Britball: Week 6 Results

No hiccups, no withdrawals, no abandonments….WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?!?!

Glad to report that Britball week 6 went off without a hitch (for the games that were scheduled starting the week, anyway) and restores a little bit of faith in the race to the end of the season.

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Right, with that free advertisement out of the way, let’s get down to business.

If you are keeping track of my predictions it was Leeds, Norwich and Ipswich letting me down for the Full House. I did ponder of over those and unfortunately came out on the wrong side. Overall, I got 11 of the 14 fixtures correct, still managing to keep at 84% strike rate through week 6.

Digging deeper into those scorelines that let me down, Doncaster demolished the Bobcats taking them to 2-2 and a .500 record in their 4 games thus far. Leeds fall to 0-2 which would not have been in the script. Let’s also take a minute to give our commiserations to Sheffield Giants who it seems no-one wants to play.

It seems I couldn’t get the East Anglia division correct, Cambridgeshire Cats more than comfortable against an ipswich Cardinals team who seem to be losing a bit of steam after a decent 1st game victory, they just edged out a win in their second game (both against Ouse Valley) before being trounced at home to Cambridgeshire who now go 3-0 with that win and the division at their mercy. Colchester also improve to 2-1 and look good value for it after their 27-15 victory over Norwich, solidifying their 21-0 win over Ouse Valley in game 2. Next week the two losers from those two games go head to head.

To the rest of the games I called correctly, and we start off in Scotland in the Saltire division and it broke my heart to predict a Highland Stags victory being a King at heart, but it just made a lot of sense with the vibes i was getting out of the King’s camp. The Kings will come good but lacking numbers in the trenches is not conjusive to winning football games, no matter what level you play at.

The Kings first competitive games ends in a 38-3 defeat but they’ll come back better for the outing. Stags take their victory back up that lovely A9. The other division in Scotland, the Caledonia division kicks off (hopefully) next week with the old age rivalry renewing as the East Kilbride Pirates and the Edinburgh Wolves face off in a cracker.

Elsewhere, there wasn’t really much in the way of competitive scorelines unfortunately as most games were won by 2 or more scores.

The game that bucked that trend was the Scunthorpe Alphas and the Lincolnshire Bombers matchup who played a belter of a game. It looked for all the world that Lincolnshire were going to extract some revenge from their defeat in the teams’ previous meeting, but the Alphas nick it at the end with a touchdown, much to the dismay of the Bombers’ Social Media guy. A couple of interceptions for Nick Tomaszewski as 3 Alphas came away with the ball on defence in total including the final one inside the 2 minute warning with the Bombers driving to kill the game. The Bombers now find themselves at 0-3 whilst the Alphas continue their unbeaten start.

Another game which was a little bit competitive saw the Northants Knights finally get off the mark with a 20-8 victory over the South Lincs Lightning as they get their first win taking them to 1-2. They seemed like they were within themselves based off of the social media teams commentary and an interception from #40 Sam Mindham inside the 2 minute warning on 4th down for South Lincs sealed the deal. Thomas Barret #38 witha couple of scores for the Knights.

The margins for the rest of the fixtures get out of hand quickly but the Blitz B heaped more misery on to the Hornets in the Thames Valley as they go 3 games without a win. Scoreline a convincing 24-0. Blitz B face off against division leaders Hertfordshire next week in a game they must win otherwise division aspirations will be…blitzed.

Staying with the Blitz blitzing, they did just that against the Olympians WHO MANAGED TO GET A GAME IN THE BOOKS!!!! 36-0 the final score in that one and I thought that scoreline would have been a little bit closer.

Same comments apply to the Bristol Apache/Cornwall Monarchs game in the South West division, but Bristol swept away the in form Monarchs side away from home 34-6. Both teams were 2-0 going in to that one and it’s Bristol who now steal a march on the division. Monarchs face the Wyverns next week in that division to try and keep pace with Bristol, who have a week off.

Staying in the West Country but moving to the Severn division. Worcestershire on the wrong end of a scoreline once again as Swindon Storm take care of business 37-7. Swindon seem to be the best of the rest in that division, aside from the Bristol Aztecs though an intriguing game with South Wales plays out in 2 weeks time.

Moving north of England and we head to our last four games which sees 3 shutouts.

The non shutout game saw Darlington Steam give it a good go against the Northumberland Vikings, but the Vikings as expected showing their superiority, winning by 48pts in a 54-6 final score. Vikings continue to breeze through their opponents, scoring 140 in their 3 games to date. 3 weeks time sees a rematch between these two teams.

Staying in the Hadrians division, Gateshead did the job against DC 44-0, Gateshead getting their first victory of the season. They’ll tackle Darlington next week in what could be a good battle.

Moving over to the Mercia and there was no mercy as Tamworth’s 2nd victory in as many weeks against the Sandwell Steelers saw them win 54-0. HC Jason Scott tweet he was very happy with the team’s performance, limiting the Steelers to just 1 first down. Tamworth handing Sandwell their first home loss at Tipton ever, helped by 5 turnovers including 2 returned back to the house. Good weekend all round as the Phoenix youth teams also winning.

We round off in the Red Rose division as the Merseyside Nighthawks obliterate the Lancashire Wolverines by the widest margin of the weekend, 60-0. Lancashire fall to 2-2 whilst Merseyside go to 2-1. It doesn’t get much easier for Lancashire as they face Manchester (at the time of writing) in week 7.

There you have it, a week of wide margins in Britball, I’ll be back a bit later in the week to preview week 7 which sees 19 matches take place pending any cancellations or withdrawals, which i think there may be a couple. I’ll get you all up to speed then and probably do a podcast too.

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Take it easy, stay safe, see you next time when I do it all again #ForTheGame.

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