Britball: Week 9 Review

Another week down in the Britball world and similar themes to most other weeks. The odd game cancelled here or there, an added fixture, shutouts, 50 burgers.

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A return to form on the predictions standpoint as it was only the Exiles and Tigers that i incorrectly prediction, meaning I ended up 16/18 on the week, 103/128 on the season (80%).

Worth mentioning that it was not the most competitive of weeks judging by the scorelines, with the Exiles match the only 1 score game when the final whistle blew.

6 shutouts, 4 50+ scores with a whole host of other teams scoring in the 40s.

Let’s start with the closer games, the London Olympians get off the mark with a close fought victory against the Exiles, who again fall to defeat agonisingly and fall to 0-5. Certainly feel that the performances they have put in doesn’t warrant their current W/L record. Unfortunately their respective social media teams are not the most forthcoming with information on gameflow or stats so I am unable to provide any context. For all I know, the Olympians were 15-0 up heading into the 4th or Kent went 13-0 up and O’s score a last second FG or TD to win it. I’ll let your imagination run wild. #StreamMoreMatches

A couple of games ended in 2 score margins, Coach Barnes and the Hertfordshire Cheetahs get a victory on home soil against the Blitz B in the ever competitive Thames Valley division. The win (I think) taking them to 4-1 based off the fact they were 3-1 and the result has been input yet on BAFA’s website. Welp.

Congratulations go to the Colchester Gladiators and more importantly, myself for correctly predicting an Ipswich Cardinals game correctly. Gladiators seemingly in control for the most part in this one starting with a safety to put the first points on the board. Colchester taking a 14-0 lead, going in 14-6 at the half tacked on 7 more in the 3rd quarter. The teams meet again in Colchester for Week 10 and the Gladiators will be looking further ahead to a potential division tying game opportunity in week 11, assuming they defeat Ipswich again.

Our last 2 score game came in the Humber/Knottingley game, which may be a slight eyebrow raiser for some. Humber aren’t the most potent of offences judged by results this year (highest points scored in a game is 24) and seem to be a grind it out type of team. It’s working for them though, as they sit at 4-1 in the White Rose division, only allowing 8pts scored against them at home. They face the Doncaster Mustangs in 2 weeks time, in what should be a cracker of a rematch from week 1 where Humber took a 7pt win.

Talking of Doncaster, the Mustangs put Leeds to the sword once more, scoring 50 in their win making it a sweep of the Bobcats this year after their other victory earlier in the season. Doncaster now 3-3 on the season.

In the Central East, huge congratulations goes to the Northants Knights, who had their Junior team finish the season undefeated (6-0) and their adult team followed that up with a convincing victory against the Lincolnshire Bombers. The Bombers Social media team obviously knew somethign was up, why else would you apologise for not being at the game ;). The Knights Social team in full flow however and why not! A Punt return TD, a pick six and multiple rushing touchdowns from #84 for the Knights (Gordon) seal a 52-0 win for the Knights. They now have a couple of games against the Alphas upcoming over the next few weeks to keep the momentum going.

The Alphas were downed by the Caesers, despite the Nottingham starting Center being out. As Coach Lawless of the Caesers put it: “It’s cool. We got depth”. Clearly the missing starting Center no bother for the Caesers as they continue their fine season in the Central East, staying undefeated thus far at 4-0, but obviously have tasted defeat when they faced Manchester not so long ago. 3 games left for Nottingham to try and stay undefeated. Looking forward to seeing them in divisional action next season as their upward trajectory looks to continue.

No real surprises on this week’s scoreboard and that includes the wide margins of victories for the East Kent Mavericks, the Chester Romans and Northumberland Vikings who put the Sussex Thunderbolts, newbies Leigh Miners and Darlington Steam to the chopping blocks. The Northumberland game was called early I believe due to injuries.

I guess you could say that the shutouts for Edinburgh Wolves and Essex Spartans were slightly surprising. I thought Glasgow would put some points on the board so maybe some rust and some player issues over there in Glasgow as they made their first appearance this season. Glasgow will have a couple of weeks to work things through before the face the ruthless Pirates.

For Essex, they extracted some revenge for their previous defeat in the TOWIE bowl. The Essex Spartans now have the chance to level things up in the division with their game in hand and the two teams face off in what could be the division decider at the end of September. Please for the love of god, someone get a video camera down there if that’s the case.

Staying east, The Cambridgeshire Cats stay undefeated as they did the business against the Norwich Devils. They are now 5-0 on the season and realistically, the Colchester Gladiators in two weeks time possibly the only opposition stopping them from going undefeated. A win for the Cats in that one would give them the division too with 2 games to spare.

Similar comments apply to the Solent Thrashers, as a win over the Bobcats this week means that a win over Rushmoor in 2 weeks time gives them the South Central/Central South/Wessex/whatever division. Rushmoor defeated the Sussex Thunder in the other matchup in the division, taking it convincingly 42-7. Sussex really struggling it seems this year but at least playing the games this season, which is more than some teams have done.

Heading west, the Cornwall Monarchs, despite having a #89 ejected for a blatant personal foul, saw off the Jurassic Coast Raptors. TDs from Jamie Curruthers and Joby Wolfenden-Brown and a long screen play to the house by Peter Carlin getting it done on the South West Coast. Monarchs improve to 3-1 and take on Somerset Wyverns in a couple of weeks time.

3-1 is what the Birmingham Bulls improved to as they seemed to be fairly comfortable in their win against the Worcestershire Black Knights. They tackles Swindon Storm before (hopefully) facing the Bristol Aztecs in the next 2 weeks.

LiveStream Game – Leicester Falcons @ Sandwell Steelers – Onside Productions

We round off in the Mercia division where the Leicester Falcons beat the Sandwell Steelers in a game that was able to be streamed live and still available to view. You can grab the video here.

1st points on the board came from a QB bootleg which fooled the cameraman from Dante Vandeven (that paperwork obviously got sorted). Sandwell did manage to make a stop in their own redzone on defence but the power running game brutal and punishing in style. RB Marcus Francis powering through with a couple of TDs on the next couple of drives to make it 20-0, with one drive having a fortunate fumble by Vandeven somehow scooped up by a Falcons player with 2 Steelers defenders supposedly on top of it. The Falcons defence then coming to play as #20 has a pick 6 to his name…well he would have done if it hadnt have been for the 30 yards in penalty on the return. The Falcons were still able to post some points off the turnover, kicking through a FG, making it 23-0 at the half. 2nd half, similar story and Francis high steps his way into the endzone (30-0).

Interceptions galore in the 3rd quarter.

One of the highlights of the game was a Falcons interception on ensuing drive to then be strip fumbled and recovered by Sandwell, with the play effectively just lost yardage for Sandwell. Didn’t really matter as another interception on the following drive saw Leicester switch to their backup QB who was himself picked off by the Steelers defence. Steelers then returning the favour on their next drive.

Just for good measure we had a greasy football and a whole host of players failing to pick up the fumble from Leicester, eventually picked up by the Steelers #86.

This led to the Steelers 1st Touchdown of the day early in the 4th Quarter. WR Adam Smith then made it 30-14 with a nice catch in the endzone for a 15yard(ish) TD.

Reece Spencer for the Falcons showed the depth at the running back position for the team as he pretty much runs the length of the field for a rushing score for the final touchdown of the day.

Shout out to the commentator Sean Endicott (hopefully spelt that right!) who was decent value throughout.

Photographer of the week:

Talking of shoutouts, time to give the photographers some more love.

This week, we give the award to Kelvin Read, who attended the TOWIE bowl, getting some excellent shots in varying conditions.

A honourable mention has to go for this shot was taken by a spectator, which is absolutely brilliant by Carol Stephen Graham

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