Britball: Week 7 Results

Well well well. That was an interesting week of Britball action. More Goose eggs than laying season at the farm and some upsets, certainly on paper. However, with the season and setup how it is, i guess upsets can’t really be called upset considering how upset the season has been thus far.

Predictions wise, i was absolutely awful. 2/4 in the 5 fixture competition (lucky for my Herts/Blitz was cancelled) and 8/14 all in all so that’s 75/94 so far.

Let’s start with the blowouts, Tamworth and the Warriors do what they do best, demolishing teams. Just another step in the road for those teams en route to surely their respective division titles.

Moving to scorelines a bit closer in terms of margin, East Essex Sabres confirm their superiority over the East Kent Mavericks by a scoreline of 24-0, similar to the 25-6 scoreline from their previous meeting this year. Sabres now move to a commanding 4-0 on the season.

The Nottingham Caesers were keeping things close and even scored the first points (below) against the Manchester Titans in what was an arranged game not originally on the fixture list.

However, the game is played over 60 minutes and not 30 and there is no doubt Grant and the guys would have learned a whole lot from that one, maybe even the social media guy. I did enjoy the Oasis reference in one of the tweets. But the picture below perfectly encapsulating their day

Moving along, decent victories for the Gateshead Senators against the Darlington Steam, who I know came away disappointed with that defeat. Both teams were 1-1 heading in to that one so a big win for Gateshead in the race for 2nd best in the Hadrians division. Final Score 28-6.

A similar scoreline in the Bournemouth Bobcats and Rushmoor Knights game. This result is a reverse of their previous matchup so not quite sure if there were any reasons or whether normal service has resumed but i’ll be keeping an eye out on how Rushmoor bounce back next week vs Sussex. Annoyingly I am in Scotland this week so wont be able to get down to my local team. Grrrr. However, division-wise, big win for the Bobcats as they now improve to 3-1 and trying to keep pace with Solent who are still undefeated after a couple of games. Solent host the Olympians in a cross division battle this week before tackling Bournemouth in a top of the table clash.

Moving over east, the South East Squadron get their year off to a flyer (see what i did there?) as they win 21-0 against the Sussex Thunderbolts. I cant say i know much about the Squadron so hopefully i’ll ge tthem on a podcast at some point.

Getting closer in terms of winning margins, and talking of teams i know little about that WILL be coming on the podcast soon is the South Lincolnshire Lightning. They stun the Scunthorpe Alphas 7-0. Scunthorpe had put together a few decent performances thus far against the bombers but the Lightning strike to take their first ever competitive win. Many congratulations to them and we’ll be interviewing those guys in the next week or 2 (eyes peeled). Could turn out to be that the Central East division could be quite competitive.

Jurassic Coast Raptors confirm their form over Torbay by a scoreline of 12-3. Much closer game this one which was anticipated judging by the Raptors’ social team prior to the game. The scoreline was a one score game until midway through the 4th qtr. The Raptors have games coming thick and fast, provided they play them of course (meow!) as they tackle the Somerset Wyverns next week before facing the Cornwall Monarchs the week after.

Shropshire take a 13-0 victory over the Sandwell Steelers at home in the Mercia division. Shropshire actually now improve to 3-0 which to me has flown under the radar a little bit. They had the abandoned game against the Falcons a few weeks back but two wins over Staffordshire surge and this weeks victory, conceding 6 pts in those games, decent performances on the field. They tackle Tamworth in week 8.

We move to Scotland for our final 2 score game winning margin ad the Scottish derby was wo by the East Kilbride Pirates and I am absolutely kicking myself for not picking them in my predictions.

We caught up with Jamie McLaughlin, the Head Coach of the Pirates this week to talk about the victory and what they’ve been doing over the last year or so.

Finally, we move on to the close games, good to see some nailbiters this week after last week left a lot to be desired.

We start with the East Anglia Derby between rivals Ipswich and Norwich and yes, yet another Ipswich prediction gone astray. 20-21 the final score to the Cardinals, who get to taste victory again for the first time since 11th July. They improve to 3-1 and chasing Cambridgeshire but the bragging rights worth way more for that victory for sure. Norwich now 1-3. 7-7 at the end of the 1st quarter and 14-14 at half time, this was as close as the scoreline suggests. Norwich were leading towards the end of the 3rd before Ipswich found the endzone and there were no points in the 4th meaning Ipswich defy me yet again.

On the west coast, the Birmingham Bulls survived a late scare against the South Wales Warriors. Bulls were cruising with an 18 pt lead heading into the 4th but the warriors scoring then scoring again after a turnover saw it pulled back to 18-14. Warriors then even successfully recovered onside kick saw that one get a bit of the squeaky bum time treatment. Bulls hang on.

Rounding us out for week 7 is Humber, who defeated Leeds by an less than traditional American Football scoreline, 8-3. They confirm their dominance over Leeds this year after the 1st fixture went their way too 16-8. They improve to 3-1, their only loss coming to the Yorkshire Rams. Leeds fall to 0-3 in what is turning out to be a disappointing year for them on the field.

Photographer of the week:

I’ve recently joined a Facebook group where all the photographers who go to the games and capture some quite fabulous images. So I thought from this week forward I would give them a shoutout.

This week’s shoutout goes to Duncan Gray, who went to the Pirates/Wolves game and had a couple of belting images taken.

That’s it for the week that was.

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