Britball: Week 3 Results

Hi all, hope you are all safe and well.
Week 3, apart from the games earlier in the week that were announced as cancelled (Surge/Phoenix, Warriors/Olympians, Raptors/Apache), were all played and completed, giving me a smidge bit more optimism about the rest of the season. However, I’m still pessimistic about the state of the game and where we could end up seeing this year’s competition as we hit the business end of July/August.

That being said, lets focus on what was completed this week, with the results below for week 3.

A few wide margin victories this weekend including one for Yorkshire Rams who took their frustration of week 2 out on Doncaster Mustangs who threw up a goose egg in the process. Essex Spartans also showed no mercy against the Sussex Thunderbolts putting over 60 on them, despite Thunderbolts actually scoring a safety and putting the first points on the board! The audacity! Final score 62-2.

HOMEWORK: Find me another match in Britball that ended 62-2 and the first one that does (if it exists), I’ll award you a T-Shirt!

Another blowout saw the Brimingham Bulls run out easy victors against the Hereford Stampede. The irony that the bulls beat Hereford running all over them…like… a stampede including a couple of long touchdown plays.

Continuing the blowout theme, Oxford Saints were seemingly low on numbers judged by a tweet on their social media in their shutout loss to the London Hornets 34-0. After further digging, I found on the Gridiron Hub Facebook page more around this and it relates to the dilemma the team had with regards to Lateral Flow testing which meant that players travelled to their game with the Hornets but didn’t even know if they could play up until hours before kickoff.

Unfortunately, this wont be an isolated (see what i did there) incident.

Swindon Storm put their previous defeat to Bristol behind them as they thumped Worcestershire Black Knights 42-0 in the Knights first game of the season.

Ouse Valley put in a spirited performance and will perhaps feel unlucky not to take the W, going down 18-14 to Ipswich Cardinals after holding a 12 point lead. Talking of one score games, the Humber Warhawks beat the Leeds Bobcats 16-8.

The Kent Exiles and London Blitz played out a similar type of game to the one in week one, with Kent taking an early 9-0 lead, only to see the Blitz grind out the victory scoring 13 unanswered themselves. Would have been a fascinating watch if it was streamed.

Lincolnshire Bombers were grounded in their game against the Scunthorpe Alphas, where defences were on top generally, final score 10-3 to the Alphas in a game we have dubbed the “4 and out” bowl judging by the Bombers social media tweets.

Predictions wise, a lot tougher this week as was anticipated, as I go 6/11 in week 3 making it 29/38 on the season. Keep your eyes peeled for an update in the 5 fixture prediction competition. I believe i went 3/5 this week.

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Selected Standings

Beow are the tables in divisions where all teams have played a game. tables where teams have not played a game yet look aesthetically poor so will hold of on them for a few weeks

East Anglia

Ipswich snuck in their 2nd win in 2 games against the Ouse Valley Eagles in a finely poised division in the early stages. Ipswich next play in the first week of August, whilst the Devils and Cats face off before then, meaning an “0” must go!

White Rose

The Humber Warhawks are enjoying themselves in top spot as it stands after week 3 in the White Rose division and their credentials will be fully tested in the next two weeks with both heavyweights due on the field with Yorkshire and Sheffield the next 2 games. Big game at the bottom in week 4 as the Mustangs and Raiders, who have suffered heavy defeats early on, get a more level playing field this week.


We will have to wait until 5th September for the Knights and the Thrashers to do battle, with the other 3 teams looking like it will be a struggle to keep with the top 2. That beings said, if the Bobcats can put up a decent showing against Rushmoor in week 4, that could change things. Seemingly Portsmouth and Sussex need to overcome number issues to be able to turn their form around.

Thames Valley

With the Hornets off the mark with relative ease, I’m not sure we can take that result at more than face value with Oxford’s struggles in week 3 with Covid/player availability and next 2 weeks sees them face off against the Cheetahs, which will be of much intrigue. Hornets dont face the Stallions until Mid August. Think there is a decent level of competitiveness in this division outside of that which is encapsulated by the closeness in the For and Against columns.

Don’t forget we will be continuing to bring you Britball content throughout the weeks and months. I appreciate every click/listen/engagement on Social Media (@F10YBritball) so thank you for supporting us.

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