoring game here as Sussex will bring the Thunder to Cambridgeshire and the Cats will have to try and keep clawing them back. Home advantage could prove vital but it’ll be the fans that win in this entertaining affair.

Prediction: Sussex win by a TD with both teams scoring 25+.

Division 2


(#8) Staffordshire Surge @ Birmingham Bulls (#1)

The Surge are going to have to pull off something miraculous here to breach a Bulls defence that has only conceded 13 points all regular season and posted 6 shutouts in 8 games, the best in the UK. The 3-5 Surge are surely big underdogs here with the Bulls wining by 21 points and 28 points in their 2 regular season meetings this season but when it comes down to one postseason game, who knows…

Prediction: Bulls with a 50-burger shutout

(#7) Dumfries Hunters @ Halton Spartans (#2)

The undefeated Spartans welcome the Hunters and Halton will be looking to continue their undefeated year with the same formula of explosive offence (368pts in regular season) and stubborn D (48pts allowed). Dumfries have put in a few decent efforts this term including a recent draw with the Blackhawks but I feel that the few hours trip down the M6 for Dumfries will seem like a lot longer on the way back.

Prediction: Halton by a few scores.

(#6) Leeds Bobcats @ Clyde Valley Blackhawks (#3)

Talking of M6 journeys, the Bobcats could probably wave to the Dumfries Hunters as they travel to Beltane Park and the Clyde Valley Blackhawks. Clyde Valley synonymous with low scoring games (average of 14-6 final scores) this season will be looking to blunt the claws of the Bobcats. Going to go for an away win here in a squeaky bum affair.

Prediction: Bobcats by a Field Goal.

(#5) Inverclyde Goliaths @ Lincolnshire Bombers (#4)

Inverclyde make the one of the longest trips of the weekend to Lincolnshire where both teams have a 6-2 regular season record and similar points differentials meaning this could be a close one. Have to wonder whether travel will play it’s part but Inverclyde will be relying on their star running back to avoid the bombers and score a few TDs. Going to be very tight and as such, give the win to the home team.

Prediction: Bombers by less than a Field Goal.


(#8) Ipswich Cardinals @ Essex Spartans (#1)

In a repeat of last week’s final regular season game, the Cardinals will try and get revenge on the number 1 seed. It’s a tough ask and I can’t see anything but a home win here with the Spartans defence being the main difference between the two teams.

Prediction: Essex Spartans by 2 scores.

(#7) Bristol Apache @ South Wales Warriors (#2)

In another game with 2 teams from the same division, the Apache lost by 25 points in their previous meeting in May so look to be up against it. The Warriors seem in no mood to let up after their crushing performance last week which is a sign of a focused team. Time can change things however and Bristol have put in some decent performances of their own this season. Not sure it’ll be quite enough to get a result here.

Prediction: Warriors comfortably.

(#6) Torbay Trojans @ London Blitz B (#3)

The Trojans seem to have one of the most difficult assignments as they travel to London. The Blitz B  have put everyone to the sword this season, almost AVERAGING 50 burgers and single digit defensive performances each week. Their appetite will not wain in their quest for the semi finals and the trojans, who have posted 3 of their own shutouts this season and had their own 50 burger last week will give it their all.

Prediction: Blitz by a wide margin.

(#5) Bournemouth Bobcats @ Norwich Devils (#4)

Last up we have the Bournemouth Bobcats travelling to the east coast (enjoy the M25!) in what looks to be a tight one. Bournemouth have not been afraid of the endzone this season tallying almost 300 points and this could be the difference in a game where defences are likely to be on top. Bournemouth had the Blitz B in their division and are likely to be stronger than their record suggests and this could be a slight step up here for the Devils.

Prediction:  Bobcats by 10.

Good luck to all the teams playing this weekend, we’ll be back next week with the roundup of the results as well as a preview to the big boys entering the post season.

BAFA National League – Week 17 Results Roundup

By Tim Monk – @Tim_MonkF10Y

Just the Division 2 fixtures this week as the Division 1 teams gear up for the post season.

This being the final regular season week, we’ll also give you the playoffs for both divisions at the bottom.

So even with a reduced fixture list, a lot went on so let’s take a look at what went down….

NFC 2 North

Clyde Valley Blackhawks 12 – 14 Inverclyde Goliaths

Let’s start with a bit of an upset in the South East of Scotland.

Clyde Valley Blackhawks lose their undefeated season after going down 14-12 to the Inverclyde Goliaths. The result sees the Goliaths their playoff seeding improve to #5 with Dumfries falling to seed #7. Clyde Valley keep their #3 seed due to their draw against Dumfries last week.

NFC 2 Central

Furness Phantoms 19 – 8 Knottingley Raiders

Halton Spartans 41 – 13 Morecambe Bay Storm

Halton Spartans complete their quest for an undefeated season after riding out the storm convincingly.

Furness Phantoms ensured they couldn’t finish bottom with a win over the Knottingley raiders, where both teams can now put their feet up and watch the playoffs and come back again next year.

NFC 2 South

Birmingham Bulls 21 – 0 Staffordshire Surge

Lincolnshire Bombers 54 – 14 Crewe Railroaders

Talking of undefeated season, Birmingham Bulls have one of their own after shutting out the Surge at home. With the victory, the Birmingham Bulls take the #1 seed into the playoffs.

Joining them as the #4 seed, the Lincolnshire Bombers signed off the regular season with a 50 burger against the Railroaders who finish the season winless.

SFC 2 West

South Wales Warriors 51 – 0 Cornish Sharks

South Wales Warriors sign off with a 50 Burger shutout of the Cornish Sharks. The warriors have a perfect regular season record and points differential of +244 and take the #2 seed heading into the playoffs.

SFC 2 South

Hastings Conquerors 0 – 60 Bournemouth Bobcats

Jurassic Coast Raptors 14 – 36 Swindon Storm

After tasting pay dirt for the first time last week, the Hasting Conquerors were not able to repeat the feat against the #5 seed Bournemouth Bobcats, going down 60-0.

The fight for pride but effective dead rubber against the Raptors and Storm went to the visitors and both will square off again next season.

SFC 2 East

East Essex Sabres 7 – 31 East Kent Mavericks

Essex Spartans 27 – 14 Ipswich Cardinals

Norwich Devils  53 – 19 Maidstone Pumas

Full fixture list on the final weekend of the regular season saw pride and seedings on the line with all positions sewn up prior to kick off.

Essex Spartans’ win over the Ipswich Cardinals give them the reward of the #1 seed in the post season. After the defeat, Ipswich take the #8 seed which means we will see the repeat fixture next week! Can the Cardinals get their revenge?

Norwich take the #4 seed after their convincing victory over the Maidstone Pumas and will host the Bournemouth Bobcats next week.

The other fixture sees the “East Bowl” go the way of East Kent as they best the Sabres 31-7.

In the game between 50 burgers and shutouts, 50 burgers win 4-3.

There are the results and now it’s time to give you how the playoff shakes out:

NFC 2 Playoffs – 11th August

(#8) Staffordshire Surge @ Birmingham Bulls (#1)

(#7) Dumfries Hunters @ Halton Spartans (#2)

(#6) Leeds Bobcats @ Clyde Valley Blackhawks (#3)

(#5) Inverclyde Goliaths @ Lincolnshire Bombers (#4)

The above games will be played on 11 August 2019, the winners advance to the semi-finals, which will be played on 18 August.

The winners of the semi-finals will secure promotion to Division 1 North with the Division 1 North final to be played on Saturday 7 September 2019 at Druid Park, in Woolsington, Newcastle upon Tyne.

SFC 2 Playoffs – 11th August

(#8) Ipswich Cardinals @ Essex Spartans (#1)

(#7) Bristol Apache @ South Wales Warriors (#2)

(#6) Torbay Trojans @ London Blitz B (#3)

(#5) Bournemouth Bobcats @ Norwich Devils (#4)

The above games will be played on 11 August 2019, the winners advance to the semi- finals, which are being played the following week on 18 August 2019.

The winners of the semi-finals will play in the Division 2 South final, to take place during Britbowl weekend in London on Saturday 31 August 2019. They will also win promotion, playing in Division 1 South for the 2020 season.

NOTE: In 2019 three teams were relegated from Division 1 South, due to the additional relegation of Ouse Valley Eagles who were issued with their second yellow card in two years. This means that there will be an additional promotion spot in 2019 which will be awarded to the highest-ranked losing semi-finalist.

Coming up later this week, the Playoff weekend preview!


Britball Week 16 Roundup

By Tim Monk (@Tim_MonkF10Y)

This week saw division titles being won and trap doors being opened so let’s dive right into it and give you the results and the provisional playoff picture…

Prem North

Absolute scenes in this division with it going to the wire!

The Manchester Titans stormed out to a 17-0 lead against the Tamworth Phoenix, only for the Nix to come back with 3 second half TDs to take the game 21-17.

For Manchester, this was a game that had everything on the line for them. Win and in, lose and potentially be out of the playoffs.

With the loss, they were looking for the Sheffield Giants to do them a favour and avoid defeat.

Sheffield themselves were embroiled in a relegation dogfight, knowing that avoiding that defeat would mean Prem North Football next season.

There was a lot of hush on the interweb and social media, but once all the Titans’ fingernails were bitten off, it trickled out that it was a 22-22 tie!

The epitome of joy and despair shown after the final whistle sees the Giants safe but the Nighthawks missing out on the postseason.

So for the relegation spot, it came down to the game between the Edinburgh Wolves and the Leicester Falcons. Winner stays in, loser falls through that trap door.

Unfortunately, Leicester were unable to put up too much off a fight, battling hard all season with the deck stacked against them. It was a comfortable 47-6 win for the Wolves who secure top flight football again in 2020.


Manchester Titans 17-21 Tamworth Phoenix
Edinburgh Wolves 47-6 Leicester Falcons
Sheffield Giants 22-22 Merseyside Nighthawks

Prem South

Pretty much no implications at the top with the Warriors and the Blitz already confirmed for some August football (doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as January Football does it?).

The Warriors helped themselves to the 50 burger shutout combo vs the Bristol Aztecs where as the Blitz has a bit of a closer game, defeating the Olympians by a single point! Unfortunately the game had to be called inside the two minute warning due to a serious player injury so best wishes for a speedy recovery.

The Farnham Knights were unable to challenge the Kent Exiles, losing 19-0 and dropping down a division for 2020. Things may have turned out differently after a nervy opening half from both sides, but Kent put in the performance in the 2nd half to secure their places at the top table in the South.


London Blitz 15-14 London Olympians
Bristol Aztecs 0-55 London Warriors
Kent Exiles 19-0 Farnham Knights

NFC 1 North

Big game in the division saw the Northumberland Vikings take the spoils in a gritty game against the Aberdeen Roughnecks 16-6. The Vikings take the #2 seed into the playoffs at the expense of the EK Pirates. Don’t forget to check out our podcast with Coach O’Reagan of the Vikings last week!

The other dead rubber saw the Rams take a 15-12 victory over the Glasgow Tigers, who missed  a field goal with 6 seconds left to tie.


Northumberland Vikings 16-6 Aberdeen Roughnecks
Yorkshire Rams 15-12 Glasgow Tigers

NFC 1 South

2 wins for the teams participating in the post season;

The 10-0 undefeated Sandwell Steelers will host the EK Pirates in the post season after they had secured the #1 seed. They beat the Lancashire Wolverines 29-24 after a spirited comeback in the 2nd half by the Wolverines and win the NFC 1 North.

Shropshire will travel up to Northumberland in 2 weeks (start walking now!) and defeat of the Nottingham Caesars will at the very least put the confidence and morale high going in to the postseason game.


Nottingham Caesars 14-37 Shropshire Revolution
Sandwell Steelers 29-24 Lancashire Wolverines 

SFC 1 Central

Talking of undefeated teams, the Solent Thrashers did just that despite a 1 score game against the Hertfordshire Cheetahs. The result also meant that the Cheetahs miss out on the post season too as the Sussex Thunder win over the Berkshire Renegades by the score of 48-12 means that they snatch the playoff berth from under the noses of Hertfordshire. That result also meant the Renegades were relegated from the division. That was because in the 3rd game in the division saw the Oxford Saints defeat the Portsmouth Dreadnaughts 22-13. A lot of ramifications in all these games here!


Solent Thrashers 24-19 Hertfordshire Cheetahs
Sussex Thunder 48-12 Berkshire Renegades
Portsmouth Dreadnoughts 13-22 Oxford Saints 

SFC 1 East

The Cambridgeshire Cats took the division title after securing a 29-0 victory over the Colchester Gladiators, condemning the Gladiators’ bottom spot in the division.

Cambridgeshire will now host the Sussex Thunder whilst the London Hornets travel to the Solent Thrashers.

In the other game in the division, the Wembley Stallions defeated the Bury Saints 16-14 in essentially a dead rubber (is there such a thing in our game?!?!)


Wembley Stallions 16-14 Bury Saints
Cambridgeshire Cats 29-0 Colchester Gladiators

NFC 2 North

In the 2nd tie of the weekend, the Clyde Valley Blackhawks only needed that draw to confirm themselves as division champions. The Dumfries Hunters were unable to get the victory wo will have to settle for 2nd.

The newly crowned champions still have 1 piece of business to attend to and that’s to host the Inverclyde Goliaths next week.


Dumfries Hunters 6-6 Clyde Valley Blackhawks

NFC 2 Central

The Leeds Bobcats enjoyed a 40-20 win of the Knottingley Raiders but already have 2nd spot secured in the division. 1 set of fixtures left to play next week sees Halton Spartans go for the perfect record as they host Morecambe Bay Storm and Furness Phantoms face the Knottingley Raiders where the Phantoms look to try and lift themselves off the bottom of the division.


Knottingley Raiders 20-40 Leeds Bobcats

NFC 2 South

Unfortunately the game between Lincolnshire Bombers and Crewe Railroaders also had to be called early (3rd quarter) due to a player injury. Best wishes to the player involved and hope he is ok.

The result sees both teams confirmed in their current league table positions, with Lincolnshire confirmed 2nd and Crewe confirmed bottom of the pile.


Crewe Railroaders 0-26 Lincolnshire Bombers

SFC 2 West

No games played this week.

South Wales Warriors will be going for the undefeated season next week when they host the Cornish Sharks.

SFC 2 South

Hastings Conquerors were finally able to get on the scoreboard but were beaten 54-8 by the Jurassic Coast Raptors. The result confirms Hastings to the root of the division as the Raptors were the team immediately above them.

Elsewhere, Swindon Storm were shut out by the London Blitz B 47-0 which confirms their undefeated regular season.

The final set of fixtures next week sees Hastings take on the Bournemouth Bobcats and the Raptors hosting the Swindon Storm. Just pride on the line in these ones.


Hastings Conquerors 8-54 Jurassic Coast Raptors
Swindon Storm 0-47 London Blitz B 

SFC 2 East

Last up, in what Good ‘ol JR calls a slobberknocker, the Ipswich Cardinals defeat the East Kent Mavericks 40-35.

The final set of fixtures sees all 6 teams in action;

East Essex Sabres host the Mavericks, Essex Spartans host the Cardinals and the Norwich Devils take on the Maidstone Pumas. The Essex Spartans are the final team seeking an undefeated Regular Season.


Ipswich Cardinals 40-35 East Kent Mavericks

Some decent, competitive games across the board this week in Britball as the battle between the 50 Burgers vs the Shutouts, the Shutouts win 4-2 and we had 2 tied games in games that had consequences at both ends of the tables.

Below are the provisional post season fixtures:


London Warriors vs Manchester Titans

Tamworth Phoenix vs London Blitz


Northumberland Vikings vs Shropshire Revolution – (LIVE on YouTube)

Sandwell Steelers vs East Kilbride Pirates


Cambridgeshire Cats vs Sussex Thunder

Solent Thrashers vs London Hornets

Away from the leagues, we had 1 associate game where the Hereford Stampede defeated the Torbay Trojans 12-0!

Please give our Twitter handle a follow (F10YBritball) and out podcast a subscribe, rating and review where we will be looking to provide weekly interviews with all the teams in the mix.

This week we will feature the Dunfermline Kings and how they are getting on in the Associate Process. We will focus our attentions to the post season too.

Keep those EYES PEELED!

BAFA National League Roundup – Week 13

By Tim Monk (@Tim_MonkF10Y)

Business end of the season now with a few teams completing their season (for better or worse) and most teams with just one 2 games left to go. Some changes at the top of some divisions which will course affect seedings as we head straight for the playoffs.

Let’s see what happened in week 13, where yes, it was unlucky for some:

Prem North

Leicester Falcons 6 -38 Manchester Titans
Merseyside Nighthawks 6 – 30 Tamworth Phoenix

In the battle at the top, the Tamworth Phoenix readily dispatched the Merseyside Nighthawks 30-6 to take control of the division and put themselves in pole position as a #1 seed for the postseason.

Manchester Titans returned to the Titans many will recognise after their win away to the Leicester Falcons, winning 38-6.

Next week sees the Titans host the Phoenix where Manchester with a win, would top the division at the death with the H2H record (don’t forget to check out podcast with Sam Bloomfield the Manchester Titans QB from when they defeated the Titans!). Certainly a nailbiter in store there! Tamworth will be looking for retribution from earlier in the season when the Titans handed Tamworth their first lost in over 35 regular season games stretching over a few years!

At the bottom, we have a 3 way tie going in to the final week. Any 1 from Edinburgh, Sheffield or Leicester could face the drop. Edinburgh face Leicester so the winner will be safe (outside chance of a tie? Surely not!), whereas Sheffield face Merseyside so look up against it. Get your tiebreaker rules out.

Prem South

London Warriors 58 – 0 London Olympians
London Blitz 42 – 0 Kent Exiles
Bristol Aztecs 30 – 0 Farnham Knights

Three fixtures, three home wins as the London Warriors do what they do best: Post shutouts or 50 burgers. This week was no different, doing both in the pummelling win over the Olympians 58-0. Similar theme throughout the division where were big wins for the Blitz and Aztecs at home, both teams posting shutouts too.

Warriors will be the #1 seed from the South and will play the loser of the Tamworth/Manchester game. London Blitz are confirmed as the #2 seed from the south and will face the winner of the same game.

Down in the basement, Farnham need to beat the Kent Exiles to have any chances of survival otherwise it’s the trap door for them. They have the H2H after their win vs the Exiles earlier in the season so a nervy game in prospect there.

NFC 1 North

East Kilbride Pirates 0 – 5 Northumberland Vikings
Glasgow Tigers 40 – 0 Gateshead Senators

Huge result in East Kilbride saw in scoreless until the 4th qtr. More flags in this game than outside European Parliament in Brussels saw some good drives being instantly killed with holding penalties (East Kilbride) and some unsportsmanlike conduct calls (Northumberland).

Tensions were running high throughout this slugfest and with the way the standing were prior to the game, EK Pirates could have afforded a loss by less than three points. Funny that the first score should be a safety being conceded by them! The Vikings defence was the real MVP here especially Connor Joyce who was immense. The Vikings showin why that defence has only conceded 31 points all season. Multiple times the Pirates got inside the redzone but came away with nothing. On offence, the Vikings then were able to muster a field goal which will give them the H2H vs the Pirates BUT there is a massive game next week where Aberdeen come down to Northumberland where a win for the Vikings will see them take the division crown from under the noses of the Pirates. Tense stuff.

A real treat that this game was a live stream too.

Hoping to catch one of the Vikings coaching staff on the podcast later this week! Eyes peeled for that.

Elsewhere in the division, the Glasgow Tigers put a whooping on the Gateshead Senators 40-0 which confirms Gateshead’s winless season, going 0-10 and a relegation to NFC 2 North for next year.

NFC 1 South

Chester Romans 60 – 0 Doncaster Mustangs
Sandwell Steelers 42 – 0 Shropshire Revolution

More shutouts and 50 burgers here with Chester getting the 50 burger and the shutout vs Doncaster and Sandwell continuing their unbeaten season with a 42-0 win over Shropshire. Title already confirmed for Sandwell Steelers, they just keep on rolling into the postseason.

Like Gateshead, Doncaster have a0-10 season confirmed and they’ll be falling through the trap door for 2020.

SFC 1 Central

Berkshire Renegades 6 – 37 Solent Thrashers
Oxford Saints 18 – 55 Sussex Thunder

Solent Thrashers are confirmed division winners after their 37-6 win over Berkshire Renegades and their final fixture vs Hertfordshire is no longer the winner takes all it could have been. Sussex Thunder secured a 55-18 win over the Oxford Saints.

Both the Berkshire Renegades and the Oxford Saints have away trips on final gameday weekend with both looking nervously at the other game to see what’s going on.

A win for Berkshire sees them safe, whereas defeat would require a defeat by Oxford to stay. Oxford need to better Berkshire’s result to stay up.

SFC 1 East

Bury Saints 30 – 12 London Hornets
Ouse Valley Eagles 24 – 14 Colchester Gladiators

A costly loss for the London Hornets away to the Bury Saints 30-12 sees the Cambridgeshire Cats sit in the driving seat for the division title. Cambridgeshire just need to defeat the bottom placed Colchester Gladiators next week to secure the title. A loss for the Gladiators will see them relegated.

NFC 2 North

Carlisle Sentinels A – W Dumfries Hunters (Away walkover)

No fixtures this week due to Carlisle forfeiting earlier in the year so we wait for next week where Dumfries need to beat Clyde valley to try and peg them back in the race for top spot.

(PS: Inverclyde Goliaths travelled to Dunfermline as the Dunfermline kings got their associate process off and running. The Goliaths ran out 38-0 winners, but I am sure the Goliaths will remember how hard they were pushed by a team that could potentially be facing them next season. More to follow on that.)

NFC 2 Central

Leeds Bobcats 6 – 36 Halton Spartans
Morecambe Bay Storm 12 – 28 Knottingley Raiders

In a battle at the top, the Halton Spartans defeated the Leeds Bobcats 36-6 to take the division crown with a game to go. These two teams head and shoulders above the rest but Halton winning the 2 H2H games are the difference this season.

Furness Phantoms and Morecambe Bay Storm will be trying to win their last game in 2 weeks time to avoid the wooden spoon in that division.

NFC 2 South

Humber Warhawks 42 – 20 Crewe Railroaders

Just the 1 fixture where the Humber Warhawks secured their 3rd win of the season over the Crewe Railroaders who are still to find a win this season and are now confirmed bottom with 2 games to go. Shoutout to the Social Media guy for Humber, some very entertaining stuff on there (Twitter:@humberwarhawks).

The Birmingham Bulls have that division sewn up.

SFC 2 West

Torbay Trojans 52 – 20 Cornish Sharks
Worcestershire Black Knights 0 – 47 Bristol Apache

Torbay Trojans keep the heat on South Wales Warriors after a convincing 52-20 win over the Cornish Sharks. The Bristol Apache kept themselves on the heels too with a 47-0 victory over bottom placed Worcestershire Black Knights. Realistically, both Torbay and Bristol will need a slip up for South Wales to see the pinnacle of the division. South Wales Warriors face the Cornish Sharks in what will seemingly be a straight forward assignment but with the finish line in sight, who knows?

SFC 2 South

Bournemouth Bobcats 52 – 0 Hastings Conquerors
Jurassic Coast Raptors 16 – 68 London Blitz B

London Blitz B do their best London Blitz A impression as they stomp all over the Jurassic Coast Raptors. With that win, take the division title.

A check in on Hastings in their quest to score a point will go on to next week after being shutout to the Bournemouth Bobcats 52-0. Just 2 games left to try and get a point on the board.

SFC 2 East

East Kent Mavericks 14 – 23 Essex Spartans

Just the 1 fixture this week saw one of the closer games and it was still a 2 score game. (not many close ones this week up and down the country) the Essex Spartans win away from home at the East Kent Mavericks 14-23. The Spartans keep their 100% in tact with 3 left to play there down in the South East of England.

I wonder how the new A14 Road project is getting on, I have to go down that way in August…

So there’s your review of week 13. Hope you enjoyed it. In the battle between the 50 burgers and the shutouts, the shutouts win 9-6 (Field Goal game!). Just the 1 game that finished within 1 score which isn’t perhaps the best but who knows, maybe there’ll be more next week, you’ll have to wait and see.

For the latest standings in table view, because let’s be honest, we love looking at tables (that’s why IKEA exists!) visit .

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Back next week!

BAFA National Leagues Week 12 Roundup

Sunday 30th June – By Thomas Rowberry (@Rowberry_) & Tim Monk (@Tim_MonkF10Y)

Week 12 of the BAFA National Leagues saw more blowouts than a bad electrician throughout all three tiers of British American Football with 17 of the 21 games played decided by more than one two scores, seven of these results saw shutout victories for the Northumberland Vikings, Sandwell Steelers, Shropshire Revolution, Bury Saints, Halton Spartans, Swindon Storm and London Blitz B. The latter two also able to hit the half century.

In what is sure to be many peoples result of the weekend we saw the now 5-2 Manchester Titans fall at the hands of the now 2-6 Edinburgh Wolves. Tamworth are handed back the initiative whilst sitting at home. Tamworth face the Wolves next week.

The close run race that is the NFC 1 South division saw more twists as the Shropshire Revolution took advantage of bye-weeks for both the Lancashire Wolverines and Nottingham Caesars, whilst the division leading Sandwell Steelers continued their dominance with a crushing 43-0 blowout against Chester.

The recently featured Coach McLaughlin and his East Kilbride Pirates continued their quest to promotion with a dominant 52-6 victory against the Aberdeen Roughnecks showing that despite being already qualified for the playoffs prior to the game, Scottish pride was more than enough to evoke motivation from the Pirates squad. The Northumberland Vikings kept up their quest for a playoff lock with an equally impressive 42-0 performance against the Glasgow Tigers.

In the SFC1 east, the London hornets edged out the Cambridgeshire Cats, keeping up the pressure on the Cats and now moving to within 1 game of the lead. All to play for in that division. Shame most of the other divisions aren’t as tight.

In the second division we saw the Birmingham Bulls crowned the NFC 2 South Champions following their 21-7 road win against the Lincolnshire Bombers. The Swindon Storm climbed to .500 in style by racking up 69 unanswered points against the lowly Hastings Conquerors, who have battled hard but unfortunately not troubled the scoreboard this season to this point.

I really want Hastings to have a final scoreline of 10-66. Anyone else?


Prem North

Edinburgh Wolves 17 – Manchester Titans 6

Prem South

Bristol Aztecs 8 – London Blitz 20

Kent Exiles 8 – London Olympians 28


NFC 1 North

East Kilbride Pirates 52 – Aberdeen Roughnecks 6

Glasgow Tigers 0 – Northumberland Vikings 42


NFC 1 South

Chester Romans 0 – Sandwell Steelers 43

Shropshire Revolution 43 – Doncaster Mustangs 0


SFC 1 Central

Hertfordshire Cheetahs 6 – Sussex Thunder 23

Oxford Saints 7 – Berkshire Renegades 26

Portsmouth Dreadnoughts 9 – Solent Thrashers 47


SFC 1 East

Cambridgeshire Cats 6 – London Hornets 9

Ouse Valley Eagles 0 – Bury Saints 27


NFC 2 Central

Knottingley Raiders 0 – Halton Spartans 47

Morecambe Bay Storm 16 – Furness Phantoms 43


NFC 2 South

Humber Warhawks 14 – Staffordshire Surge 8

Lincolnshire Bombers 7 – Birmingham Bulls 21


SFC 2 East

Ipswich Cardinals 21 – East Essex Sabres 7

Norwich Devils 6 – Essex Spartans 8


SFC 2 South

Hastings Conquerors 0 – Swindon Storm 69

London Blitz B 68 – Jurassic Coast Raptors 0


SFC 2 West

Worcestershire Black Knights 6 – Somerset Wyverns 44

BAFA National Leagues; Week 11 Roundup

 Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June – By Thomas Rowberry (@Rowberry_)/ Tim Monk (@Tim_Monk85)

Week 11 of the BAFA National Leagues saw only two of twenty-three games played decided by one score or less, those being the Kent Exiles 17-12 win over the Bristol Aztecs and the Cambridgeshire Cats 14-9 win against the Wembley Stallions.

Saturday saw one game, and it was an important one, as the Hereford Stampede played their first competitive game in 30 years as they set out to prove to the British American Football League that they are ready to play in a competitive league for the 2020 season. Their campaign got off to the best possible start with an impressive 27-0 victory against the Northants Knights.

Sunday’s action saw some of last week’s biggest loser’s return to winning ways with the Tamworth Phoenix bouncing back from their loss to Manchester by beating the Leicester Falcons 28-7 in a game that looked edgy from the start and defences on top for the majority of the first half. Staying in the North, the Edinburgh Wolves are standing over the relegation trap door after a loss to the Sheffield Giants.

Heading south, Britbowl was a bit of a damp squib between the Blitz and the Warriors to the point that even Vernon Kay stuck the knife in…

The Shropshire Revolution who lost on a 2pt play against Lancashire last week managed to return to winning ways with a 20-6 home victory against the Chester Romans.

In one of the weirder results of the weekend the Doncaster Mustangs were awarded a 1-0 walkover loss at the hands of the Lancashire Wolverines. The Mustangs were informed by BAFA that they would not be able to provide officials for the fixture so per league rules the Mustangs had to provide enough coaches to ‘self-officiate’ the game, unfortunately the Mustangs could not comply so were given a yellow card and given the 1-0 walkover loss.

Who says that there isn’t controversy in American Football on these shores!?

Undefeated teams stayed undefeated this week as the London Warriors (7-0), East Kilbride Pirates (7-0), Sandwell Steelers (7-0), Solent Thrashers (6-0), Cambridgeshire Cats (8-0), London Blitz B (5-0) and Essex Spartans (5-0) all came out of the weekend unscathed.

All in all, only 2 games were decided by 1 score. Not great matchups from a competitiveness standpoint. In the game between shutouts and 50 burgers, Shutouts won 6-5.


Saturday 22nd June

BAFA Associates
Hereford Stampede 27 – Northants Knights 0

Sunday 23rd June

Prem North
Leicester Falcons 7 – Tamworth Phoenix 28
Sheffield Giants 33 – Edinburgh Wolves 8
Manchester Titans 43 – Merseyside Nighthawks 30

Prem South
London Blitz 7 – London Warriors 54
London Olympians 68 – Farnham Knights 6
Kent Exiles 17 – Bristol Aztecs 12

NFC 1 North
Yorkshire Rams 23 – East Kilbride Pirates 34
Aberdeen Roughnecks 56 – Gateshead Senators 0

NFC 1 South
Nottingham Caesars 0 – Sandwell Steelers 48
Shropshire Revolution 20 – Chester Romans 6
Doncaster Mustangs 0 – Lancashire Wolverines 1

SFC 1 Central
Sussex Thunder 13 – Solent Thrashers 32
Hertfordshire Cheetahs 46 – Oxford Saints 9

SFC 1 East
Wembley Stallions 9 – Cambridgeshire Cats 14
London Hornets 37 – Ouse Valley Eagles 0
Bury Saints 58 – Colchester Gladiators 0

NFC 2 North
Dumfries Hunters 60 – Darlington Steam 14

SFC 2 East
Essex Spartans 27 – East Kent Mavericks 8
Ipswich Cardinals 29 – Maidstone Pumas 0

SFC 2 South
London Blitz B 32 – Swindon Storm 0

SFC 2 West
Bristol Apache 45 – Worcester Black Knights 2
Torbay Trojans 14 – South Wales Warriors 49

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BAFA National Leagues Week 10 Roundup

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th June – by Thomas Rowberry

Week 10 of the BAFA National Leagues saw some of the more surprising results of the season, as well as eight shutouts. Saturday’s action saw the Manchester Titans go into Tamworth and walk away with a shock 21-0 against the Phoenix. You can check out our Britball podcast from Monday where we chat to the Titans QB about it all! A big game in the Prem North next weekend when the Manchester Titans host the Merseyside Nighthawks.

Saturdays action saw seven shutouts with Merseyside, Leicester, Clyde Valley, Leeds, Norwich, Bristol and the London Blitz B team all holding their opponents to a goose egg. In what was considered a big game in an extremely tight NFC 1 South the Lancashire Wolverines came from a 14-6 halftime deficit to beat the Shropshire Revolution on a made 2pt conversion.

East Kilbride keep rolling and look certain to quickly jump back up to the Prem North after a convincing victory over the Glasgow Tigers. Similar comments apply to the Clyde Valley Blackhawks in the NFC 2 North.  Full results below.


Saturday 15th June

Prem North
Tamworth Phoenix 0 – Manchester Titans 21

SFC 2 South
Jurassic Coast Raptors 6 – Bournemouth Bobcats 44


Sunday 16th June

Prem North
Merseyside Nighthawks 20 – Sheffield Giants 0
Leicester Falcons 10 – Edinburgh Wolves 0

Prem South
Farnham Knights 28 – Kent Exiles 13
London Olympians 7 – London Warriors 54

NFC 1 North
East Kilbride Pirates 39 – Glasgow Tigers 7
Gateshead Senators 7 – Yorkshire Rams 53

NFC 1 South
Lancashire Wolverines 22 – Shropshire Revolution 21

SFC 1 Central
Berkshire Renegades 6 – Sussex Thunder 17
Oxford Saints 17 – Portsmouth Dreadnoughts 36

SFC 1 East
Wembley Stallions 32 – Colchester Gladiators 6

NFC 2 North
Darlington Steam 0 – Clyde Valley Blackhawks 30

NFC 2 Central
Leeds Bobcats 44 – Knottingley Raiders 0

SFC 2 East
Norwich Devils 3 – East Essex Sabres 0
East Kent Mavericks 30 – Maidstone Pumas 19

SFC 2 South
Hastings Conquerors 0 – London Blitz B 39

SFC 2 West
Bristol Apache 28 – Cornish Sharks 0