Britball: Week 14 results

As the curtain draws on the 2021 for pretty much everyone but Scotland, I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to every single one of you that have read 1,2 or all 14 of my weekly previews and recaps. It’s been a scramble to try and provide anything more than the results and the context of the divisions. Hopefully it’s been an interesting read, I’ll hopefully increase more interviews/podcasts to fill in the void and will also try and do a division in review for each of the divisions.

If you want to help with this by providing me with any stats for players on any team or some quotes if you are a head coach or co-ordinator, that would be much appreciated. Similarly, if you want to represent your team and get a bit of air time, please get in touch on Twitter (@F10YBritball), Instagram (@Full10yards) or our Facebook page and we’ll get an interview recorded.

Let’s get the sneaky fixture out of the way, where Tamworth and London Blitz played a secret exhibition game. Low scoring game but the Blitz take it. A marker laid down ahead of 2022.

In the known, scheduled fixtures, some really strange results showing up on the results sheet.

The most surprising result probably comes in Scotland where the Clyde Valley Blackhawks snatch a win against the Dumfries Hunters. Dumfries looked to be streaking ahead in the Saltire division and Clyde Valley have not given much indication thus far that a victory was incoming. Home comforts and some stout defence gets them their first win of the year and potentially opens up the division a little.

In the White Rose, the results swung the way of the gods in enabling us to absolutely without a shadow of a doubt be able to congratulate the Yorkshire Rams and 1st year Head Coach Jason Shaw on the undefeated season and the division win. It needed a win from them, which they did by a solitary point. The Giants were driving inside the 2 minute warning but Tyler Broad said “NOT ON MY WATCH” with the game clinching interception for the Rams. Conor Moran with the crucial 2pt successful try midway through the 4th quarter the decisive and solitary point deciding the fixture. This was despite a penalty being enforced on the 2pt try.

In the shock result of the division, the Knottingley Raiders out of absolutely nowhere defeat the Humber Warhawks. The Humber Warhawks have been one of the more impressive teams this year with their results posted prior to this game. I was unable to find anything on socials from either side apart from the touchdown scorers for the Raiders – Alex Woffenden, Andy Lund, Johnny Smith and Stu Kain. With the dust settling on the White Rose division, the Rams loss column remains unchanged and they take the division. The games played column looks messier than a 3 year old’s bedroom, however.

Continuing with the surprise result theme, it was an eyerbrow raising result in the Thames Valley which saw the London Hornets smash the Blitz B 34-6. That was just the Hornets’ second win which condemns Blitz B to a losing record in 2021 at 3-4-1 and only scoring single digit figures in their last 2 games to end the season. Elsewhere in the division, the Stallions got over their division deciding loss to the Cheetahs by getting the job done up in Oxford. Oxford started the season off with 2 close defeats but from then on, losing margins of between in the 20-30pt area means they have a few things to conjour up on the drawing board in the offseason. This game was close until the 4th quarter, where Stallions defence grabbed two interceptions, returning both back to the house. It seemed to be a theme in the game as there were a total of 4 pick sixes and the added cherry on the top was a punt return score too. Dan Symons seemingly the only scorer on the offence for either side, which takes some doing.

The Essex Spartans gained more retribution for their game 2 defeat against the East Essex Sabres, which was their only blemish on their 2021 record. It would have been a shutout if it were not for the last play of the game in which the Sabres score. Alex McLachan with a score for the Spartans making it 40-0 at the time and was also previously successful for a 2pt try. A promising season for the Sabres all things considered and will look to build upon this in the SFC 2 East in 2022.

They’ll likely be joined there again by the East Kent Mavericks and they signed off their season with a comprehensive victory over the South East Squadron. Scorers were 4 TD’s for Tyrrell Bovelle, 1 for Lewis James, Andrew Johnson and a pick 6 for Nick Mayer.

Staying East, the Norwich Devils sign off with 3 straight wins as they improved to 4-4 on the season and rescued themselves from a losing record. A slight surprise they were able to defeat and even more so, shutout, the Colchester Gladiators. Norwich just had 1 defeat at home to runaway division winners Cambridgeshire and will have to work on their away performances for 2022.

Heading due west, the Birmingham Bulls and Swindon Storm played out a 30-30 draw. The Bulls took an age to get going in this one, having a deficit of 17 pts to overcome and even had to go 94 yards on their final drive to tie it up in the 4th.

The Bristol Apache kept the Somerset offence out of their endzone but their offence gave up the 2pts for the first points in the game but were comfortable in their 26-2 win in the South West. The Wyverns though, have their first winning season in the national league so plenty of positives to take in to next year Torbay possibly enjoyed their last game, putting up 30 points. Cornwall put up 50 of their own however and the Trojans’ horrid season can now have a line drawn through it after giving up almost 350 points on defence.

In the Central East, I predicted a tie in the game between the Bombers and the Lightning for the 5 fixture prediction competition, I was far away! A low scorer was predicable and it turned out that way. The Bombers. Ryan Wakeling with all the points for the Bombers. Thank you to the Bombers social team for their light hearted fun on Socials during game days.

Talking of fun twitter accounts, The Nottingham Caesers complete their undefeated season but were made to work hard for it by Northants Knights. The Caesers were stout to the very last minute, keeping out Northants when they had 1st and goal from the 1 deep inside two minute warning, which may have been a more crucial stand had the knights not missed an earlier field goal. They also report that their O-line have not given up a single sack in 2021, so kudos to the guys in the trenches. Also, best wishes to the Caesers defender that was taken in the ambulance.

Another team achieving their unbeaten season, which they would have expected to do, was the Manchester Titans. Another battering of another team saw them win 54-6 against the Merseyside Nighthawks. Business as usual for Sam Bloomfield and co. Sam joined the Britballing Vodcast if you want to get his thoughts on the season. Their social media team say they have some exciting news to divulge in a few weeks on Twitter, so eyes peeled!

In a closer game, the Darlington Steam extracted revenge on the Gateshead Senators for their earlier season defeat as they squeeze out a victory at home. The Senators were driving with the final possession and took a batted pass down to seal the victory. Rob Carey with the credit for the batted down pass. The Steam leapfrog Gateshead into 2nd place at the finish line in the division.

In the game I had the pleasure of watching, well, after my meltdown and turning up to the wrong venue initially, saw the Solent Thrashers beat the Rushmoor Knights. More turnovers in this one than a Greggs at a services stop. Rushmoor ran the ball very well but Solent were quite plucky and took the opportunities presented to them. Plenty of missed Extra points and a few plays here or there and this one would have been a bit closer. Head over to our Twitter for some of the plays and live tweeting on the gameflow. Shout out to QB Coach Gibbs for the Thrashers who looked straight through me when i went over to say hi!

Rounding us off, two teams that have huffed and puffed without blowing the house down played in a cross divisional game. The Crewe Railroaders secure the victory and I’m delighted to report that our sponsored player for the year Hus Roberts, scored his first touchdown and secured his first taste of the endzone in this one. He’s had 4 previous TDs called back for penalty so I wouldn’t be surprised if he waited a few seconds before celebrating. Congrats pal.

Predictions – This week saw my worst effort with only 9 correct predictions from 17 matches. 165/209 on the season takes me just under 80% where i’ve been all season. Waiting to hear if I have won the 5 fixture prediction competition, keep an eye on socials for that!

Photographer of the week: Chris Bradley

Chris went to see the entertaining game between Nottingham and Northants and came up with some cracking pictures.

Thanks again for reading, that’s pretty much it for the majority of the Britball world and attention for some will revert to Uniball. If there is anyone out there that wants to help cover American Football in this country, please let me know! We’ll be making more announcements regarding our Flying the Flag scheme and getting more of you qualified in coach or officiating.

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