Britball: Week 14 Preview

Here are, pretty much the final week (Scotland apart) of Britball action and i suppose it should be commended that we have 17 fixtures to play.

If you are heading to the Rushmoor game, I will be heading down too to get my taste of Britball action. Come say hello! If not, i’ll try and post drive updates and some highlights when teams are in the Redzone.

Let’s get to the games then and technically, this is a division decider between Manchester Titans (5-0) and Merseyside Nighthawks (4-1). The previous fixture ended up 42-10 to the Titans and the Titans have a huge point difference advantage. It’s been an absolute pleasure sponsoring the Nighthawks so far this year so we’ll be rooting for them to pull off a huge upset. Titans with a win confirm a perfect season.

Talking of perfect season, Solent have taken on all comers this year, whether it be in the Wessex division or the London division and they finish off with a trip up the M3 to face Rushmoor. have to anticipate another victory for the Thrashers and have been one of the standout teams this year. Looking forward to going to watch this one between two decent outfits. Maybe I’ll win photographer of the week :).

The top two teams in the South East do battle and from what I can see in the standings, this also could be a division decider. A win for East Essex would make them 6-2, making Essex 5-2 and East Essex would have 2 wins over Essex’s 1 in the direct head to head but also a better win percentage, purely based on the fact that there would be a difference in games played. It would help if BAFA’s standing and results were totally up to date and using my mind is never a reliable source of information.

Elsewhere in the division, South East Squadron will look to pull off another upset as they face the East Kent Mavericks. Squadron beat the East Essex Sabres in their last match by a 9-8 scoreline. Both the Squadron’s wins have come at home and this week they are travelling to try and score victory on the road.

The Wyverns, one of the more impressive teams this year travel to Bristol to face the Apache, they’ll be taking their good form in to this one hoping to cause an upset. 28-6 scoreline in the corresponding fixture in favour of the Apache so could be a close one. Apache looking to complete their perfect season.

The Cornwall Monarchs will remain in 3rd place no matter the result this week and they face Torbay, who’ll be looking to add to their 16 points scored in 2021 at the very least. The Monarchs are currently -11 in points difference, so there is a small carrot dangling there to make that a positive come the final whistle.

Staying in the west, the Birmingham Bulls travel to Swindon to face the Storm. Birmingham ran the Leicester Falcons close last week in a cross divisional game and the corresponding fixture resulted in a 10pt win for the Bulls last time out.

We have a tasty clash in the White Rose as the Sheffield Giants travel to face the Yorkshire Rams. Sheffield have spent about as much time on the field as I have spent in the gym (very little), with 4 cancelled games and the previous fixtures against the Rams abandoned, consequently, the Giants on have 2 wins from their 2 finished games, even with one of those being against a Red Rose opponent in the Nighthawks. Yorkshire themselves are also unbeaten in 4 games. A win for Yorkshire would see them ascend to the top of the division, supplanting Humber Warhawks if they lose to the Knottingley Raiders. Whichever way you look at it the table is a bit of a mess. 2021 Britball in a nutshell. Humber have been another team that have impressed this season, with their only loss coming to Yorkshire.

Wembley will be looking to put their divisional loss and their first loss of the season last week against the Cheetahs behind them as they finish off with a trip to Oxford. Can the Saints capitalise on a Stallions team potentially licking their wounds or will they get trampled on? Saints looking for that elusive win in 2021. Last fixture finished 23-0 to the Stallions.

Staying in the Thames Valley, the London Hornets travel to face the Blitz B. The Hornets were stung themselves last time these two faced off and were unable to penetrate the endzone, losing 24-0 but the Hornets’ games this year have been fairly competitive and their 1-4-1 record perhaps undersells their efforts in 2021 27 and 24 on two occasions the highest amounts of points they have allowed this year. If you like your symmetry, the Blitz B are 1-1-1 at home and 2-2 away. OCD fans, don’t look at their standings on Monday.

Let’s move to the Central East division, where Nottingham (5-0) have the division all sewn up, at least i think they do. They host the impressive Northants Knights (5-2) in the final game as its a 1st vs 2nd place clash. A win for Northants would give them more wins (6), but the Caesers would have a better win pct. Ahh who knows anymore. Let’s hope Nottingham win for the ease of reporting on that come Tuesday.

The Lincolnshire Bombers play their first game for a month as they face off against the South Lincolnshire Lightning, a game that finished 7-0 last time out. Could be another one for the purists as the curtain comes down on both of these 1-4 teams. Losers takes the wooden spoon here in a division that has had some decent scraps and a lot of defence.

In the Hadrians, Gateshead will look to confirm superiority over the Darlington Steam after defeating the Steam 28-6 last time out. A win for Darlington should leapfrog them over Gateshead into 2nd place in the division too, again with different games played. There’s a theme here, isn’t there.

An exception rather than the rule division-wise is the East Anglia division where the fixture between the Norwich Devils and Colchester Gladiators sees one of the rare occurrences where all fixtures have been completed. All 5 teams have played 8 games, so hats off to you guys! At least we’ll have one division where all games played are equal. both teams will stay exactly where they are regardless of the result, unless Colchester win by about 100. But even then, it might come down to H2H rather than points differential, becuase if you hadnt have guessed by now, I don’t bloody know the tiebreaker order.

Crewe Railroaders and Leigh Miners would have been waiting all season for this game as the winner here gets their first win of the season in this post season game. Leigh have had a rough set of fixtures well out of their depth in the Red Rose and hopefully this game here presents a more competitive outcome. Like Merseyside, been a joy to sponsor Crewe this year as they have had a baptism of fire in the Mercia, let’s hope both teams score a decent amount of points and end on a positive note as they head in to the offseason.

Finishing off in Scotland, Dumfries have a chance to give themselves further daylight in the Saltire division. They travel to the Blackhawks, who have not pulled up many trees so far this year. Dumfries would have a 2 game lead with a win after all teams in the division have played 4 games.

Predictions below for the final week of games for if not all of England and Wales. I hope you have enjoyed the previews and results recap posts. I’ll continue to do what I can when the Scottish leagues take over. though with only a few games each week and little information to go off, i’ll play it by ear. I’ll continue to get teams on the podcast, looking back over the season. If you or your team want to come on, please give us a shout on the socials (@F10YBritball).

  • Bristol to beat Somerset
  • Gateshead to beat Darlington
  • Essex to beat East Essex
  • East Kent to beat Squadron
  • Sheffield to beat Yorkshire
  • Dumfries to beat Clyde Valley
  • Blitz B to beat Hornets
  • Manchester to beat Merseyside
  • Colchester to beat Norwich
  • Nottingham to beat Northants
  • Solent to beat Rushmoor
  • South Lincs to beat Lincolnshire
  • Wembley to beat Oxford
  • Humber to beat Knottingley
  • Cornwall to beat Torbay
  • Birmingham to beat Swindon
  • Crewe to beat Leigh

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