Britball: Week 2 Predictions

Well, week 1 has come and gone and no major setbacks it seems from the playing and operations side of things. However we did get news this week of Aberdeen withdrawing for the Caledonia division.
It was absolutely great to see a couple of games courtesy of Onside TV streaming and if you couldn’t get to a game, I hope you were able to watch! If you wanted to go back and watch Tamworth vs Leicester or Hertfordshire vs Wembley, you can find them here. I also did a game report for the Tamworth/Leicester game if that is of interest.

Week 1 Recap

I managed to get 14/17 predictions right from last week so hopefully continue that trend.
More importantly, I took the very early lead in the 5 fixture prediction competition!
One takeaway from week 1 which i explain a bit more below in the podcast is that offences struggled out of the gate, which isn’t surprising considering the tumult of the last 18-20 months in the sport. Most of the games reverted to 2019 form but there were a few surprises, some of which can be attributed to low numbers for certain teams.

Week 2

More teams entering the fray as they suit up for their first games of the season including ALL of our sponsored teams in Merseyside Nighthawks (vs Chester Romans) & the Full10Yards Bowl between Crewe Railroaders and Sandwell Steelers, two teams that we are sponsoring this year and into next. We also have the dubbed “Pasty Bowl” (by Jason from the podcast below) between Torbay and Cornwall. Don’t be fooled by the results in week one for each team and could potentially be a close affair.
Best of luck to both teams and especialyl WR Hus Roberts who get’s his first taste of Britball action. Here’s hoping you find the endzone my friend!

One of the games

Couple of standout games this week includes Leicester hosting Shropshire, Rushmoor travelling to Bournemouth and i am also very intrigued to see the result between Hereford and Worcestershire. The Shropshire/Leicester game will be streamed and you can find that stream here, courtesy of Onside TV (Sunday 2pm KO). Other games that could be close in week two include Merseyside/Chester, Lincolnshire/Nottingham and Hertfordshire/Oxford. I fully expect Norwich, Northumberland, Cambridgeshire, Bristol, Sandwell and Manchester to get the job done. All of my predictions are below. UPDATE: Couple of fixtures have been postponed as below.


  • Rushmoor to beat Bournemouth
  • Bristol to beat Swindon
  • Cambridgeshire to beat Colchester *POSTPONED*
  • Pasty Bowl – Cornwall to beat Torbay
  • Full10Yards Bowl – Sandwell to beat Crewe
  • Northumberland to beat Gateshead
  • Manchester to beat Halton *POSTPONED*
  • Nottingham to beat Lincolnshire
  • Norwich to beat Ouse Valley
  • Merseyside to beat Chester
  • Oxford to beat Hertfordshire
  • Sheffield to beat Yorkshire
  • Worcestershire to beat Hereford *POSTPONED*
  • Leicester to beat Shropshire


You can find below the podcast of our weekly preview, joined once again by Jason Bowdler of the UK American Football Scene Facebook Group.

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