Britball: Week 5 Results

Hey all, welcome back. Thanks for reading! Firstly, if there are any NFL fans reading this, we have just launched our pre-orders for our annual NFL season guide. This year it is 400+ pages, covering all 32 teams and has plenty packed in to it including schedules, team overviews, histories and player spotlights. It also […]

2021 CFB: Storylines to follow in the Big Ten

Does one conference have more sleeping giants than the Big Ten? The likes of Michigan, Penn State and Nebraska have rich, successful histories but haven’t been a factor in the national picture for some time. Meanwhile one of their rivals has firmly cemented themselves as one of the best teams in the whole of America. […]

Britball: Week 5 Predictions

Welcome in everyone. Just want to say a continued thanks to those watching, reading and interacting with the content we put out. Great to see engagement and appetite for the game, even if it’s a questionable product we are getting (if at all). For those of you that follow my predictions, I got 14/16 corrects […]

NFL Draft 2021: Rough Diamonds Series: Defensive Backs

This is the last part in the series where I take a quick look, position by position, at my favourite Day 3/Undrafted guys from the 2021 NFL Draft. We’ll finish up this look back at the 2021 rough diamonds, with the Defensive Backs. I’ve lumped the Cornerbacks and Safeties in together, as these days there’s […]

Britball: Week 4 results

Happy Monday everyone. Another week done in Britball land. I didnt get anyone’s homework from last week so I will assume there are no other Britball results of 62-2 ever. Let’s start with the predictions – managed to get 12/14 correct (Got the Devils/Cats game wrong and obviously couldn’t predict the tie!) and went 5/5 […]

Catchup with Sam Bloomfield – QB of Manchester Titans

Hi Britball fans, Got to catch up with Sam Bloomfield this week ahead of the game against Merseyside. Also got his thoughts on how he felt returning to the field and of course the controversial forfeit by the Halton Spartans. Enjoy! Please Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Britball: Week 4 Predictions

I tell you what, this is a cracking set of fixtures in the Adult Contact National league this week with more belters than the back catalogue of the Spice Girls! However, we do have a couple of casulties to report with the Sandwell/Crewe (Covid) and Scunthorpe/South Lincs (Roster Numbers) games being postponed. Just on the […]

Britball: Week 3 Results

Hi all, hope you are all safe and well.Week 3, apart from the games earlier in the week that were announced as cancelled (Surge/Phoenix, Warriors/Olympians, Raptors/Apache), were all played and completed, giving me a smidge bit more optimism about the rest of the season. However, I’m still pessimistic about the state of the game and […]