Britball: Week 4 results

Happy Monday everyone. Another week done in Britball land.

I didnt get anyone’s homework from last week so I will assume there are no other Britball results of 62-2 ever.

Let’s start with the predictions – managed to get 12/14 correct (Got the Devils/Cats game wrong and obviously couldn’t predict the tie!) and went 5/5 in the 5 fixture prediction competition. On the season, I am 43/54 on the season in total and I extend my lead in that particular competition. I’ll post/boast about that on my social @F10YBritball.

Let’s have a run through all the games. Heat no doubt played a major factor and stamina was thoroughly put to the test. Rumour has it that gazebos went up 400% in price this weekend (tbc). Darlington vs Gateshead was a late casualty to the docket and Sheffield vs Leeds was downgraded to a scrimmage. This added to Sandwell/Crewe and Scunthorpe/South Lincs being postponed made up for the rest of the non played fixtures this week.

The big game of the week in the Red Rose division saw an all Premiership North clash between the Manchester Titans and the Merseyside Nighthawks. It was a decent battle early on, but Manchester, aided by QB Sam Bloomfield throwing 2 1st half TDs to Martin and some good rushing by Jones saw a 22-10 half time score. One way traffic in the 2nd half as the scoreline ends up 42-10 and that means Manchester take a huge step in the Red Rose division and it’ll be up to the Nighthawks to try and reverse the scoreline in the next meeting between the 2 sides.

May be an image of 1 person, playing American football and grass
Image Credit: Chris Bradley

Cracking game in the Central East division between the Nottingham Caesers and the Northants Knights. 21-18 the final score and this one was nip and tuck all the way. Nottingham, thinking they had won it with a late touchdown, but Northants scoring a kick return on the next play made sure that the beads of sweat were added to the ones provided from the heat all the way to 00:00. Lovely picture too, provided by Chris Bradley.

More crackers this week than a packet of Jacobs as we also saw a tie in week 4, courtesy of the London Blitz B and the Wembley Stallions in the Thames Valley division. I’d love to be able to give you more context around this, however their respective social media teams seemingly had other priorities so at this present moment, I am unable to articulate any further details. Answers on a postcard.

Staying in the division, Hertfordshire’s win over the London Hornets sees them improve to go 2-1 after a 25-20 win. I dont even know how you get 25 points in this game, i’ll guess 3 TDs, with 1 2 Pt good and a FG.

The Cambridgeshire Cats seemingly had the Norwich Devils at arms length for the majority of their game, final score 28-20, but the Cats were leading for the majority of that game between 1 and 2 scores judged by the scorelines i saw filter through my timeline. Could be a crucial result in the East Anglia division.

In the South West, the Bristol Apache got the job done against the Somerset Wyverns in the Wyverns first game of the season by a scoreline of 28-6. Torbay’s season of misery continues as they slumped to another defeat, this time 34-6 to the Jurassic Coast Raptors, though that was close early on for a little while.

In the games predicted to be blowouts, The DC Presidents were unable to continue after the half time whistle due to injuries, meaning the Northumberland Vikings rout was cut short and ended up 38-0. Talking of shutouts, Staffordshire Surge had one against an unrelenting Shropshire Revolution team, final score 44-0. Surge apparently low on numbers which is never going to end well, especially in the heatwave.

Sussex Thunder have had their troubles with low numbers and possibly did so again in week 4, being dominated by Solent Thrashers, similar story in week 1 with Solent scoring 47 this time in a shutout, a 13 point increase from week 1. Here’s hoping that Sussex, one of the bigger names in Britball are able to navigate this tough period. The Sussex Thunderbolts didn’t have much more of a better time as they fell 43-0 to the East Essex Sabres, who now go 2-0. This game, like the Vikings game, was called at the half.

Lancashire Wolverines seemingly got back to normal after demolishing Halton 48-12. That will be a big morale booster for the Wolverines and Halton’s struggles continue in 2021.

The Humber Warhawks were defeated comfortably by the Yorkshire Rams though most of the damage was done in the 1st half. It was good to see the Warhawks get on the scoreboard in the second half and keep fighting to the end of the game (I think the 2nd half score was 8-6 to Rams), 36-6 the final score meaning the Rams replace the Warhawks at the top of the division.

In a strange turn of events we saw another 2 point scoring team with Doncaster defeating Knottingley 25-2. I don’t know about you but, teams scoring 2 points is just weird, 2 weeks on the trot now.

Let’s take a look at how that effects things in the Thames Valley division, still as fascinating as it was last week but the tie adds further spice to it all. Stallions have a perfect opportunity to extend their lead as they face Oxford Saints whilst the Cheetahs and the Hornets do battle once more.

I would bring you some more divisions, however I don’t think all of the BAFA website and standings have been updated as it shows Jurassic Coast as playing 1 and losing, which obviously isn’t true. I could give you the Scottish division as I know they are currently correct :).

Quick look ahead to next week, apparently the Jurassic Coast Raptors game with the Apache has been forfeited as Raptors wanted it downgraded to a scrimmage and Apache didn’t fancy that. Not a great look for the Raptors if true but a rumour at this time of writing. I’ll post the fixtures later on in the week with my predictions and will have an interview or two lined up this week so make sure you are following/subscribing over on YouTube!

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