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Back to Britball then, I think it’s fair to say it was quite an ugly week in Britball world for week 5, either on and off the pitch. Cancelled games, postponed games and games called early for various reasons with the cherry on top being a whole lot of duck eggs posted on the scoreboard, something we would have been wary of prior to the season taking into account the divisional alignment for this one off stand alone year.

That being said, and trying to put a positive spin on things, I hear through grapevines that some of the games where it was a wide margin of victory or a gulf in class, the losing teams were in good spirits and had that never say die attitude which was good to see.

Big picture below, there were 6 teams coring a 50 burger and 8 shutouts, 3 games featuring both a burger and a shutout. Just 3 games decided by one score. The London Olympians have to wait even longer to complete a game as their matchup with Blitz was abandoned due to lightning. They try again next week.

Let’s get the big scorelines out the way first then and the first fixture of the weekend. We had Coach Butler on during the week and he knew it would be a baptism of fire and it turned out that way as Jason Scott and his Tamworth team took no prisoners on Saturday evening, Final score 61-0 in the Mercia division.

In the South East, the East Kent Mavericks score 55 whilst not being penetrated on the defence in their win over the Thunderbolts with a 55 point margin the difference. The Mavericks record their first win of the season.

May be an image of 2 people, people playing American football and outdoors
Credit: Alex Chan @afc_photographic (Instagram)

The Bristol Aztecs doused the fires of the Birmingham Bulls after the Bulls convincing victory in their first game against Hereford as the Aztecs continue to dominate in the West Country whilst Leicestershire Falcons got the job done with no fuss against the Full10yards sponsored Crewe Railroaders.

In the London division, the promising Kent Exiles proved no match for the London Warriors. It’s a shame that the Warriors are the Britball equivalent of loners as it would be really good to understand or talk to anyone from that team to get to know them a bit better. Considering they are the best team in the UK, really is a big shame they have no interest in being part of the community. Each to their own. Final scoreline 49-0 in the Warriors first outing of the year.

The other shutout involved Ouse Valley Eagles as they went down by 3 scores to Colchester Gladiators with a final score 21-0. That takes Ouse Valley to 0-4 this year and seemingly the momentum gained from the promising result against Ipswich last time out didn’t materialise.

In the biggest winning margin of the week, the Lancashire Wolverines beat the Leigh Miners 86-7. Heard good things about the Miners efforts despite the scoreline and the associate team must have been chuffed to at least get in the endzone, that is of course assuming there wasn’t 2 safeties and a field goal scored by them ;). Wolverines continuing to build momentum after their initial struggles early on this season. Really intrigued to see how they fare against the Merseyside Nighthawks next week.

Final wide margin victory comes in the South West division, where Torbay again on the receiving end of a heavy defeat, this time 57-0 to the Somerset Wyverns who clearly needed their first game to brush the dust off.

In the closer matchups, Swindon Storm proved too much for Hereford Stampede, good to see both teams scoring double digits and seems to be an improvement from Hereford after their defeat to Birmingham 2 weeks ago.

The Hertfordshire Cheetahs confirmed their superiority over the London Hornets, beating them for the 2nd week in succession, this time by a slightly larger scoreline, 27-11.

That takes us to the other 2 completed games and the closest ones of the week. Absolute nailbaiter in the South East division as Alex Mclachlan’s 14 rushes for over 100 yards wasn’t enough as the Essex Spartans went down 8-9 to the East Essex Sabres and I believe this was won in the dying seconds with a late field goal. Essex did have an 8-0 lead in that one. This takes East Essex to 3-0 and top of the division!

The other matchup, which i thought would be close and turned out to be the case was the Bournemouth Bobcats victory over the Sussex Thunder in what sounded like a nip and tuck battle.

Games that were called early due to weather/injuries/why the hell not included South Wales’s win over the Worcestershire Black Knights. This game was called after the 3rd Quarter. Could be in for a decent game in 2 weeks time when they face the Cornwall Monarchs.

Oxford Saints’ game with the Wembley Stallions was called before HALF TIME due to weather with the scoreline 23-0 to the Stallions. Not sure why it just wasn’t abandoned rather than called a final result, maybe both team just wanna get these games over with…if anyone knows, please let me know.

Injuries curtailed the game between the Staffordshire Surge and Shropshire Revolution before the end of the 3rd quarter. Scoreline there was 14-6 Shropshire.

There are your results and as the season goes on, we are seeing some more excellent social media efforts from the teams which is good to see. The Manchester Titans account was good value in their scrimmage vs the Northumberland Vikings.

A big part in being able to bring decent results and reactions is with the help of social media teams, Crewe Railroaders are looking for someone to provide gameday updates so if you are in the local area and wanna help with that, the details are below. There are a few quality team accounts out there on Sundays and I for one am really appreciative that they provide the updates! Especially as we have so few options to stream a game and the other alternative is going to a game.


Before i let you go, just to make you aware that there is an interview this week with Darlington Steam HC Darren Mitchell, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified when that hits. Very exciting times up in the North East it seems.

Thanks again for reading, predictions wise I was able to get 13/5 correct for the games that finished or were called. taking me to 56/66 (84%) on the season and went 4/4 in the completed fixtures in the 5 fixture competition!

Looking ahead to next week we should have some fixtures north of the border as the Saltire division looks to get underway as the Dunfermline Kings and Highland Stags do battle.

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